Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Criminal Needs ERT Address Alia Majid Nexus Health Group LEYF Career Criminals At HMCTS CPS CJS Said I Made Up Disabilities Via 2 Miscarriages Of Justice Attempts On My Life Re 30/10/2017 To Date


This is an Open Letter to Nexus Health Group re the Decima Street Practice. Following on from my complaint and the response from Alia Majid. I am going public saying that Nexus Health Group must be charged with gross professional misconduct in the treatment of Mervelee Myers. From the many complaints over the years, I want actions by those in authority.

Yesterday on my way from the dentist I stopped at the surgery with the letter from my appointment at the Colposcopy Clinic. I made the necessary arrangements handing my letter to be copied, when the person told me she did not see the letter on the system. When she gave instructions, I told I do not mind as long as I will not be treated the way that caused me to put in a complaint.

I was home last night when my mobile rang, it was the Surgery showing…

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