Without Prejudice What Is Hidden Must Be Brought To Light Save My Husband From More PTSD Before He Is Call Home To RIP 28/2/2022

[22:09, 18/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: My phone crash, thanks for getting me back on WhatsApp. Finished the documents. Lost all the work I done yesterday. Back on track now
[22:50, 18/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Phew, Thank God for that!
[15:43, 26/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: Just got contacts from Judge Rinder. Re dat scammers about my book
[18:39, 26/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Fifty pounds after 5 years service! Are they kidding???
[09:18, 27/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: The point is this was part of the plot to destroy me. Now they say they don’t have a record of it
[18:36, 27/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Rubbish.
[22:06, 24/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: Made sorrel. Merry Christmas
[15:16, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Ahhh… Sorel. Very nice.
[15:16, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Thanks for the card, Dad very nice.
[15:35, 25/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: Dad’s under the weather. His family visit. Maybe that’s cheers him a bit. Done a little video after the moaning
[17:35, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: The Boss has never liked too much fuss! Hope he will be much better soon.🙏
[17:47, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Dad is into boxing, Let him have a look at this.
[17:48, 25/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: You know, he’s a survivor. I will
[17:48, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Nice one.
[14:03, 26/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: Fi real
[11:20, 05/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Just say: Thank you for your call, I’m not interested, put the phone down. SIMPLES
[13:36, 05/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: I capture and evidence when I can.
[17:39, 08/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Merverlee, How is dad now? Is it possible to go and see this winsom?
[20:44, 08/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just come back from church. I spoke to him telling him not to let anyone use him to get to me. He’s OK
[20:50, 08/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: She sent me message she has great news, I am to call her. I tell Tom she can put in email
[22:18, 08/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[14:24, 13/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Made my decision, with God in the vessel…
[18:10, 13/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Merverlee, Trying to contact Tomlinson family in Charlton, can you text me the number again, Thanks.
[18:16, 13/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Dudley 0794931587. Fitzroy 07861414438. Let me find more
[18:18, 13/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Michael 07859046354
[18:19, 13/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Victor 07882753076
[18:19, 13/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: That’s it. Out of dad’s phone
[18:22, 13/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok, Thanks.
[10:45, 14/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Planning a family get together for dad’s birthday. On the 9th. Spoke to Victor & Michael. Please get Jermaine involved.
[17:29, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[18:42, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hiya, The number for Fitzroy is not recognised!
[18:44, 14/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Got from dad’s phone. Don’t know. Ask Michael and Victor. I spoke with them today
[19:04, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Just spoke to Michael, he informs me that his dad’s phone is not ringing.
[19:05, 14/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok
[19:05, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: I will be going to see Dudley, later this week
[19:05, 14/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Let me know when and if I can make it?
[19:52, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Have you got any Sorel left?
[19:54, 14/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: I am looking at Friday after 4pm
[20:03, 14/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Have engagement Friday. Yes sorrel is here. In the fridge if I am not here. Take from the JW Rum bottle. Other one is from Carlene
[08:26, 15/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Now I know why that woman called Dad. She got my summons from the Small Claims Court
[08:27, 15/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Going to prepare one re the Union now
[14:31, 15/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just prepare a Small Claims Court form for Voice the union. Respond to their response to my complaint. These people are liars. Good thing I write everything
[20:52, 17/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Apart from Tuesday
[21:04, 17/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok, just get in from choir practice. Will let you know
[22:00, 17/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Thanks for the Sorel
[22:01, 17/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: No problem. Thinking about getting some for dad’s birthday do.
[12:12, 23/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Dudley went to RIP from suffering this morning
[17:01, 23/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok, you could see he was struggling a lot. At least he is not suffering anymore. Thanks for letting me know.
[17:28, 23/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok
[15:34, 24/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Said he’s contributing £4,000.00. I don’t interfere in Family business. He considers this to be his duty. Happy I am accepted. There’s a grandnephew on Social Media….
[18:08, 28/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: If ‘Prince Phillip’ decides that it is his duty, as long as he is compest mentis, then that is his prerogative. We are available, should there be vultures lurking in the shadows, as his subjects, we are there to protect his interests at all times. Talking about Vultures, has Mr Mark Tomlinson been to see his Royal highness?
[21:28, 28/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: He counted £4,500.00 and give the £4,000.00. No word from Mark. Tell him to call those amount dead.
[22:17, 28/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Written a tribute. I will email for u to edit. That’s from us.
[20:06, 30/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Tell who to call those amount dead?
[21:47, 30/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Tell His Royal Highness to call the amounts owing to him dead.
[21:48, 30/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Did Michael contact you? Nine Night at his home on Friday. Funeral 28th February
[22:07, 30/01/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Yes, He did. I will call you tomorrow
[22:50, 30/01/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok
[08:17, 03/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: This bitch ruined my life
[09:15, 03/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: In 2014
[08:58, 07/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just opened a letter. I can claim my NHS pension at 60. That’s what I signed for b4 the age change. Going to fill the forms
[09:26, 07/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: U will have to help me with this Parking Permit thing please
[19:44, 07/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: BBC News at 8.30pm tonight covering the deportation flight to Jamaica from Birmingham airport this morning on a private plane. With solicitor Rachel Okello of Rogol’s Solicitors. Please share
[16:50, 08/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: What do you need me to do.?
[17:12, 08/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Don’t understand what kind of permit I am to get
[17:29, 08/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. I will get back to you.
[17:22, 11/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Whom said you are voiceless.
Parking permits:
Southwark.gov.uk/Parking permits Go to virtual parking permits for residents. Any problems get back to me. Say hello to Prince Phillip
[20:41, 11/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: The damn criminals at the EAT & Solicitors Regulation Authority.
[20:42, 11/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: What 1 should I get? I mean in terms of hours, etc…
[21:21, 11/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. 10 x 5hr permits £20.60
[13:53, 12/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok do it asap
[10:09, 15/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: There’s been another call since I made the video. That means my phone will be ringing every few minutes.
[10:13, 15/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Now anyone else who think I am going to close my mouth for them to send me to early grave, no. I live through Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Dementia. I will take my chance to be blessed like Tom for my good deeds. I can fight my battle
[22:04, 15/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok hopefully I remember. Haven’t switched my tv on since last year
[22:23, 15/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Get with the programme!
[22:23, 15/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Lest we forget.
[22:59, 15/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I will. Intend to learn from it. I am planning to make a video for dad. I even apply for Rachel Bland podcast when I know I don’t have a chance
[23:01, 15/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just that I buy putting things in the public domain. They sent black MP who was misled to jail for #lying. Some will go for more than that
[09:44, 20/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: What is this, A scam?
[14:00, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Don’t know if you in the Tomlinson WhatsApp group? They said they taking bits from my tribute for the Eulogy. Done my bit not bothered. Told Michael I want U to read.
[17:39, 20/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: I’m sure you won’t drop dead before then. Don’t let dad hear you talk like that. What criminal are you talking about?
[17:46, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I don’t let Tom hear me do silly talking. Criminals in the banks. Sure they checking his age…
[17:52, 20/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: They need to do checks to make sure they are dealing with the right person?
[17:58, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: U don’t understand what I am talking about so I leave it. Few years he send me to the bank. It was b4 the maturity date. They said I must come back. Went back on the maturity date and money can’t be found. When I complained they lied and come up with excuse
[18:00, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I made the news when I sit indoors waiting for my cheque and new account taken out and money transfer. They tried making out it’s me. We were together when the idiot given date after the deadline. Know what can happen in 11 days?
[18:39, 20/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: So, where does the situation stand now?
[18:59, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I get an appointment for the 1st. But I have to change my plans. But not b4 sum stupid bitch ask me to spell Peckham & every word that I mentioned after. When I asked if she wants me to spell Road she said she don’t live in my area and don’t understand me. When I challenge her Tom get upset and start blame me. Guess what happened next?
[19:01, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am not doing no business over the phone. We went to the bank once. They leave my name off. Tom have to contact b4 they do anything. They ginnal. They hoping he wouldn’t notice the error, then later we have no say
[22:32, 20/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: To sort this out properly, you will need to go to the bank with dad, otherwise you will be cutting off your nose to spite your face.
[23:37, 20/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: You still don’t get it. That’s why I didn’t stop until I get the appointment on the 1st and not 12th as they got elsewhere. I don’t trust anyone to even blink in their presence. My name is on the account
[14:39, 25/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Hey Trevor, there are certain matters I won’t discuss with dad. Development this morning led me to be thinking. Tom said he wants to spend £20.00 for wreath. I am bending over backwards. I am not sure if my eyes seeing right, but I can’t see a photo of Tom on the programme? I am leaving it right here. Just letting you know. I will make sure go to the cemetery with dad to take care of tombs for the last time. He has lots on his mind. Glad he went to see Dudley for the last
[10:25, 26/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Mervelee Myers
Nickname Mervelee Myers
[14:21, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: It’s me trying to cope with what I have to deal with. All week Tom not at his best. He’s in bed with flu. Can’t help thinking self-fulfilling prophecy. Michael told me his dad is coming back to take Tom. I am being realistic and keeping my wits
[18:27, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Call when you can please. Your dad keep asking if I call you
[18:36, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: He’s definitely stressed
[18:42, 27/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Just tell him you called me, and I will call later.
[18:43, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: I did
[18:44, 27/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. I think I know why he’s stressed.
[18:45, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok, we chat later. Any suggestions in the meantime?
[18:49, 27/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: The only fact he will be looking at all these people that owe him money, with Dudley passed they might put pressure on him to cough up more! We have to be his knights of the round table, and defend the his Monarchy 😀
[18:59, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: That’s why I want to talk to u before we turn up for the funeral tomorrow. I don’t want to stress him more. I keep certain matters from him and hope it doesn’t dawn on him
[23:05, 27/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just see message in the WhatsApp group for family to be at nan’s for 11.30 so they can accompany the hearse to Chapel. Up to you how you play this. Won’t say anything to Tom
[08:55, 28/02/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, it is too late to organise that now. My job is to get is to get ‘ Prince Phillip’ to the church on time. If they wanted dad to follow the hearse, they would have suggested that to him personally.
[10:18, 28/02/2019] Mervelee Myers: Exactly. See you later. He’s sniffing but ready
[17:55, 01/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Us.
[17:59, 01/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: U might want to choose from these
[00:23, 02/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Nice one, Merverlee
[09:49, 02/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Did I tell you were sent on a Wild Goose? When I get back
[21:43, 03/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Sorry? What do you mean?
[08:52, 04/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: The bank in London is closed until the 15th. Did the person who made the appointment not know? I explained about dad’s mobility
[00:07, 05/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: It’s gone 12:00 going to my bed. Sort paper and I just can’t believe how stupid some people are. This silly #WinsomeDuncan said I was owner of her business. Now I know God is challenging me to expose criminals from Government to grassroots
[00:51, 05/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: She says it’s my business
[04:57, 05/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Look at the date
[17:03, 05/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Keep on exposing, it looks like thats what you are ment to do.
[17:05, 05/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Certainly. Preparing a blog this minute
[17:18, 05/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Don’t put any derogatory comments.
[17:20, 05/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Derogatory is down to interpretation. You should see what she wrote in her defence. I have done a rough write up. She was banking on me not meeting the #deadline
[17:39, 05/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[17:39, 05/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Do what you have to do.
[11:18, 09/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: The Judiciary Of England And Wales In Cover Up Of Modern Slavery At LEYF 2009-2019 https://mervelee.wordpress.com/2019/03/09/the-judiciary-of-england-and-wales-in-cover-up-of-modern-slavery-at-leyf-2009-2019/
[16:49, 09/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: https://mervelee.wordpress.com/testimonial/dr-jackie-musgrave-open-university/
[20:20, 09/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: What U think?

