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14 July 2022 Financial Ombudsman Service EMH

Our ref: PNX-4291934-J9W5 Legal and Jurisdiction

PO Box 69989

London E14 1PR

Mervelee Myers

16 Alma Grove



By post and email to: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com

8 July 2022


Dear Mrs Myers,

We have seen the recent emails you’ve sent to our Investigator, Emma Martin-Hamilton, and the comments and video that you have posted online about Emma. MM Response 14/7/2022: Refer to my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site in this matter for further clarifications then David Northfield. Let me make it absolutely clear “Without Prejudice” that Eavesdroppers don’t usually hear anything good about themselves. So, whatever interpretation Emma Martin-Hamilton wants to put on her snooping has nothing to do with me. From my understanding she should not be dealing with the case after her initial bundling because she can’t string three words together to form a sentence. Or comprehend spoken or…

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