Without Prejudice Cervical Cancer Screening Save My Life 2004 Was In South London Press Studies At Open University Emma Martin- Hamilton David Northfield Maybe At LEYF Nurseries Producers Of Richard Harty MIC Abusers My Sons Did Not Lack For Education 30 Years Of My Life Is Not In Vain Re HMCTS CPS CJS Criminals 8/7 Barclays Scammers Police Racists

Mervelee Advocacy

Our ref: PNX-4291934-J9W5
Legal and Jurisdiction
PO Box 69989
E14 1PR
Mervelee Myers
16 Alma Grove
By post and email to: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com
8 July 2022
Dear Mrs Myers,
We have seen the recent emails you’ve sent to our Investigator, Emma MartinHamilton, and the comments and video that you have posted online about Emma.
We are writing on her behalf to demand that you immediately remove this content
and to make clear that we will not tolerate such behaviour.
You have posted comments and a video online about Emma, for example here:
You have accused Emma of being a paedophile. This is completely inappropriate
and unacceptable, and your allegations have no factual basis. We are satisfied that
these comments may amount to harassment and may also be defamatory.
If you do not remove the content relating to Emma…

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