[20:35, 10/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Check out @OU_EChildhood’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/OU_EChildhood/status/1101928643889192960?s=08
[07:16, 11/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: What u think? Very good. With you being an advocate for the Open University, I can’t see why others with disabilities cannot follow in your footsteps.
[07:18, 11/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: KEEP ON PUSHING!
[07:29, 11/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: I will. Tracking those involved in the discrimination that triggered the traumas
[17:54, 12/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Social Media platforms giving everyone a voice. Use it of course
[17:55, 12/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Still laughing
[17:31, 13/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: The evidence you now have should be investigated by the appropriate body. Individuals involved need to be held account.
[18:13, 13/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am sitting in here and expose everyone. The Barrister will be investigated. I am going to the top
[19:45, 13/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Keep pushing on.
[21:50, 13/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Definitely will
[17:22, 15/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: For The Judiciary Of England And Wales 2009 – 2019 re TeaLEYF! https://mervelee.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/for-the-judiciary-of-england-and-wales-2009-2019-re-tealeyf/
[07:44, 18/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: The bank reinvested the money even though we have appointment for the 25th. Tom said the bloke who contacted him re the complainant said it was in his account. I am fed up with this whole thing
[17:06, 18/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Didn’t they say, they couldn’t find the money?
[11:29, 21/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Check out @ValdinLegister’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ValdinLegister/status/1108534137231761408?s=08. In case you don’t know my #son?
[11:32, 21/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: Check out @ValdinLegister’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ValdinLegister/status/1108529173235204096?s=08. We are shaking up the #systems
[21:57, 21/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: These people in the banks are such crooks. Santander reinvested Tom money after having us on wild goose chase. When we call, one bloke insisting on cheque & leave us on hold. Someone else has to sort it.
[21:58, 21/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: He sent me into his other bank for a form. Some idiot black boy ignore me then come tell me about stupidness. Come in have to call Head Office to book appointment to go back for the same thing I went for. Tom is at the stage where he’s vulnerable. I am bearing the brunt of everything. Going back to bed
[16:12, 27/03/2019] Mervelee Myers: In reflective mood. 11 years ago I lost BYRON. Guess he’s helping me be strong. Have 1st nervous breakdown in the toxic workplaces in the UK after his death
[13:41, 31/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Ya, Hope your having a wonderful Mother’s day
[13:42, 31/03/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ho, I almost forgot, you have mail at the house.
[17:29, 12/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, How’s it going with you. Are you doing anything Sorel for Easter? Please show the above Video clip to dad.
[17:51, 12/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Wasn’t planning anything special. But I did buy sorrel intended for the Birthday party. I could draw some for you.
[17:55, 12/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: He’s resting. Show him later
[17:56, 12/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Thanks.
[18:02, 12/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Is he ok?
[18:05, 12/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Yeah, he is. Just tired from having to walk to collect his medication. Rd still close off.
[18:16, 12/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Oh, I see. Just let him know I will drop his mail round on Monday Have a great weekend
[09:40, 13/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Going to court with that woman. She made some claims & the Mediator seems to believe her
[23:49, 15/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: 2 youngest grandchildren
[18:21, 16/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Very nice, cute looking boys.
[19:20, 22/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Was just heating dinner for Dad. He’s okay after being under the weather yesterday. We do the gardening. Will make your sorrel when my friend is gone
[19:41, 22/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Thanks, no rush, say hello to the boss.
[20:22, 22/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: He’s not impressed.🤣🤣🤣
[20:26, 22/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: No he’s not
[21:09, 22/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: You should know by now he’s a secret agent. Definitely, no publicity
[21:56, 22/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am going to make some money off this Secret Agent
[17:05, 23/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Good luck!
[18:36, 23/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: I need it
[20:51, 24/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
[00:58, 26/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: This woman sets out to provoke. Tom is scared. So he don’t know what’s happening
[17:03, 28/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Sorrel is ready.
[22:12, 28/04/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Yes Ma’am, Thanks very much.
[22:30, 28/04/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok.
[10:52, 01/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: I need some of my videos elsewhere. The Police taking the piss.
[10:56, 01/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just seen on LinkedIn a man got 1 million pounds from Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust workplace for Racism.
[11:00, 01/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: I will sit in here and my job is to challenge the Employment Tribunal Services about the 2 miscarriages of justice that triggered the traumas into PTSD. They will know to have respect for the Rule of Law and the Equality Act Protected Characteristics and Act.
[13:48, 01/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: The Police Inspector who lied about our interaction is once more on A/L until the 20/5/2019. He’s always on leave. When does he work? I made sure tell them to put things in Writing. Government Departments, Employment Tribunal Services, LEYF, the establishment and systems of Great Britain & individuals.
[08:54, 06/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Taurus Someone is hurting you yet you are hiding your thoughts for fear of upsetting them. A controlling friend or or colleague will be less manipulative if you speak your mind. Striking a compromise is critical for this relationship to work. Enough said.
[13:14, 06/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: VERY WELL DONE MERVELEE ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENT 😎🤗👏
[17:15, 09/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hiya, The car is in the garage, as soon as I get it back I will bring the money round.
[17:17, 09/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok, no rush.
[09:43, 16/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am going out to spend my money on a computer to get my satisfaction from doing the things I love. This morning my neighbour knock to say her mum died. I’d promise to visit her, but never got the chance to. I’ll not be living with regret about matters over which I have no control. I done all I can for Mama. I want to do the same for Tom. I am obligated to No other..
[11:05, 16/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: The attitude of some making me want to vomit. #sign up to do volunteering. Asked to bring data. Dis rass black man look at me who are you again? Then started asking me crap. I will wait for the lady. Tom said not to give away my time. But I need to get back into the blend
[18:15, 16/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: There is nothing wrong voluntary work. Car still in garage.
[16:32, 17/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: My new CRUSADE
[18:29, 17/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Mervelee, Absolutely wicked Sorel. Thanks 🙏🏽
[18:31, 17/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Make sure you install Antispyweare
[18:58, 17/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Yeah, included in the package.
[18:59, 17/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am thinking about doing those recipes on my website. I see a bottle in the market for £3.50.
[21:32, 17/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Do it, Do it!
[22:06, 17/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Getting ready
[22:19, 17/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: That’s doing it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
[10:55, 19/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Mervelee hope you have a truly Wonderful day HAPPY BIRTHDAY Best wishes for the future.🙏🏽
[15:35, 19/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just got in from church
[14:28, 26/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Look at me
[00:03, 28/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: I was only posing beside the MC Cup still. Good for my image when I am going to kick the thieves arses
[15:01, 28/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just seeing the Reggae Girls will be in North London on Thursday morning. Getting ready.
[14:50, 29/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Going to go to the Bank with Tom to see if there are honest people out there? Have a 4pm appointment too
[15:18, 29/05/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Be careful and vigilant. Say hi to dad.
[18:43, 29/05/2019] Mervelee Myers: Leaders
