Without Prejudice Let Mervelee Myers Get Back To Addressing Those That Joined Discrimination After My Intellectual Property Images Used To Build Brand 26/6

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Mervelee Myers

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5 months ago

Attended Borough, Bankside, and Walworth Community Council Meeting. I meet up with people for the first time. There was a bloke who I see with his wife for whom he was a carer. The wife died last April. He was teaching me a few tricks with my camera phone. But most of all I am happy about the focus on Mental Health conditions at the meeting. I am planning to go back to get involved with community events in the local area. Let Mervelee Myers paint a picture to advance my Fight4justice with those that have been on my journey since the death of my mother and how discrimination robbed me of my identity. I walked into Pembroke House seeking a place to carry out Children’s Activity Week after attending either Child Care Expo or the Nursery World Show…

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