Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Tell The World About Housing For Women Target Vulnerable People Give Traffickers Homes At A Cost Put Females Taken Captives 15/11


15 November 2022

Dear Mrs Myers

Complaint: 202209405 – Housing For Women

I am writing to you to provide an update on your case.

The Housing Ombudsman Service is an alternative dispute resolution service. We investigate complaints brought by the tenants and leaseholders of member landlords, about the management of housing, which have exhausted the landlord’s complaint procedure.

It is your landlord’s responsibility to investigate your concerns, put things right and provide a response to you. It is the Housing Ombudsman’s role to make sure that your landlord responds to you and treats you fairly.

Your landlord has responded to our Service to advise that it provided you with a stage 1 response to your complaint dated the 14 November 2022. Attached for your ease of reference.

I hope you are satisfied with the response, however, ifyou are unhappy with the landlord’sresponse, you should ask it to escalate your complaint…

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