Without Prejudice Richard Harty Mary Michison Tanya Cotier UEL MIC Abusers Were Not Stupid As David Northfield Emma Martin- Hamilton Issue Legal Threats HMCTS CPS CJS Proven As LEYF Paedophile Ring Protectors Reviews Online During ET Theresa May Govt Rejected Petition Freer Give Samantha Jones Reference Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel H4W Terrorists Please Note Who Stop My Benefits Send Email 8/7/2022

Mervelee Advocacy

Let me make clear that #emmamartinhamilton and #davidnorthfield of the Financial Ombudsman Service are nothing but #commoncriminals getting their KICKS out of #richardharty MIC operating out of HOC Nursery. So Boris Johnson who followed My Own Business Agenda on Twitter and Instagram can give Fight4justice a JOB now as GREAT BRITAIN gone to the #animals and we need MORE BLACKS and IRISH and UPSTANDING HUMAN to clean up the #rots https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2022/07/08/without-prejudice-government-must-be-accountable-if-legislation-laws-codes-of-conducts-practices-not-adhered-to-inappropriate-behaviours-cause-boris-johnsons-demise-emma-martin-hamilton-david-northf/

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