Without Prejudice 30 Years In UK Prepare Me To Take A Stance With Sean P Maguire Re Discrimination Rob Me Of Freedom Make Me A Criminal Need ERT Cover LEYF MIC Abuse Rings Of Richard Harty 99

Mervelee Advocacy

I am sitting here in apparent luxury. This is after being in Castlerea Prison for over a month (my human rights being totally ignored, as was my medical condition). Lies and subterfuge, as well as (yes, REALLY!) hypnosis being used on my family and friends. So that I was KIDNAPPED, my phone stolen so no bail possibilities and in a KANGEROO court in Castlerea (I think)… sent into the prison. After coming out… well I could write a book! Sleeping in the car….doing “impromptu poetry gigs” and getting a B+B… bail address after bail address with such Garda harassment people thought I was a “high risk” criminal. I applied for HAP… to no avail. I OWN MY HOME…therefore cannot be accepted. My attempts to help my family were seen as “breaches” of fraudulent and uninvestigated court orders. I have missed so much out; but I am still a free man…

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