[14:01, 02/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, please let dad know that I will see him on Tuesday, as I will be at the dentist tomorrow Thanks.
[23:27, 02/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Okay
[11:07, 03/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just on the phone making calls. The Barrister #samanthajones will be facing investigation. Ryan Clement refused to accept the claim. I need to send form back for them and pass judgement. The claim with Winsome Duncan is with the District Judge. I am on a mission to get justice.
[16:24, 03/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Yes yes, get them!
[16:36, 07/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: It is!
[16:51, 08/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: I think so. Just get back from Awards & Conference. Rub shoulders celebrity.
[16:51, 08/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Meeting with Police is the 18th at Southwark Police Station @10.00
[23:48, 09/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[17:10, 11/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hiya, I don’t know if you know, Messrs Fitzroy and Micheal are planning to come down to see dad over the weekend!!
[17:47, 11/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: I didn’t know. But I won’t be home. Going Cambridge on Saturday. Volunteering at QMU on Sunday & Theatre to see Oliver in a PM.
[12:21, 13/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: So my claim strike out. And I am to seek Legal Advice. Where do I get the money?
[23:27, 13/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: It’s the one at 323 Borough High Street.
[23:37, 13/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. 10.00am?
[15:58, 14/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Meet a lawyer in Peckham. Going to call him after meeting the Police.
[15:17, 16/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: My grandson’s graduation
[18:46, 16/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Thanks.
[16:38, 17/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Mervelee, Good afternoon. Could you email background info relating to the appointment tomorrow and I will read it tonight.
[16:39, 17/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Okay. Prepare a document. Will email asap
[16:41, 17/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Jolly good.
[16:49, 17/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Just get put in contact with some Employment Lawyer. We were at Primary School together. He’s going to contact me after 6
[17:40, 17/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: That’s handy.
[08:27, 18/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Got it.
[20:38, 18/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Spoken to the Lawyer. He wants me to put all the papers together and then call him. Said he knows Ryan Clement & that’s way too much money
[21:32, 18/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Very good. The net is closing fast!
[16:59, 19/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: So the Police High Command send me email about my complaint. I will send to you. I have had enough. I will address everything via my website.
[18:46, 19/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[13:09, 30/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am in the least bothered by what anyone wants to say or do. I am fighting for what I believe in.
[20:58, 30/06/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: That’s exactly what you should do.
[22:13, 30/06/2019] Mervelee Myers: Police don’t contact me yet
[01:20, 01/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: When I get back I will contact Webster myself.
[21:53, 03/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Back on home soil. Will call you tomorrow
[22:30, 03/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok. Lost a day. Didn’t realise today is Wednesday. Went to RCJ for advice.
[15:58, 09/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: My son for his graduation
[17:09, 09/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Nice one.
[07:53, 20/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, I have to inform you that I am having severe withdrawal symptoms after finishing the last of the Sorel. I’m getting headaches, spots, and the shakes, can you HELP! When are you making some more? I don’t mind paying, just let me know asap. Thanks. Have a great weekend
[21:39, 20/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: My men
[07:32, 22/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: 1 of the Company involved with LEYF get published in the newspaper. They doing a BBC programme. Well I have my fact about my freeness they got.
[07:33, 22/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[07:36, 22/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: So going to look for my correspondence. I can probably write a Book about them? How money is the root of all evil
[07:41, 22/07/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Agreed. When you have done the Sorel, let me know how much I owe you. Thanks.
[08:11, 22/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: Will try doing it by Independence. Maybe I should set a fund using my skills then? Definitely will plan it
[17:31, 24/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: Must share with you. Have induction with Cardboard Citizens. Will fill you in later. Said to my husband yesterday, God take me out of the enslavement. Ok later
[09:53, 30/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: This is how I am held down. This is 5 years of hell & now I am on the verge of another #meltdown down if I am not careful.
[13:30, 30/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: I am going to make your sorrel. Then everything will go in the public domain. This is a conspiracy at the highest level of Government. The Police don’t get back to me yet.
[17:19, 31/07/2019] Mervelee Myers: The sorrel is ready. Should I put in the freezer or leave out?
[07:06, 01/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Put it in freezer for now, thanks.
[08:17, 01/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: Ok. I made lots & strong. So u can add to it. Should be Christmas time b4 withdrawal symptoms set in
[17:04, 01/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
[01:28, 05/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: Jamaica Day 2019
[21:12, 14/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, I have only just tasted the Sorel, I have to inform you that it’s TOP BANANA!!!
[23:07, 14/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: How is Sorrel Top Banana. Explain & I write a blog. My friend in Jamaica said Christmas comes early. I said it’s 2nd batch for the year.
[16:10, 16/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Top Banana is slang for very good/Excellent.
[05:27, 17/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: Okay. Will use to show I am keeping up with the trend
[18:02, 22/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: WOW!
[15:25, 25/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: If I didn’t send to the Tomlinson Group no 1 contact him. But why…?
[17:56, 25/08/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Nobody contacts my dad, unless they want money!
[20:31, 25/08/2019] Mervelee Myers: Well it paid off in the end. I get him to speak to Donald. He only meeting him in the video. Dad was please. Don’t think he remembers he said I am not collected. Donald said he look like Melzie.
[20:37, 01/09/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: I will be at yours on Wednesday
[00:34, 02/09/2019] Mervelee Myers: Okay
[08:09, 05/09/2019] Mervelee Myers: Robert wants me to do a solo at a funeral.
[21:54, 05/09/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: Nice one.
[15:58, 15/09/2019] Mervelee Myers: Me after my meltdown this morning
[17:04, 25/09/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: I Hope he wins.
[16:04, 29/09/2019] Trevor Tomlinson: CALM DOWN DEAR you’re clearly working too hard. You need to slow down. I suggest that, as soon this is put to bed, take a break.
[17:02, 29/09/2019] Mervelee Myers: I will. Don’t want to worry dad either.
[08:34, 31/10/2019] Mervelee Myers: Trying to get a Podcaster to share my story about the Barrister & Grenfell Tower #inquiry
[17:11, 08/02/2020] Mervelee Myers: I will use my husband’s story about Mr Tomlinson you have a small illusion of one day becoming a Property Tycoon. Yet 10 Police force entry into his house because they failed to carry out procedures when his GP Surgery call about him not at home. Let anyone underestimate me at their peril.
[11:43, 09/02/2020] Mervelee Myers: After a week, install Tom’s sim in a phone. Just need to finish installing it. So he still has his old phone he’s attached to and I will have access to what’s happening with him.
[18:47, 22/03/2020] Mervelee Myers: 1 of your Family looks like your son. Don’t know if U see the resemblance.
[22:32, 22/05/2020] Mervelee Myers: If U can access Facebook or https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/?
[17:51, 21/06/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Thanks, Merve🥰
[14:42, 01/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Look for the Flag
[10:31, 04/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Maybe U & I should collaborate. Came across a Facebook Memory about 1 of my Hair Brain Ideas. I have YouTube. I will be satisfied with my lot in life. I am an NHS Pensioner so not bothered about what’s happening. So we can do this as a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations of JAMAICANS. Some of the foolishness I see on Social Media making me cringe. Some can’t put 3 words together to Form a Sentence. My Sister-in-law at mum’s funeral. She had Surgery & suffered a stroke. She’s recovering. Make U realise what’s important & how fragile we are. Making the most of my Blessings. Later
[15:55, 04/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Going to cook. Rid of the dark Clouds of this morning
[15:58, 04/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: This is the way I wish I could be all the time. No such Luck
[21:39, 09/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: My Fight4justice continues

