Without Prejudice Proof Housing For Women Joins HMCTS CPS CJS DBS Barclays Government Systems To Target Mervelee Myers Let Me Put On Record Trina Philbert And H4W Cohorts Are Abusers Putting Lives At Risk To Cover LEYF 27/6


Let me put on record that I called to the speak about my concerns and was number one in the queue before I was cut off saying it was busy.

Please check my record to find out the issues. Because there was a meeting on Monday 20/6/2022 with Trina Philbert and a mediator from Adult Social Care. Ms Philbert came to the meeting to continue the TERRORISM of Samantha Gibbs, and cohorts at Housing for Women. Ms Philbert is aware of the concerns for my safety that I will attach. Because H4W in playing the SLAVE MISTRESS in pretending they are not aware of the issues around my safety best check my record from I signed the Tenancy Agreement in December 2000.

H4W will be exposed as the TERROR CELL they have become.

Kind regards

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

Sent from Mail for Windows


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