Without Prejudice I Don’t Need Diana From Columbia Who Forms E&C Hub Choir To Approve Me I Don’t She Can Sing Much Less Write Poetry I Will Dedicate One To The Snobs I Perform At Globe Theatre Thanks To Them I Can Plan My Own Shows Page 1 ITV News Windrush 70 Is Enough 1/4

Mervelee Advocacy

28 October 2021 FB Memories Richard Harty UEL LEYF Must Be Investigated

Mervelee Myers

Personal Experiences Are My TRUTHS

I Will Not Be a Voiceless, Vulnerable Victim

How Mervelee Myers resilience as a survivor of PTSD help me to develop as an expert authority on subjects from cradle to grave providing a support network as a Mental Health & SEND Advocate after the death of my mother.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson

The Moral Right of the Author has been Asserted after HMCTS and CJS and CPS continue to discriminate covering up for LEYF and cohorts denying me my entitlements after the death of my mother. I have been issued with Criminal Record needing Emotional Regulation Treatment. HMCTS is pondering to Barrister Samantha Jones, a pervert in covering up the abusers in reviews online. The ET Panel rejected my Additional Witness Statement, and the UK Government rejected my petition for an inquiry…

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