Without Prejudice Mike Reid Lucy Welch Richard Galpin Pembroke House Walworth Living Room I Hereby Adhere To GDPR Charter Of Rights Exercise Entitlements To Ask For Reference To Help With Getting Out Of Isolation Of LEYF Paedophile Rings HMCTS CPS CJS Miscarriages Of Justice Criminal Need ERT Entrapment 14/7/2022


Good morning Richard

Let me make it clear that I think this is a very shipshoded way of handling the matter and I will address each sentence to let Pembroke House understand exactly where I am in this matter.

Jo said I called by about the reference tells me exactly you how I am been treated from the time Lucy stopped sending me emails as a volunteer.

Richard, your sorry is flimsy to say the least and why have you not had a chance to catch up with Lucy? Do you want me to say why? I know she is back from annual leave on the 8/7/2022. Whilst she was on annual leave my life is/was on hold. For Christ’s sakes she has been back for days, so why are you dilly-dallying. Since you and I write the reference together, she can only add to it I expect. Since you…

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