Without Prejudice Letter From Southwark Council On Date Mum Was Buried 8 Years Ago So Who Says I Do Not Have A Story 30?


This letter dated 23/6/2022 was sent to arrive on 28/6/2022 the date my mother died to trigger my PTSD. Let me point out the errors like that which came to summons me to Croydon Magistrates Court last month. The letter claims Southwark Council received correspondence from the Department for Work and Pensions telling us that your Universal Credit ended on the 08 April 2022. The letter further stated that Council Tax Reduction will end on 10/4/2022. This letter is the same as in March requesting me to send Sensitive Data to the Department of Work & Pension. I was contacted via phone by a female claiming to be from the DWP. I called the number and was reassured my Council Tax was paid. But the person said the letter was online in the SYSTEM. Can Southwark Council investigate this matter and put on record that I have raised concerns. This…

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