[16:57, 15/07/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: You know Superman doesn’t like to be videod, your only making him stronger 💪 👊🏿
[10:08, 25/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Tom’s brother Melzie. He’s the One with the Tomlinson History. Document for Future Generations

[10:09, 25/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Proud to be a Member of the Tomlinson Family

[00:56, 30/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: Hi Mrs Myers, I’m just wondering what you would like to do in regards to your case weather you would like to continue or weather you would like us to close your case of. Kind regards Oriana
[21:31, 30/07/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: You can block nuisance calls. Found out from bt.
[21:54, 30/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: There’s no such thing
[23:05, 30/07/2020] Mervelee Myers: I didn’t Choose to colour coordinate. It just happened
[19:20, 11/08/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: What else can they kiss?🇯🇲👊🏿
[20:08, 16/08/2020] Mervelee Myers: Tomlinson Family
[22:29, 17/08/2020] Mervelee Myers: Judge disciplined for obtaining personal records https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/judge-disciplined-for-obtaining-personal-records-/5104373.article#.Xzr2NTpXQDQ.whatsapp
[23:32, 18/08/2020] Mervelee Myers: Stuck by an idea. Going to write a Poem for Tom. Will let U know when am finished
[18:07, 19/08/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[21:34, 01/09/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: When is Court in session?
[07:31, 02/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: 10.00 Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice
[07:43, 02/09/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee text me the details of the address.
[08:36, 02/09/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Don’t forget your face mask!
[12:14, 02/09/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Before you go through the door, be calm, try not to let dad see you upset. Remember never let your circumstances break your spirit.
[20:34, 03/09/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY🙏
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:10-13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The Lord is a Spirit and we who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth…….Listen to your Spirit, can you hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Just as I brought you through then, I will also do t…
[07:24, 09/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Realise I have the tools to create my own Documentaries & Podcasts as VAL says. Isic said Rucklyn called to pull her tongue. They all using my Copyright to benefit. After removing my Posts & rebelling saying Google should be a Crime Organisation as in the Daily Express. They send email about my Reviews getting hits of 1000+ views. Who benefit, not me Google. Same way my Publications use by websites. Going to use YouTube Creators & App Daniel told me about that I have on my phone. Will only go to Facebook for my Memories. Yesterday I was trolled on Dementia Friend’s website. Letter came in the post. I will use everything and everyone from when I supply data about VAL. He said I can do a and I will.
[23:20, 12/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Do U Publish my nonsense. Have a Filmmaking to do my Story on Tuesday
[23:32, 17/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: This is not for me. I need someone to take up my case and link to Windrush. Waiting on my Documentary. U can help me get it to go viral.
[09:07, 22/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: When will U do the Review? Tells me all I need to know about People. But I am STRONG!
[09:07, 22/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: I have it booked in my diary to do so for over 3 weeks I will definitely try to get done tomorrow.
[09:07, 22/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Just speaking my mind. I am the after thoughts for everyone. As soon as they want anything done am first on the list. Because I don’t have a life. But I am regulated to when and if they can fit me in. Because I am nothing according to LEYF and cohorts
[11:41, 26/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Mass Tom
[11:43, 26/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Mass Tom
[11:45, 26/09/2020] Mervelee Myers: Mass Tom Angel Trumpet
[08:01, 03/10/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, Here are the details dad requested Co-OP Insurance, customer service 03457 46 46 46
[11:27, 05/10/2020] Mervelee Myers: Ur Dad not budging. Will read through. Need to discuss something with you too
[16:01, 17/10/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY.
Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; When I fall, I will arise; When I sit in darkness, The Lord will be a light to me. I will bear the indignation of the Lord , Because I have sinned against Him, Until He pleads my case And executes justice for me. He will bring me forth to the light; I will see His righteousness.
Micah 7:8‭-‬9 NKJV.

Anytime you set out to do something great in life, there will be critics. If you’re going to be a great businessperson, coach, student, leader or employee, there will be opposition. The more success you have, the more opportunities there will be for distractions. The higher you go, the more haters will come out. When you start stretching to a new level and pursuing what God has placed in…
[16:12, 17/10/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: 👍🏿
[16:16, 17/10/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY.
Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days. As you do not know what is the way of the wind, Or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, So you do not know the works of God who makes everything.
Ecclesiastes 11:1‭, ‬5 NKJV.

God has a system that is based on the principle of sowing and reaping. In other words, what you pour out to others will come back to you in increased measure. When you give generously, a generous harvest will return to you. When you help others succeed, you will find abundant success on your path, too.Are you helping others succeed? Are you helping others get ahead? There are some people in your life who hold the keys for you to reach your full potential. …
[21:45, 25/10/2020] Mervelee Myers: 470 views so far

