Without Prejudice CLCC Is A Platform For Career Criminal HHJ Parfitt I Have Caseworker Dight Misconduct Won’t Get Away Do Dirty Work Of Samantha Jones Pervert Cover LEYF Abusers MIC Mastermind Richard Harty Is A Coward Use UEL As Cult 17/1/22

Without Prejudice HMCTS CPS CJS HMPPS SRA BSB MOPAC CCMCC IOPC DBS JCIO Must Be Exposed Cover Discrimination With Friends In High Places June O’Sullivan Mask Of Sanity Reveal Psychopath Wants Be Remember As Disruptive Influence Pay For Building LEYF Brand Ruin Career Destroy Life 29

Without Prejudice, HHJ Dight CBE Misconduct Is Mouth Piece For Samantha Jones The Pervert Cover LEYF Abusers Track Richard Harty MIC Mastermind To UEL 17/1/22