Without Prejudice Equality Act 2010 Section 60 Is Breach 8 Years After I Was Denied Entitlements Miscarriages Of Justice Unlawful Criminal Record Assaulted By Police Under Cover Of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture 5/8/2022


1 August 2022 UC Capability for Work Questionnaire

Cancer Treatment

Refer to Copy of letter dated 29 July 2022

About your disabilities, illnesses or health conditions

Disabilities How they Affect me When started


Arthritis: Affected my gross and finer motor skills to write and walk because of excruciating pains in joints. Refer to Medical Reports

Sciatica: Painful joints, cramps in fingers and feet and severe back pains leaving me unable to come out of bed.

Atypical Parkinsonism: Tremors and unable to perform daily activities

Diabetes: Refer to the Medical Reports. I have lost most of my teeth. Have swollen face occasionally

Eating Disorder: Being diabetic I can have a STROKE

High Cholesterol: Recently diagnosed and still waiting for prescription to get medication.


Chronic Anxiety: Refer to Medical Reports – 18/7/2006

Depression: Refer to Medical Reports & Assessments – 1976


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