Without Prejudice Here Is Proof HMCTS, CPS, CJS Must Be Charge For Discrimination Against Me Protect Abusers LEYF, UEL Nick Moberly Card Is Trump To Value Of Defensive Practice I Will Use To Show The World Black People Are Our Own Worse Enemies In UK 29

Mrs Mervelee Myers

                                                                                                         16 Alma Grove


                                                                                                         London SE1 5PY

Womble Bond Dickinson LLP

39-49 Commercial Road


SO15 1GA

5 January 2022

Copy to CLCC

Claim No: F03CL973

Mrs Mervelee Myers V Barrister Samantha Jones

Dear Solicitors

Mervelee Myers Defendant

Further to the above matter I enclose the following by way of service on you:

1. Notice of Hearing on 22 January 2022 at 2 pm of your client’s application for a Civil Restraint Order is unlawful and in breach of the Equality Act Protected Characteristics. Might I bring your attention to Judge Lethem’s Court Order of the 20th May 2021 when the Barrister application for an ECRO was strike out. And Samantha Jones is just acting like the pervert she is issuing application for ECRO after colluding with LEYF, the UEL, Social Media and the ABUSERS, HATERS and TROLLS targeting me. Like as what happened with the 2 miscarriages of justice that HMCTS is covering up and perverting the course of justice. I recorded the Hearing on the 20 May 2021. Visit my YouTube to access the Recordings at

1. Judge Lethem https://youtu.be/osoRSLawxW0 .  & https://youtu.be/_Q_VIhm-dA4. & https://youtu.be/Y_COUF394m0.            

2. Court Order dated 22 December 2021 – Let me inform HMCTS that this is my son’s birthday and the date I travelled to Jamaica for his wedding in 2013. Dates play key roles in LEYF and HMCTS and CPS and CJS terrorism of me.

Who prepared this Court Order and why was Mervelee Myers not issued with one by the Court? The last I heard from Matthew Bradley was when he sent me copy of the letter he sent to the Court. The HMCTS has not been in contact with me about Judge Lethem Court Order, therefore this Court Order dated 22 December 2021 is illegal and perverting the course of law. As was the case with the 2 miscarriages of Justice by HMCTS. Refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 for Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach. There are 9 preventative mechanisms that Mervelee Myers will use to prove there is a “Conspiracy” against me by HMCTS.

Because the Order is illegal and unlawful, Mervelee Myers will make sure Womble Bond Dickinson and the CLCC are in no doubt about the measure I will be taking to unveil those involved as Career Criminal protecting London Early Years Foundation. Considering the evidence, I have unearthed about LEYF links with Richard Harty Dean of the UEL Men in Childcare. Please listen to Richard Harty https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc for why Samantha Jones will be known as a pervert with LEYF when they are struck off from practicing. As to taking your client’s instructions, how about the Court contact me like how I was sent a letter after Judge Lethem’s Court Order. I am yet to hear from the Court regarding this matter, when I contacted the Court via telephone, I was told they did not see any listing for my claim.

Please also note that I am expecting you to go read all guidelines regarding the discrimination of Mervelee Myers by LEYF and Samantha Jones affecting me and my 98-year-old husband in line with the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

I notice that HHJ Dight is listed to hear the claim. I recalled the reason he did not attend on the 2/9/2020 was because he had a misconduct and was advised by Robert Buckland. He was replaced by HHJ Parfitt and I was issued with a caseworker to address my complaint. Why is the HMCTS discriminating against me, covering up for LEYF abusers?

The ET Panel refused the Additional Witness Statement after Samantha Jones got the case adjourned when she told the Court she did not prepare a case.

The government rejected my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector.

Now Richard Harty panicked and called to threaten me, I discover he is the mastermind of Men in Childcare. He is also the author of “A Voice of a Child”.  I did the research for June O’Sullivan in August 2010.

I am on a mission to expose the abusers of children, young people and adults made vulnerable by discrimination in 2022.

Yours faithfully

Mervelee Myers

Please note that correspondence will be share in the Public Domain to safeguard me from the discrimination of the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Criminal Justice System and the Crown Prosecution Service.   

Sent from Mail for Windows

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