Without Prejudice Share For Sean P Maguire Who Interviewed Me Am Not Hereby Giving Evidence On His Behalf Am Duty Bound To Break Barriers Of Discrimination Enslave Make Us Prisoners For Abusers Protected By HMCTS CPS CJS MOPAC IOPC JCIO BSB SRA


I am sitting here in apparent luxury. This is after being in Castlerea Prison for over a month (my human rights being totally ignored, as was my medical condition). Lies and subterfuge, as well as (yes, REALLY!) hypnosis being used on my family and friends. So that I was KIDNAPPED, my phone stolen so no bail possibilities and in a KANGEROO court in Castlerea (I think)… sent into the prison. After coming out… well I could write a book! Sleeping in the car….doing “impromptu poetry gigs” and getting a B+B… bail address after bail address with such Garda harassment people thought I was a “high risk” criminal. I applied for HAP… to no avail. I OWN MY HOME…therefore cannot be accepted. My attempts to help my family were seen as “breaches” of fraudulent and uninvestigated court orders. I have missed so much out; but I am still a free man…

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