Without Prejudice Evident That My Level Of Education Is Above Government Agencies Ofsted CPS HMCTS CPS Financial Ombudsman Reason I Will Publish Reference From Richard Galpin Online The World Can Understand Frustration When I Get A Response After Correcting Errors In Data We Write Together Lord Deliver Me From Those Not Reach EYFS Standards


Richard am not even going to read this before responding to you. So let me address this with regards to the attachment you sent to me. All I did was correct the errors made. You did not even make sure you spell my name correctly.

Since we dictated the reference that you sent to me, you had no need to incorporate anything. I repeat I corrected what you sent me. I am not going to accept anything you say about what I think. And my personal experiences centred around my involvement with Pembroke House and the Walworth Living Room. What do you mean about factual and focused? I don’t want your opinion about what organisation will look for. Are you saying I have not completed the activities? What have you edited accordingly?

Refer https://mervelee.com/2022/07/14/without-prejudice-politicians-mix-up-with-leyf-paedophile-rings-richard-harty-mastermind-mic-did-a-voice-of-child-project-june-osullivan-participant-dr-maria-hudsons-experience-of-multiple-discr/

I will now take this to the public incorporating the fact Lucy Welch discriminated against me…

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