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Mervelee Advocacy

Dione Watson is from Jamaica.

She is 52 years old, and a Mother of 3 children and has 5 Grand Children.

On 7th May 2022, she arrived in the Uk to visit her son along with his wife and her newly born Grandchild.

About four days following her arrival in the UK, Dione found a lump under her arm, for which she was not really worried, just thinking it would go away.

However, after observing it for a while, the lump was still there. She then started having chills and started using hot water, but it didn’t help.

The first week in June, Dione decided to go to the hospital, where the doctors checked and gave her antibiotics to see if the lump would go; however, this was to no avail, and she returned to the hospital when they gave her a second set of antibiotic treatments. In addition, Dione…

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