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Mervelee Advocacy

Housing For Women is referred for Elderly Abuse against me. I was provided with housing in 2000 when I escaped with my life.

Now H4W is guilty of racism setting up my neighbour to TERRORISE me. Also 2 times the glass was broken by my neighbour. First time the Police was involved. H4W took over a week to repair the glass. The second time the Police failed to visit. Considering the recent SLAUGHTER of 4 members of the same family in Bermondsey. H4W is in breach of my RIGHTS not to be discriminated against.

I am not safe in my home considering I gave H4W the key to the Communal Area. This has been used to enter the Communal Area to leave letters on the mats that have been there since 2001.

A letter with threats from Samantha Gibbs was opened and left on my mats. Later the neighbour cameā€¦

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