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21 January 2023 Dr Abu Interview


This interview is with Mervelee Myers the interviewee and the Interviewer Dr. Aboo Rahtata with Rastafari Birdlegs my Manager as Witness to the proceedings.

Format Questions

Tell me about yourself.


Give the listener your reasons for doing this interview?


How did you hear about the Interviewer?


What do you expect to get from this interview?


Who do you want to hear your story and why?


Why should WE help to highlight your story?


How do you intend to share this interview?


What is the impact of your experiences of Systematic Discrimination?


Prepared by:

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

PC Andrew Allen Need To Be Sectioned Under The Mental Health Act

Mervelee Myers Address This Deranged Police Officer Who Is Danger To The Vulnerable

When the Police think they dealing with an…

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