Without Prejudice Scandal Of The Police Officer Serial Rapist Gives Philosophy Of Brains Mervelee Advocacy To Name IOPC MOPAC CJS CPS Racists Who Targeted Me From They Failed To Act About Winsome Duncan Ryan Clement Verbal Threats Came To Section Me Re Malicious Report I Write On Facebook I Was Feeling Suicidal Look At Catalogue Of Breaches By HMCTS JCIO Of Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics Ofsted Must Be Investigated Turning Blind Eye To The Reviews Online During ET/EAT Theresa May Government Responsible For The Windrush Scandal Dr. Juanita Cox



The Philosophy of Brains

Brains are the master of all things great and small. Without Brains, you know nothing and without Brains you do nothing.     

Before there was any History there was Black History

History is the landmark by which we are directed into the true course of life. The history of a movement, the history of a nation, and the history of a race, is the guidepost of that movement’s destiny. That nation’s destiny, that race’s destiny, what you do today that is selfish will take you no further than yourself. What you do today that is worthwhile for all in common will take you even into eternity, and inspire others to act at, some future times.

Ambition is the desire to go forward and improve one’s condition. It is a burning flame that lights up the life of the…

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