Without Prejudice What Is Hidden Must Be Brought To Light Save My Husband From More PTSD Before He Is Call Home To RIP 28/2/2022

Mervelee Advocacy

[22:09, 18/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: My phone crash, thanks for getting me back on WhatsApp. Finished the documents. Lost all the work I done yesterday. Back on track now
[22:50, 18/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Phew, Thank God for that!
[15:43, 26/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: Just got contacts from Judge Rinder. Re dat scammers about my book
[18:39, 26/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Fifty pounds after 5 years service! Are they kidding???
[09:18, 27/11/2018] Mervelee Myers: The point is this was part of the plot to destroy me. Now they say they don’t have a record of it
[18:36, 27/11/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Rubbish.
[22:06, 24/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: Made sorrel. Merry Christmas
[15:16, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Ahhh… Sorel. Very nice.
[15:16, 25/12/2018] Trevor Tomlinson: Thanks for the card, Dad very nice.
[15:35, 25/12/2018] Mervelee Myers: Dad’s under the weather. His family visit. Maybe that’s cheers him a bit. Done a little video after the moaning
[17:35, 25/12/2018]…

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