Without Prejudice, Barclays Scammers Operate In Branch Target Vulnerable Women In South London Press 2004 So Care Plan On My Account Don’t Mean Mama Lou Did Not Run Partner She Could Spell And Pronounce


17 June 2022 FOS Decision Barclays
Mervelee Myers the Victim of the Banking Systems
Mervelee Myers Story about Barclays Criminal Platforms aided by the Financial Ombudsman Service must be used to tell the world about why Barclays should be investigated for targeting vulnerable women in their branches and online. My account of Barclays defrauding me must go back to 2004 when I begged the South London Press to tell my story. The story was published on 28 May 2004, and I must put on record that dates are integral to my stories of survival. It is time the world wakes up to the fact that Barclays used sensitive data from my FILE of having physical and mental impairment to target me the second time in their branch on the 27 September 2021.
The FOS tried to stitch me up in 2004 when I complained so will be named with Barclays…

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