Without Prejudice God Wake Me To Continue Fight4justice In Sancia Campbell Who Disappear A Year Ago Her Children Burnt I Recall The Story Mass Astley Smith Told Me Re Auntie Missis, Toad, Kitchen Bitch RIP My Pupil Condolences To Dixon Yard Family HMCTS CPS CJS Will Be Charge


Mervelee Consultancy and Fight4justice

Celebrate Arnold Tomlinson’s 100th Birthday

on International Women’s Day

with Mervelee Myers Fight4justice Advocacy

about 30 Years of Systemic Discrimination

that left my Husband TRAUMATISED

Mervelee Myers is an “Expert Authority on Subjects from the Cradle to the Grave

who was made a CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover for ABUSERS

in the Early Years Sector

with HMCTS Miscarriages of Justice,

Attempts made on my life in my home by the Metropolitan Police, Defrauded by

Barclays & FOS scams,

Targeted by Housing for Women, I averted a Grenfell Tower at Alma Grove,

Advocated on behalf of TESS to Social Services

The Social Media Cyberbullying Criminals & Families & Friends turn Haters & Trolls.

Mervelee Myers Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

Mervelee Myers

Mervelee Myers



Mervelee Myers

Mervelee Myers

7 September 2022 Jevon Nembhard is 30…

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