Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Entitlements Of 30 Years Taken Away By HMCTS CPS CJS Cover Up LEYF Abusers What Was Duchess Kate Doing At Stockwell Nursery With Abuse Reviews Online Let Southwark Council Know They Are In My Books From 2008 When They Colluded With NHS 9/9/22 Trevor Nelson Can Express Views


MM recommends the Design Print Shop for a variety of reasons from the first day I ventured inside when I was going through another difficult stage of my transition after the discrimination by my former employers and the systemic discrimination by the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Justice System.

I will use every platform to share my stories. Because the DPS became a refuge for me when I had no one to talk to. I was privileged to meet David’s parents and the dog.

David’s unstinting advice and just sparing the time to listen when I just needed someone to guide me paid dividends.

I was privileged to meet Linda who worked on the Mural in the Blue. This resulted in introductions and signposting. I am the beneficiary of my visit to the DPS and if you are in the area, please pop…

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