Without Prejudice Governments Must Be Accountable Windrush Generations Treatment Less Favourably Than Animals In UK Dr. Juanita Cox Brainwashed Housing For Women Will Be Extinct Like Grenfell Tower Samantha Jones Get Reference From Freer To Be On Inquiry Panel HMCTS Haters


There is evidence of how the participants in the Employment Tribunal research papers by Dr. Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute recommended to ACAS “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” did not teach the intended lessons to employers that discriminate against their employees. Because, although UNISON overturned the government Employment Tribunal law in 2017 for employees to be charged fees to take their employers to the Employment Tribunal. The Judiciary of England and Wales presided over two miscarriages of justice after an employee Mervelee Myers experienced bereavement and losses. Despite the intellectual property, images, and copyright of the employees’ work have been used to build brands and I think it is time I address the imbalances. By presenting my own projects in the available spaces to help others recover and heal from any challenges that are like mine and others made voiceless, vulnerable victims of the systems using the loopholes…

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