[08:05, 31/10/2020] Mervelee Myers: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WEgjfMD5yAbrZh1H7
[19:49, 31/10/2020] Mervelee Myers: Ur Cousin John died. Dad might be feeling it. He didn’t want to speak to Carline
[18:14, 01/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: The truth always comes out!
[19:09, 01/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: LEYF said they have no data for me
[17:01, 02/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: They must of got rid of the data they had, after the case.
[19:24, 02/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: How can they do that,
[23:01, 08/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, The adaptor Superman asked me to get, has been ordered, I’ll bring it down when I get it. Send me the link again, so that I can do the review.
[23:49, 08/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: What adaptor is/was that? See https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more
[17:25, 09/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: An adaptor for the kitchen sink tap to use a hose to water the garden.
[20:09, 09/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: Okay
[21:14, 10/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: The Solicitors that represented Samantha Jones in the Docks. You will hear
[21:41, 10/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: Have a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g I paid my money to get it done professionally. Listen out for me and them. I will find everywhere am on the web/internet and post to my website and YouTube. I will collect Benefit & expose CRIMINALS. Found out on Twitter the Solicitors Firm that represented the Barrister 1 of them is charged.
[18:23, 12/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: The review has been posted.
[19:03, 12/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: Yeah, just seen it. Thanks
[22:38, 12/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[08:12, 21/11/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok, Very good. 👍
[22:42, 22/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: Tell me the difference? I performed with the Choir at the Globe Theatre for Winter Special last year
[22:43, 22/11/2020] Mervelee Myers: Don’t have time for their Zoom, but I might just make time or do my own online
[10:50, 01/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: Discover this bruising with the pain
[18:05, 02/12/2020] Trevor Tomlinson: Hiya, Let supernan know I’ll be there tomorrow evening, Thanks.
[20:28, 02/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: OK
[12:51, 12/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: Must do some updates. Call Ambulance to have my Defensive Practice on record
[23:30, 13/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: Rosalind win supn. I see her post on Facebook. I don’t engage with anyone. Just do my thing. Writing about meeting Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin. Going to send copy to her. Maybe U can look at it when am finished. Going to bed.
[23:30, 13/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: I sent complaint to Police. I copied response & done a 3 Page write up. I name all Police involved from 30/10/2017. Even the IOPC. When am done they have nowhere to hide. GNight
[22:32, 23/12/2020] Mervelee Myers: It was full of Tokenism & I responded. They sent more I don’t look at it yet. I will stay in here and write
[13:55, 27/01/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have a series of videos but they won’t upload to WhatsApp. So, got to find ways to get them to you. They should be on my YouTube with others from the Meeting at Southwark Police Station. When I go online, I send documents
[13:58, 27/01/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have verbal saying the bruising didn’t show up on videos. The bruising by handcuffs to my hands were noted by the Sergeant. The AA was given notes not me.
[11:04, 29/01/2021] Mervelee Myers: Am FUCKING stressed
[20:12, 29/01/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: The documents you sent me on the phone, send them to my email, omitting the ‘ I’m fucking stressed part. Thanking you kindly.
[01:09, 30/01/2021] Mervelee Myers: Listen Trevor if am FUCKING stressed am Stressed. The Counselling I get said it’s therapy. Did you see me shaking that I can’t fill Dad’s form? I will scan them later. Just going to bed. You don’t have to thank me kindly. FUCKING is Queen English.
[07:37, 03/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, Please let Dad know i will be there Friday morning. Have a good day 😊
[09:59, 04/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: The memory that tells me am worthy
[20:35, 04/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good evening, I have downloaded the online information ye sent me. It will be passed on to the legal rep. I shall be there tomorrow morning by 7.00am
[00:38, 05/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: I am making a series of Podcasts showing the Corruption of 6 years from the Legal Systems to Police. I posted the Response to the Court. Its hidden in the letter about Early Plea & circumstances.
[01:10, 07/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Am in

[23:55, 07/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Here’s what I learned from the experts. There’s Masks of Sanity. The Counsellor said Mama Survive by Laughing. I reckon U did by helping all I could to stop others ending up like me. June O’Sullivan use hers to take control of an Organisation established 100+ years ago claiming it as hers. I think there are issues about her single mother status that led her down that road. She got rid of the women in Leadership and surrounded herself with men who are guy. She was a Mental Health Nurse. Going to bed. I have been listening to her Podcasts and Webinars. Everything making sense. Am getting all my paperwork together. I have materials to produce lots. Even with Lawyers involved with this matter committed perjury. Going to bed now
[12:01, 11/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Hello, this is the NatWest Complaints Team, we’re sorry it’s taken longer than expected to resolve your complaint. We hope to have completed our investigations and to provide you with a full response soon via email or letter. If for any reason there is a delay, we’ll contact you again to update you on our progress.
If you need to call us, please be aware our lines are extremely busy at the moment and you will be waiting longer than normal to speak to our team. Please quote your reference PHO-0294116221. Another Criminal
[13:12, 13/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Going shopping & collect my Computer. Its this Dead Feeling I am trying to control. I have no outlet to help me cope. I am making videos with my documents. I just don’t know how much more I can take. But I carry on. How can God leave me to suffer. I am the one who help everyone.
[19:48, 14/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Who the hell is Valentine? Every day is a happy day! 😁
[21:51, 14/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Now I know Chip don’t fly far from the Block. I have not had 1 happy days last 7 years and neither your Father, but We celebrating
[06:06, 15/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good.
[17:44, 15/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Can you call me please?
[22:59, 17/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: The good Lord, know best. Am destined for greater things
[10:05, 22/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Have you seen the email stating the Reviews will take 6 months? Another one to join those dumped. What can I do?
[11:09, 23/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: Hello, this is the NatWest Complaints Team, we’re sorry it’s taken longer than expected to resolve your complaint. We hope to have completed our investigations and to provide you with a full response soon via email or letter. If for any reason there is a delay, we’ll contact you again to update you on our progress.
If you need to call us, please be aware our lines are extremely busy at the moment and you will be waiting longer than normal to speak to our team. Please quote your reference PHO-0294116221. How they use their rights to make us VICTIMS
[07:41, 25/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, Can you let The Boss know that I will be there this evening. Thanks
[22:56, 28/02/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, BT info. FAULTS DEPARTMENT RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS: 0800800151 WHEN GIVEN THE MENU OPTIONS SELECT NO. 9
[23:27, 28/02/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK.
[22:18, 03/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good evening Mervelee, Can you let The Boss know I will be there on Friday morning. Thanks 😊
[22:19, 03/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: 7.00am
[00:56, 04/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Ok Sir T. When U come I show U my £46,000.00 -£55,000.00 job offer. They take away my LinkedIn account when I was endorsed by Professors I told I want to get my SEND Teacher qualification.
[17:19, 04/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I watched a local football match⚽ at a school playing ground🥅. As I sat down, I asked one of the boys 🤵🏿what the score was.

With a smile😄, he replied; “They are leading us 3-0”!

And I said, REALLY!!😳🙁

I have to say you don’t look discouraged.😦

“Discouraged?” the boy🤵🏿 asked with a puzzled look …

Why should I be discouraged😠 when the referee has not blown the final whistle?📯

I have confidence🤜🏾 in the team and the managers👨🏽‍💼; We shall definitely overcome!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Truly, the match⚽ ended 5-4 in favor of the boy’s team!🏐🥅

He waved🖐🏽 at me gently, with a beautiful smile🤓 as he left; I was amazed😲, mouth wide open; Such confidence; Such beautiful faith;

As I got back home🏘 that night, his question kept coming b…
[18:50, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Create the Legacies for Future Generations
[18:52, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: My Therapy to Honour my Husband
[21:05, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: King Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson
[21:07, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Queen MERVELEE Tomlinson
[21:08, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: MERVELEE El Numero Dos Tomlinson my Rock
[21:09, 05/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: The Holy Grail Mr & Mrs Tomlinson
[20:17, 07/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Sorry, have another set back. The Zoom Party is Saturday. I will send the Link when I get it. The Young Man is Cheerful. He’s in bed.
[17:02, 08/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Nice clip Mervelee, Dads expression is priceless. 👌
[17:09, 12/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hold the tight, Let me come back to you Sunday/ Monday the latest. In the meantime l will look at the email sent.
[17:38, 13/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Naheel Brown Legister is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tom’s 98th Birthday Celebration
Time: Mar 13, 2021 12:00 PM Bogota

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 1462 8783
Passcode: 655216
[12:39, 14/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Happy Mother’s day Mervelee, Hope you’re having a lovely day 💗
[17:24, 15/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I will be talking to my colleague tonight. He will be talking to his contact about representing you, or someone else. I will then be speaking to you tonight, or tomorrow the latest.
[16:41, 16/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY.
“Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen”
Galatians 1:3‭-‬5 NKJV

