Without Prejudice Universal Credit DWP Scammers Tried Everything To Trick Me After Colluding LEYF Paedophiles To Deny Rights After Mum Died Dementia Assessment Is To Murder Me Dalian Atkinson Was Tasered Dad Call For Support If I Do Police Turn Up I Study The Mental Health Elder Abuse Act 30

Mervelee Advocacy

Dear friend I feel I can’t keep sending ‘emergency’ eshots as things are changing so fast and the consequences and implications will take some time to digest by ‘everyone and everything’.
It was sad to see the Prime Minister resign today. I don’t say that in any other way than criticism at the behaviour and reactions and the immense stress she faced after being selected in fair voting only weeks ago. The degree of arrogance and disloyalty and the naïve behaviour of ‘some’ who seem to imagine that such acts will not tarnish their own futures is also unbelievable. The markets’ excessive reaction to the ‘Mini Budget caught everyone unaware to be frank too and whilst certainly it is not just a UK thing as like concerns are global, so it is acutely unfair to place all the issues we are facing at one or two individuals’ doors here in…

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