Without Prejudice Institute Of Commonwealth Studies School Of Advanced Study UOL Must Act To Protect Professor Wedderburn’s Legacy In CAL’s Name Richard Harty The Posh Dean Is A Racist Bigot Mastermind Of MIC 2/1/21

 So, Jillian McTaggart you don’t run my life and you have to confirm with me if I have an appointment first.


 Mervelee Myers

Sent: 03 November 2021 12:34 To: Mervelee Myers Subject: Next appointment

 Hi Mervelee,  

I just wanted to confirm with yourself our next appointment on Thursday 11th of November at 10am at the Southwark hub, as I know you stated you have an eye test tomorrow morning  


Jillian Mctaggart

 Assistant Psychologist

Living With Chronic Anxiety

I remember my life when I was a carefree little girl

Who moved from the location I was born to live at our own land?

The place was Ga-Ga Street that my brother ASHTER named Palmetto Close

The most abiding memory that stands out for me

Was running from where we live and falling at the entrance of the Street

Cutting my forehead open on the stone protruding from the ground

I am sure I got up went back home and have the scar as proof

I have concluded this was a chance to build my resilience

That was to see me survive one adversity after another

There were many challenges to follow

Which were part of the TRUAMAS I experienced

With each disaster I created I was helped to carry on

I learned to cook gathering stuff from the garden

But not knowing the laws of nature I suffered for my ignorance

And refuse to eat certain foods

There was the time dad had to cut the rings that were twisted off my finger

I have the scar to prove that too

With knowledge comes power, I must have been a clumsy child.

As far as I can recall I had a happy childhood as can be expected

Growing up with a loving family in a village that raised the child

Being an only girl, I was more than privilege to lavish

And accept the relationships with those in my family network

I enjoyed the things that were part of my transitional development

I have recorded some of my cherished moments growing up

I am still trying to work out when my life was turned upside down

That is the time I changed from the fearless Tom Boy

To a panic-stricken little girl who was shy and covering up my nervousness

If a child lives with ridicule it learns to be shy

I can still recall my first panic attack when an old man threatened me

For my cheekiness in taking up a dare

But am positive the rest of my ailments is/were psychological

My father’s illness was the turning point for my decline into TRAUMAS

My Personal Challenges over the next 10+ years did not help

If a child lives with criticism it learns to condemn

I turned my anger unto my father’s God for allowing him to suffer

And stopped going to the Townhead Baptist Church where I did not feel I belong

The signs and symptoms of my father’s Parkinson’s disease manifested in me

If a child lives with shame it learns to be guilty

My father beats me once for swearing so when GOD allowed my dad to suffer

I curse in my head and rebelled against a GOD that allowed my family to be poor

I was torn between my upbringing of a compassionate GOD that allowed

My Aunt to die whilst fasting, uncles to be murdered, mum to bears the burdens

My grandmas to suffer losses of their sons to disabilities and murder

And Mum’s Mother dying of a broken heart

The last to see dad alive and first to find him dead

And Mama saying in disbelief he can’t be dead he did not get a drink of water

I was at the end of the phone when Mama got her drink of water

If a child lives with security, it learns faith

The discrimination of the past 7 years stripped me of my dignity

As the SYSTEMS colluded to make me a criminal in the eyes of the laws

How do I come to terms with what happened to me after experiencing bereavement and losses?

I am a criminal because of my disabilities and the SYSTEMS covering for LEYF

If a child lives with hostility it learns to fight

At times I feel like giving up because once again my family and friends

Join forces with the enemies to discriminate against me

I can no longer trust my son and some of my brothers

I do not deserve to be discriminated against by LEYF after the death of my mother

The past 7 years have taken tolls on me

If a child lives with tolerance it learns to be patient

I am back to when I was a child praying for GOD to heal my father

Instead, my uncles were murdered, my brother ASHTER died in jail

I helped to bury him so could not afford to go for his funeral

Even though he prepared his Programme and wanted me to be involved

I could not believe that GOD still have it in for me

When BYRON was stricken with colon cancer

I was finishing my studies with the Open University

Did not want to miss the chance to be a graduate

Ask my brother for his permission not to attend his funeral

In return I promise him on his death bed with his wife relaying the messages

To help my niece through school

To “Experience the Multiple Discrimination” I did again after mum’s death

Is just too much to bear, but to push me over the edge

Impose Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment

Making me a criminal until weeks before my husband’s 100th birthday

Is verging on the Mental Enslavement of BLACK PEOPLE

In the Mother Country now Richard Harty denies me my rights to repair my disabilities.

 Can you please inform Julie that I need a contact telephone number or email for her please? She has done what Jillian McTaggart did. She changed my appointment without consulting me. She best doesn’t let me address this in the Public Domain. I am not a Criminal and her Prisoner lock up and let out at her decision. I am a carer and have a life before Paedophiles from LEYF to the UK Government decided to Discriminate against me to cover for June O’Sullivan the pervert. 

Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)
Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Date: 7 October 2021

Copyright of Mervelee Myers via Copyright Act 1976 Section 107 “Fair Use”. With my Intellectual Property and Image Rights online at Social Media & the WWW & the Internet.

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