We are so living below our potential, we carry around the burden of our sins and faults, feeling depressed and disappointed in ourselves, not fully comprehending the enormity of the sacrifice that was willing done for us by Jesus taking all our sins to Calvary, and paying the price to redeem us to the Father. to me, it is like going to a high end jewelry store, choosing a extremely expensive piece, paying for it, and walking out and leaving it in the store, now …
[21:30, 16/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: What’s the latest?
[00:05, 17/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Going to bed. When will I hear from the Legal Person?
[11:33, 17/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Am getting more confused by the minute. I don’t know what to do for the best. I just can’t cope
[19:27, 17/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I’m still waiting for my work colleague to come back to me. It is possible that he may be talking to solicitor now. I’m not sure what you’re confused about? As soon as I get more information I will let you know. You cannot expect things to happen as quickly as you would like when things gave to be sorted out at such a late stage. It is not too late to get things done, you just have to be a little patient. Things are being done in the background, just wait until I get back to you tomorrow evening.
[19:58, 17/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I have just this minute received the call from my colleague. He says that the Solicitor will not have the time to attend court, however he has recommended other very good Solicitors that me and my colleague will be going through to choose the best possible candidate. We will be doing this to tomorrow like I said, things are being worked on in the background. I will speak to you again on Friday the latest.
[21:12, 18/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Think my first Book is finished. Need help with editing
[20:15, 19/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, Still waiting for my colleague to come back to me with info. If he doesn’t call me tonight, I will call him over the weekend for sure, and I’ll get vack to you. There is still time to sort things out.
[21:41, 19/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Do you know any Publisher? I guess getting my Book published is my best bet. I don’t want anyone else to rip me off am skint.
[11:53, 20/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, just received info, that the list for the solicitors will be received on Monday well done on completing your book. I suggest you contact The Voice news paper, or Google: Black book puplishers. Hope this helps. Let The Boss know i will be delivering the post on Tuesday Thanks.
[15:42, 21/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Have you completed the Census?
[16:11, 21/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Yes! You going to pay the £1,000.00 if I don’t?
[16:12, 21/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Your funny.😁
[16:13, 21/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Either that or I go put my head in the oven. I rather curse.
[21:37, 22/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Just received text to say that the main Solicitor will be sending two referrals to my work colleague, my colleague will then send the details to me via email 23rd March 2021
[21:56, 22/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK. Ur birthday
[21:57, 22/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Doing some research and write up
[21:59, 22/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: My Birthday was today😁👍🏿
[22:01, 22/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Sorry! Happy late birthday. Dad agreed with me is tomorrow. 2 of us getting OLD!
[12:57, 24/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: The papers for legal aid is going through. The contract will call me back tomorrow/Friday
[12:57, 24/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK
[19:25, 25/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have Facebook using tricks to close my account. It was close after a James Jones trolled me. He tried to send messages. Each time Facebook put him at the top of the list. Today there is a link from a Henry Cameron am sure it’s link to pornoghy and if I click on it Facebook will have reasons to say I breach their Community Standards and peddling Porn. Don’t know if your friend can offer any advice?
[19:57, 25/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: What are they doing in my Messages?
[22:38, 25/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Can you get in touch with Facebook about what is going on?
[00:42, 26/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: They are not random people. Not James Jones anyway. If I ignored them I will continue to suffer. The Hunted is now the Hunter. Going to tidy my kitchen and bed
[00:43, 26/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Facebook is Party to the Discrimination from 18/9/2015
[09:19, 27/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: I sent the letter from the Solicitors recommendation form Armstrong Solicitors. I think this is a trap. How can they prepare FILE and expect me to sign Legally Binding documents to declare my Partner’s assets? They have not spoken to me, what is in the FILE? Have you heard anything from your end? I have a CRISIS yesterday, but you won’t understand
[09:40, 28/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: Did you get my message? Am feeling like a nuisance asking for help. So I will internalise my needs.
[12:11, 28/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good. You are getting help, stop acting like a poor ting Pinkney, and focus on what is important, and what makes you happy. Ya get me🤨
[12:13, 28/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: You will get a call from me tomorrow evening.
[11:49, 31/03/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good morning, How did you get on🇯🇲
[14:50, 31/03/2021] Mervelee Myers: I did not leave my Living Room all day. There was no call.
[00:55, 01/04/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok, I’ll find out what happened.
[10:44, 01/04/2021] Mervelee Myers: Can you send me the Contact details please?
[10:57, 01/04/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, I have just called the solicitors, I have been told that a Mr Ali will be taking your case. However, Mr Ali is in court today, thats probably why you did not get a call yesterday one of his colleagues Sharon will call you this afternoon to discuss things further. Stop worrying things are being taking care of. They have not forgotten about you.
[19:44, 04/04/2021] Mervelee Myers: Happy Easter from my garden God is keeping me alive
[12:56, 07/04/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ignore the idiot, When you speak to the solicitor, then explain to him what you, and are still going through with that Muppet. Until then, just get on doing with whatever you were doing.
[15:51, 15/04/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I’m glad that things are being taking of now. Got a call from NHS The Boss has an appointment for his second jab on Sunday 18th at 2pm at; The Testament Giles Health Centre, East Dulwich London SE22 8EY call them on this number 02081947600 to confirm.
[21:26, 15/04/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good luck for tomorrow, think positively. This is your time.🇯🇲
[07:04, 16/04/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK.
[07:26, 16/04/2021] Mervelee Myers: My Rock
[11:26, 05/05/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, Please let The Boss know, that I shall be down there tomorrow morning. Thanks.
[19:06, 05/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK
[00:14, 08/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have data going back to 1998 am going to write about the corruption. Take care I have my rights denied and 28 years of my life destroyed. But God is keeping me for a purpose. Going to bed
[09:42, 11/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: How is this different from what I have been doing the past 7 years?
[11:15, 17/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: Just spoken to Souflotv and he’s invited me to join his Live tomorrow. So spread the word
[15:26, 19/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: Photo for Southwark Life
[12:09, 22/05/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Have you received the email yet?
[00:44, 23/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: Long time. Was uploading videos. OK am OCD
[09:53, 23/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: Listen to how far I come on my own

[23:44, 24/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/zVc1ZQLwwTM
[23:52, 24/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/kXf8b03IDRw
[18:28, 28/05/2021] Mervelee Myers: Check out Fight4justice/Advocacy on Google!
[07:42, 08/06/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, please let dad know that I will be this evening, left work late yesterday not driving.
[23:42, 08/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/cjZ4hU-CVxA
[14:19, 09/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: MERVELEE MYERS Must Protect myself

[01:28, 12/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: Congratulations and jubilation. Send me any available links. Have data for 2 Books along similar themes. Check this to see the quality of my Intellectual Property and Image Rights https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/1959094327457975/ for how my progress haulted
[01:29, 12/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: Congratulations and jubilation. Send me any available links. Have data for 2 Books along similar themes. Check this to see the quality of my Intellectual Property and Image Rights https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/1959094327457975/ for how my progress haulted
[15:40, 21/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/wma7IWAIZPA
[11:54, 24/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/hzd_zCZ1NlM
[15:10, 28/06/2021] Mervelee Myers: Keep meaning to ask. Did a letter come for Dad from the Bank? I phoned them up and it was sent.
[12:33, 05/07/2021] Mervelee Myers: Robert don’t let me haffi CUSS. Why you sent 19 videos to my WhatsApp. Am FUCKING Stressed dealing with my Shit. I told you what’s happening to me when you came to my house on Saturday. This is beyond a joke.
[07:09, 08/07/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/6JodZV5sCy0
[17:56, 07/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Haven’t forgotten you. Busy getting sorted for University. My son is visiting soon
[20:03, 07/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[20:22, 10/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: My Parents are guiding me
[08:59, 13/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: How do I know that you are not another member of the Entrapment Team. I have no knowledge of who you are and what is Southwark Women’s Space. Based on the Discrimination of the past 7 years this is a trigger for my PTSD because Holly SWEENEY P255654 done the same on 29/11/2020. Call me a criminal, say anywhere am seen I will be arrested. Hence what’s occurred since. I told her I have a flu Jab on the date she asked me to come to Walworth Police Station for an interview. Well today I have an appointment with the Diabetes Nurse. With regards to the way I am targeted by HMCTS, IOPC, CCMCC, BSB, SRA, CJS, CPS, CLCC, DBS, sending me a message like this is like a red flag to a bull. I was not given any information about you and Southwark Women’s Space. For all I …
[14:17, 16/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, Will you be carrying your laptop to university?
[14:21, 16/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: If I have to
[14:40, 16/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Just info on size, and design🤔
[14:42, 16/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Make sure I have compartments for my OCD
[14:42, 16/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: What’s that
[14:47, 16/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Got it.
[16:16, 17/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good afternoon, Could you let me know whether you require a bag with wheels, or without.🤔
[20:06, 17/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Never think about the wheels, but I guess that would help.
[21:04, 17/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ir save your shoulders, just in case you need to shift mountains of papers!
[21:56, 17/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK, get the wheels. Your dad was telling them to put your name on the Insurance. He paid it. The ears getting lazy. I suggest you make sure it’s sorted. I will bring the Paperwork back when I bring my son. He’s coming tomorrow
[22:03, 17/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[12:57, 19/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: I went to the Dentist. My son is here.
[14:24, 19/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Are you still coming here today?
[18:01, 19/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: No. Will let you know if we coming tomorrow. VAL might need your help
[18:24, 19/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Us
[00:07, 28/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: My son Valdin Legister
[23:37, 30/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Refer to http://outofthebagradio.weebly.com/blog/blog-sean-maguire-mervelee-myers-rebellion-hour-9pm-irish-time-wednesday-01092021 for more.
[08:19, 31/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Got it.👍🏿
[09:58, 31/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: Valdin wants to know if you can order another bag for his son? Even if it doesn’t come before, I can give him my one until it comes
[09:59, 31/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok, Leave it with me, and I will get to you later today.
[10:00, 31/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK
[12:24, 31/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: The bag will arrive in two days😊
[15:38, 31/08/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK. He’s out with his wife’s cousin. Later
[21:18, 31/08/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!!!!

