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Mervelee Advocacy

16 June 2022 BT Domain Name Guy Lawfull Scam
Hi Mark, just done an interview with Barry. I will share with you
Sorry, who is this?
This is MERVELEE MYERS re MyVision.org.uk. Not at home now. I will be in touch.
Oh thank you! I was worried about clicking but will have a listen!
Hi Mervelee I hope you are well? Guy said he has been in touch regarding the transfer, do let us know if you need any help we are more than happy to help with the transfer of my vision.org.uk. This would mean so much to us and mean we can move forward with our name change. Our communications person Molly will probably contact you as well as would love to be able to share your story and how we came into contact and the work you do. Take care, Mark
Hi Mark, trying to get…

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