Without Prejudice Trina Philbert Turned Up At My House For A Meeting In Job 1 Month Did No Brief Date Mum Buried She Don’t Want Me To Describe Her As Mama Lou Would Double Ugly 30 Ignorant Dunce Bat Gal 28/6/22 Empowering Women Indeed H4W


Despite the teething problems being experienced with H4W recently I am thankful to H4W for rescuing me from homelessness and providing my home where I have been living from December 2000. Give credit where credit is due, H4W is partially responsible for my Empowerment and why I have decided to take on Advocacy with my #fight4justice campaign against DISCRIMINATION by my former employer and cohorts that have no conscience. I have https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site where I write my stories to inspire others not to accept giving up as an option.

Being a H4W resident result in my acquaintance with people who are in the public and responsible for bringing about change. I meet the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin at H4W Annual General Meeting in Westminster in early 2013. During conversations, I realise who she is when she disclosed her grandmother came from Burnt Savannah Westmoreland. Her cousin is Dockey and everything falls into…

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