Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Face Windrush 70 Criminal Need ERT Bar DBS SENCO Job Offer £46-55,000.00 Hildebrand NDA £58,000.00 Via Conman John Fenton HMCTS CPS CJS Protect Abusers Cover Miscarriages Of Justice Attempts To Murder Me Undercover LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture Reviews Online Theresa May Govt Rejected Petition 5/8


I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70 when my photograph was portrayed across the world ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May http://www.windrushnationalorganisation.com. Because I was one of the persons wearing my Jamaican National costume in honour of Ms Lou. I wrote Open Letter to PM Theresa May in 2017 after first writing to PM Cameron in 2015. My petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector was rejected by the government. The abuse reviews were online during the ET/EAT case. They along with other evidence were removed. Although I might qualify as anything because of when I came in 1992, the impact of discrimination on my husband is unbelievable.
My 99 year old husband is TRAUMATISED from 8 years of discrimination against me. I have lost out on jobs after bereavement and losses. I have not worked since I resigned with the second nervous breakdown…

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