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NEMBHARD Family Reunion
Been informed there is going to be a NEMBHARD Family Reunion at NEMBHARD Town in the parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies on Labour Day May 23,2011. This info came via my eldest brother Balis Nembhard of Westmoreland who got it from our cousin Myrna Nembhard of St Catherine. I have been reliably informed that this is an open invitation, so all are welcome. If you are in the vicinity or anywhere else in Jamaica please make a special effort to attend this momenteous OCCASION. I am sure this is Histroy in the making and U will be able to meet your extended FAMILY. Our cousin Myrna related some of the History about the NEMBHARD Family that I learnt from my Dad Ivan Sandyman Nembhard. I am sure this History should be preserved for the Future…

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