Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Challenges Facebook LinkedIn Google Twitter As Giving LEYF UEL Platforms To Target Me To Cover Abusers Reviews ET Panel Refuse


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 30 new photos to the album: Proud JAMAICAN — with Valdin Legister and Paulette Williams.

Pondering about Injustices in the UK
7Albert A Maylor, Smith Stacey and 5 others. 7 Shares

Might go out 2morro go spend some Money…? Have sum months left on dat cussid Contract dat I doan use. Need fi check out BT 2 fi dem Tingy, as I can’t afford fi a get Bun suh fi nutn? I bought 5 Tickets in dem Raffle on Sunday hoping fi win 1 of the cameras, phones/ipod or ticket 4, 2 JA. Not a ting cum up. Well, mek mi see if mi can get a dream den nuh…? So now I go 2 Pray b4 I lay me down to rest. I did not make myself nor neither am I am to do anything without the good Lord’s say so. My 1grandson The Don…

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