Without Prejudice 8 Years Since Mama Lou Died Mervelee Myers Is Victim Of The System In This Post


“City of Children who can’t Read” Evening Standard 2011.

This story only served to verify what I have concluded after undertaking studies to enhanced Personal Professional Development over the past years. When I was growing up in the West Indies, Great Britain was a BEACON of the levels of the Educational standards that Third World Societies tried to emulate, attain and achieve. Sadly because of the dog eat dog situations that exist in this Society today in my opinion everything is been dummed down to suit political correctness. Rheteoric and bureaucratic red tape hidden behind tokenism resulted in people with the knowledge, values and beliefs turning a blind eye to matters over which they may have otherwise taken a stance to bring about change. Therefore no one is going to challenge social injustices and inequalities that keep todays children condemned to a future where they are ignorant to what is…

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