Brothers & Sistah’s 👑👑Some of you may remember My friend KAY JOHNSTON whom spoke at my BlackSterling Event in November 2018. She spok…
[18:25, 01/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, The bag for Val’s son has arrived.
[21:26, 01/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Thanks! We coming to Camberwell to Phone shop tomorrow.
[21:37, 01/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok. Bring the Building Insurance papers with you.
[21:55, 01/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK. Listening to the interview.
[17:37, 03/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mr Val, It was nice to meet you. Despite being in quarantine, I hope you enjoyed your stay in London England. Have a safe journey back to JA
[19:20, 09/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: I sent one via email
[00:50, 10/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Today I went into the garden and found 3 dead rats 🐀. When I put the food in the compost bin there was another. They must be picking up poison and coming to spend their final moment in my garden. So I do my Therapy. They are named after the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Services colluding with LEYF. So am making my videos. Being listening to advice about YouTube channel. Still Decluttering. Am almost ready for start of study. I attended the online classes but didn’t interact just listening and taking references. I am familiar with some of what I need to do. Only new fandangle matters. Have DSA interview for the 14th. I need a new laptop.
[18:38, 10/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Hi Mervelee I am on duty today and am not in a position to call back. You can attend the office next Friday to discuss this further at 11am when I am available should you wish.

This e-mail and any attachments is intended only for the attention of the addressee(s). Its unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies and inform the sender by return e-mail. Internet e-mail is not a secure medium. Any reply to this message could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear that in m
[19:10, 10/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: The Probation Officer. Don’t worry I done a Cousin Turb and recorded it on YouTube Live & Camcorder. Waiting for the outcome. Facebook blocked me on behalf of Rucklyn Munro & Google remove my post. I am going after a BAFTA when am done
[06:42, 11/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: 😂😂😂 Naming the Rats after the judiciary is rather original. Maybe that is a sign they may fall, one by one! I’m sure The President will get you yet another Lap top, if you ask him nicely.🤔 Glad to know you’re STILL DECLUTTING! Clearly you’re learning from the master.
[08:28, 11/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Check out curry’s their doing a trade-in for laptops right now. So if it possible to trade-in one of your laptops, you should get a more powerful laptop for less money 💰
[09:09, 11/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: If I trade in, do I get my data transfer to the new one?
[10:03, 11/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: You can do. You can even do it yourself, via YouTube.
[20:36, 11/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have Known How so I will let them do it
[01:15, 12/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Spoken like a true 🕵️‍♂️
[15:43, 13/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Guess what Hillary Diane Clinton just like one of my Facebook pages. We going places. Going to make sure you get to the top as a Young black person. You are now added to my family as an Honourable Daughter.
[16:27, 13/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: 👍🏿
[11:10, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, let The President know, that I have received the correspondence from the co-op. Have you purchased your superdooper superlative laptop yet.🤔
[12:23, 14/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: No! Am waiting on DSA. Maybe you should help me choose one in the meantime. I have to pay £200.00 towards it, if I get the DSA. I don’t have to pay the loan back
[12:46, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I need to know the total spend?
[13:27, 14/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Tell me what you think is worth it. I only want the best. I intend to make use of it in the future. Am in contact with people. Am putting forward a proposal to Southwark Carers to do a Blog and help write people’s stories
[13:36, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Therefore you are going to require no less than a terra bite hard drive, at least 8 megabit memory, and a good graphics card, and a dvd drive for your existing media data. Which? test laptops, so I will look at the top three recommendations according to the above spec. I’ll come back to you later today
[14:20, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: What screen size are you using now?
[16:36, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Model: Lenovo. Year 2021 where from: Curry’s PC World. Why this manufacturer? Tested by The Which? Consumer association. Note: Tradein, and possible student discounts availability.🤔 1. Lenovo Yoga 6 screen size: 13.3″ Storage: 512GB, Ram : 8GB, battery life: 16 hrs full HD touch screen. Cost: £799.00 Possible discount: £75.00 2. Same as above, however screen size: 14″ Cost: £849.00 3. Same as above, however screen size: 15″ Ram: 16GB, Storage: 1TB ( you will probably never run out of storage, this model will be super quick! ) Full HD touch screen! Cost: £999.00 Tradein £150.00 and don’t forget to shout that you are a student, more discount!!😊
[17:34, 14/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Like the £999.00. I am prepared to pay whatever difference on whatever I get from DSA. I have been treating people 29 years in the UK. Some don’t even appreciate. Now it’s my time to shine.
[17:36, 14/09/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: That would be my choice also.
[17:40, 14/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: Lets wait until Monday latest to know what they doing
[10:07, 18/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: This is proof UK Government Agencies are Terrorist

[00:01, 26/09/2021] Mervelee Myers: The length I have to go through to make sure get food to eat. So if UK Government Criminals thinks I have time with their Discrimination they can view in the Public Domain.
[01:34, 02/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Think am accepted for the Microsoft Business Project. They sent email before the deadline I don’t read it. There are 3 more mention Microsoft. I will read now. They just sent the link for me to enrol. Will do everything tomorrow. Don’t run after anyone. I have what they want and I am not selling, but now I must get recognition. That’s all I need
[10:27, 02/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Well done Mervelee 👏 I called the other day to speak to you.
[11:07, 02/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Will link later
[18:22, 02/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[00:42, 03/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: I decided that I won’t be sharing much in their online Group. I will read and don’t disclose much. No one gets back about changing the module. They making out it’s my fault I am not enrolled yet. I told them what my Support & Teaching state. I have a video of the CUNT who call me claiming I am going to fail & can’t do the course with Criminal Record. Going to play their games and give them a surprise
[12:18, 03/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Why are you swearing like that? You know as well as anyone, that there is more than one way to skin a cat???
[19:51, 03/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/6-Znc7l7izc
[23:22, 03/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, The reason for my call the other day was because I need a short term loan of £3000.00 to be returned on, or before 28th January 2022 Thanks for your help
[00:09, 05/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hows it going Mervelee?
[00:09, 05/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: M
[08:58, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: [Name] Ibrahim Sesay
[Mobile] 07931 212953 the number for the Security who said he will attend meeting with me
[10:48, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning, contact Mr Sessay to request permission for me to speak to him today
[12:16, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Good morning Mr Sesay thanks. I will be in touch MERVELEE MYERS
[12:16, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: My stepson is asking if you can give him your permission to contact to speak to you today or at your convenience
[12:16, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Well later I will have to speak to my supervisor as you know this is official and more over the main core of your issue s not my area as we are in the security department .

