Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Will Anoint Myself Children’s Advocate Against LEYF, UEL MIC Masterminds Richard Harty, June O’Sullivan To Protect Those UK Government Rejected Petition For Inquiry In EYFS HMCTS CPS CJS Will Get My List After CLCC 16/1

Mervelee Advocacy

Hi, Mervelee Level 7 · 7,500 points Thank you for being a part of something big There are 150M+ Local Guides worldwide. That’s enough to be the 9th largest country by population. But there’s only one you. So let’s see how brightly your star shined this year. Keep contributingText Box:  
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	You just earned bonus points for your 2021 contributions 
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You’ve come so far in 2021 Look at all you’ve achieved. 2,393 Points earned1 Time you leveled up1 New followerYou’ve earned 2 badges Novice Director Expert Reviewer And you’ve helped so much Every contribution matters–and you made a lot of them. Text Box:  
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428 photos 3 reviews 4 helpful answers 5Consecutive weeks Longest streak of contributions People everywhere appreciated it Near or far, global or local, here are the most recent places you made helpful contributions last year. 20Total locationsTop Contributor You’re in the top 10% of contributors in London Metropolitan Area. Don’t live in London…

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