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Border Crossings (Ireland), together with leading European theatre companies, Théâtre du Soleil (France),Teatro dell’Argine (Italy) andThe Fence (Sweden), has just published an e-book that brings together their different approaches to devised theatre.
The e-book documents practices, processes and methodologies of theatre creation in intercultural contextsand is essential reading for anyone interested in collaborative theatre-making across languages, cultures and different organisational shapes. The e-book is the result of a two-year project, supported by the European Union through its Erasmus + programme. Access the e-book.BOTANY BAY – PROJECT UPDATE
As we approach the end of our year-long participation and learning project Botany Bay, the first garden celebrations have begun! Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Botany Bay makes use of the migration histories of plants and crops, and their Indigenous cultural heritage in relation to ecology and reciprocity, as a way to stimulate young people to…

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