Without Prejudice Southwark Health Ambassadors Should Have Done Mervelee Myers Research Akeema Paul Isabella Hester Ginet Hogan Will Take Responsibility For Continuing Hate Crimes Breach Of Equality Act Protected 2010 Characteristics Death Of Mum With Dementia Social Media Cover A-Z Of Those Target Vulnerable DBS Abusers Need ERT 18/10/22 Triggered By Mary Currie NHS


This is to inform those responsible at the Southwark Health Ambassador continuing the Systematic Discrimination of Mervelee Myers that I will be attending this “Coffee Morning” as a RESEARCHER. The purpose of my RESEARCH is to establish how Southwark Council colluded with the Judiciary of England and Wales in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers when I worked at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust after the death of my brother with Colon Cancer.

Since Southwark Health Ambassador failed to contact me since they sent threatening letter inviting me to the “Meeting”, I will make sure the world knows about AKEEMA PAUL. And why I was removed from the WhatsApp Group. Then Southwark Council will answer questions about the role the SEND Section played in the impact on my Mental and Physical Health from 2008.

As for Cancer Awareness training refer to my involvement in Fundraising from my brother died with Colon…

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