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1 August 2022 H4W Terrorists

Public & Disgraceful

Housing for Women

Six Floor Blue Star House

234-244 Stockwell Road

London SW9 9SP

1 August 2022

Dear Trina Philbert

Re: Terrorism Outcome 20 June 2022 Update

I am not apologising for my response to your letter that is continuing to discriminate against me in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. The Mental Health Act and Elder Abuse Act and Environmental Health Law. The Collins Dictionary meaning of unprecedented adj never having happened before, unparalleled. So, make of that meaning what you will as I will catalogue the TERRORISM by Housing for Women against me from the time someone sneaked into the Communal Passageway to put letters on my mat on the 13/1/2022. This was the vexatious actions of H4W who commissioned the SURVEY online and I was promised someone would get back to me. Without Prejudice I am…

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