Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Send Out Challenge To LEYF DBS HMCTS CPS CJS Career Criminals Under Umbrella Of Government Corrupt Systems Advised By June O’Sullivan Richard Harty MIC Used To Promote Abuse Rings 26/6/22


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Mervelee Myers

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5 months ago

Attended Borough, Bankside, and Walworth Community Council Meeting. I meet up with people for the first time. There was a bloke who I see with his wife for whom he was a carer. The wife died last April. He was teaching me a few tricks with my camera phone. But most of all I am happy about the focus on Mental Health conditions at the meeting. I am planning to go back to get involved with community events in the local area. Let Mervelee Myers paint a picture to advance my Fight4justice with those that have been on my journey since the death of my mother and how discrimination robbed me of my identity. I walked into Pembroke House seeking a place to carry out Children’s Activity Week after attending either Child Care Expo or the Nursery World Show…

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