Without Prejudice Justice Simler Tops List Of Female Members Of LEYF Abusers MIC Ring Sent Case EAT Disabilities Paul Kernaghan Dealt With Truths HHJ Shanks Is A Racist Bigot Bring Black Man To Court In Pink Shirt For What Pride Used To Initiate MIC Rings 29/6

Mervelee Advocacy

1 May 2022 MM Captures Evidence of Discrimination

MM https://fb.watch/cK3y0sYwpz/

FI ALL MAFs THINKING THEY HAVE #rights TO Mervelee Ratty Nembhard #notifications KEEP IT UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g is my #investments 2 April 2022 MM Poem Dedication to Women

Word Press https://mervelee.com/2022/06/29/without-prejudice-am-not-in-jail-for-google-to-ask-me-to-do-any-review-ofsted-turn-blind-eye-uk-government-et-law-overturn-by-unison-unions-discriminate-participant-dr-maria-hudson-research-windrush/

Living With Chronic Anxiety

1. I remember my life when I was a carefree little girl

Who moved from the location I was born to live at our own land?

The place was Ga-Ga Street that my brother ASHTER named Palmetto Close

The most abiding memory that stands out for me

Was running from where we live and falling at the entrance of the Street

Cutting my forehead open on the stone protruding from the ground

2. I am sure I got up went back home and have the scar as proof

I have concluded this was a chance to build my resilience

That was to see me survive one…

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