Without Prejudice I Keep My Fight4justice Going Where Is The Motivation To Carry On 4/4/22?

Mervelee Advocacy

MM Report UEL and Police Terrorism ERT Entrapment 22 October 2021

MM Research LEYF Abuse Rings With Richard Harty 8 October 2021

On this day 10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhardis withValdin Legisterand

8 others. April4,2012·

Dawg a sweat but long hair cover it… Not becauz Moi doan chose fi wear har heart pon har sleeves doan mean Everyting a come up ROSES… Moi is ongly de HH dere fi WN/CB/CP/&PudI!!! But I aint complaining or am I…??

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My current NEMESIS – Digital Switchover… Have de blinking Bt/Vision but caan get it fi Wok now dat Moi start loosing the channels on de Ole tv. Well well well… Wat more dem ago throw at Moi…????

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Elder abuse

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Pedophilia(alternativelyspeltpaedophilia) is apsychiatric…

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