Onless otherwise you want me to accompany you as security as you said you were confidence when I was I was dealing with the issue .
[12:16, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Can you speak to my stepson about what you can do please?
[12:16, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Am not bothered about involving you in the main core, just about your intervention yesterday when you realised I was distress
[12:24, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Ok that is fine but in a meeting and will finish at 3pm so any time after that should be ok
[12:24, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Thanks Ibrahim
[15:09, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Mervelee, I have not received the emails. To confirm, send them to: advancedec020806@gmail.com
[15:46, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Received
[16:47, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/563710898173099/ for more
[16:49, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Refer to https://youtu.be/7Mpc7Ozj1GQ for more
[21:03, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Make notes of these names Anthina Tempriou & Havva Oykenner Louise Arnold. Will copy parts of the letter
[21:04, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[21:05, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: HI Mervelee

I have received your email with thanks. All of the people that need to see your disability awareness form have been sent it. We received it last week.

It is lovely to see you are enjoying the course so far. I will be on campus tomorrow at last and I lead ET7000. Please feel free to pop in just before the start if you can and I will explain the difference between the modules. You can then decide which module you feel is better for you. It is quite usual for people to swap between the 2 at the start so do not worry about this.

If you swap you will need to make contact with the student hub and let them know. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you as it is a student facing organisation only.

Could I suggest that you ensure you use your studen…
[22:02, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Do you have a telephone number.
[22:03, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: When I get back into the email
[22:05, 06/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Telephone 02082237538 Email r.j.harty@uel.ac.uk
[22:22, 06/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Do you have a number for Tanya?
[11:43, 07/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, I have left a message for Mr Harry to call me back. In the meantime I will continue to call him throughout the day until I can speak to him personally. When I do, then I will get back to you.
[16:53, 07/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK, am in the kitchen. Am concerned about Dad. He’s never in bed at this time of the day. He realised earlier his rings are missing. He said he went to bed with them. He’s asking for Ackee & Saltfish.
[18:42, 07/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Hope he finds the rings! Good for him. At 98 he should eat anything he wants.
[08:44, 08/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: The format of the next appointment is as follows. Evidence of my correspondence to LEYF http://www.leyf.org.uk about needing support for the Discrimination that triggered my PTSD after the death of my mother. For My Safeguarding in line with the Legislation, Laws, Codes of Conduct and Practice the sessions will be recorded. Because when the Police Officers PCs Holly SWEENEY P255654 and Nikki Wright P240060 and Harry Stack P255641 and Ben Godfrey P255842 came to murder me on behalf of LEYF under cover of the LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture on 30/11/2020 I was not allowed to use my phone to call my stepson. So what happened at Barclays is more proof of how MERVELEE MYERS is a prisoner and victim of the UK Government Agencies providing jobs for Probation Officers to spend …
[09:03, 08/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: If you need further clarification I ask Sarah Lawson to provide me with information about the qualifications of the Emotional Regulation Treatment provider. So far no information has been provided and I refuse to waste any more of my time entrap by the situation created by the Paedophile RINGS Protected by the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Services. Now that Richard Harty of UEL and Barclays joined the Discrimination that triggered my PTSD after the death of my mother. My Rights to use study to help my Mental Illness denied with the funding sent by to Student Finance. And Barclays closing my account is no different from denied Housing Benefit and threatened with Criminal Record. My Facebook Memories will be …
[23:30, 08/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: Sent the email to the lady. Let me see if I get a response.
[02:14, 09/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Ok.
[11:55, 09/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, Laptop ordering details: order code, 545169 Lenovo 7i 15.6″ screen finger print reader, £849.00 makes sure you get anti virus software to protect your data: The one I have is The Norton 360 covers 5 devices, including your phones £19.97 all from Currys. Don’t sit on this, the other one i suggested has already sold out!!
[21:27, 09/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: I have Norton
[22:50, 09/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/BhLKyMpmHCg
[18:13, 11/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Good evening Mervelee, Just to let you know, I am seeking legal advice as to the appropriate way forward. Waiting for someone from the team to call me on 14th October 2021
[18:55, 22/10/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/ufJFfZB0Oso
[18:55, 26/10/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Don’t give up now. You’re almost there.🤔
[06:33, 01/11/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Morning Mervelee, Let Dad know i will be there tomorrow. Thanks.
[16:25, 06/11/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: Quite the performer. 👏🏿
[14:34, 07/11/2021] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/GfxJh1QOPTI
[19:21, 23/12/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: I’m still coming, be there as soon as I can. Had to go somewhere else first.
[19:22, 23/12/2021] Mervelee Myers: OK
[20:18, 23/12/2021] Trevor Tomlinson: On my way now.
[17:31, 26/12/2021] Mervelee Myers: Just Publish my Book on Lulu. Waiting for the Proof Copy to see where am going next. Am positive I mentioned your name. So here’s to MERVELEE Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson next venture for 2022.
[17:31, 26/12/2021] Mervelee Myers: I cooked Traditional Mutton, Rice & Peas & Vegetables. Mass Tom eating. The Naysayers can join the orderly Line now.
[12:32, 27/12/2021] Mervelee Myers: MERVELEE MYERS Book of Famous People will be published in 2022.
[23:52, 07/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: The case is the 18/1/2022. They not attending. I have prepared my Arguments from the Skelton Arguments They sent. WE WILL BE RICH and will demand my Honours Masters Degree In SEND from the UEL.
[10:22, 09/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: MERVELEE MYERS

[11:03, 09/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/Q2BTybcCc1M
[11:15, 09/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: https://youtu.be/tAFLWjfggQM
[14:25, 09/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: Some Police tried to #murder me

[12:20, 26/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: https://youtube.com/c/RattyNembhardGaGaStreetRebel
[14:17, 27/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: This is an Open Invitation for Tomlinson’s Family to submit information about Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson to be included in the Book I MERVELEE Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson is compiling for his 99th birthday. Anyone with ideas about celebrating his birthday please start the planning. I am a Background person.
[20:56, 27/01/2022] Trevor Tomlinson: I’m going to do a write up for the book, about ‘ back in the day’ about doing something for his birthday thats going to be a tough one. I will get a cake done for him, specifically to his dietary needs.
[21:27, 27/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: OK
[18:28, 29/01/2022] Mervelee Myers: Get MERVELEE MYERS 1st Publication IN HONOUR OF STRONG WOMEN EVERYWHERE & break the Cycle of Discrimination against Windrush Generation Female label UURICA_LE for the destruction of any other MERVELEE MYERS who will not be defined by my Deficits and Limitations by HMCTS CPS CJS DBS MOPAC IOPC JCIO BSB SRA CCMCC HMPPS covering for LEYF Abusers and Richard Harty UEL MIC Abuse RINGS operating out of the prestigious HOC Nursery.

[11:57, 04/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Just sent mum’s photo to her Family. They can’t say I don’t play my part in keeping the Tomlinson Family together.
[10:58, 07/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: The Matriarch of Davis-Tomlinson from Westmoreland
[16:58, 07/02/2022] Trevor Tomlinson: Indeed. I recognise that picture.
[12:17, 08/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Please send me your Contributions for the Book
[11:21, 14/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Join me in breaking down barriers erected by Discrimination

[07:11, 21/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Every day I pray to God that Tom don’t get immobile like my Father and Grandmother who died a month apart. We are TRAUMATISED by DISCRIMINATION in the MURDER COUNTRY treating us like our Foreparents on the Slave Ships. When we have a Dr. Juanita Cox responsible for Windrush Generation Oral History Resources behaving like Ryan Clement who took Tom’s money. Judgment passed for him to pay me back. But PAEDOPHILES and Career CRIMINALS at the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Services make us Prisoners. They will hear if Mr Tomlinson has a small illusion of one day becoming a Property Tycoon.
[18:21, 24/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Check out this article: Barclays is the next bank under the spotlight – https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/974743/barclays-is-the-next-bank-under-the-spotlight-974743.html
[07:45, 27/02/2022] Mervelee Myers: Please can I have your contribution today???
[18:41, 27/02/2022] Trevor Tomlinson: Hi Mervelee, I have written most of it, but I have decided not to send the email, as I’m not comfortable with whom may read what I know. Remember I’m part of the family by default. Because I have grown up with dad, I probably know him better than anyone else. As I said to you earlier,, what I have written so far would upset certain people, and I do not want to argue with anyone, because they presume to know dad better than me. I’m really sorry to have to let you know at this late stage, but I believe to let sleeping


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