Without Prejudice Judge Lethem Must Ensure HMCTS Comply With Court Order 20/5/21 HHJ Parfitt Caseworker My Complaint To Be Addressed, Matthew Bradley Sent Me Copy Of Letter To CLCC 28/12

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Mervelee’s Poem Collections!  

A Country Girl From Rural Jamaica Was Influenced By My Father, The Storyteller And God Fearing Man  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson

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First published by Mervelee Myers in 2022

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My Brother Ervin Julius Emster Nembhard – Mama Wash Belly







The Changes Started Happening At London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) 2013


Children Are The Future… Launching ICT Networking At Townhead Basic School MM On VMBS & JBSF Websites 


LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan Plagiarise My Intellectual Property & Image Rights and Sanctions Discrimination After Mum Died


Childhood Traumas & Hidden Disabilities Stop Me Achieving My Potentials


The Judiciary Of England & Wales Presided Over Two Miscarriages Of Justice & CPS & CJS Protect Abusers 


Copyright My Intellectual Property & Image Rights & CPPDP 


I Was Advised To Use My Assignments For My First Book At Lambeth College My Manuscript Stolen & Publications Used By Others


June O’Sullivan’s Mask Of Sanity Reveals A Psychopath & Richard Harty Men In Childcare Mastermind At The UEL


Charter Of Rights Must Not Be Another Dr Maria Hudson’ Research Paper  


Fight4justice Representing The Windrush Generation Treated Less Favourably Than Animals


Mr Tomlinson Has A Small Illusion Age 98 Faces Elder Abuse Via Coercive Control Of Mervelee Myers


The Criminal Justice System Made Me A Victim To Cover LEYF Abusers


Nelson Mandela The Purpose Of Freedom Is To Create For Others Keep Me Focus 


LEYF Claim Not To Have Any Data For Me


Mervelee Myers’ Contributions To British Values Must Be Acknowledge


LEYF & HMCTS & CPS & CJS & CCMCC & MOPAC & DBS & SRA & BSB & IOPC & JCIO Must Compensate Me


My Fight4justice Continues To Safeguard Children, Young Children And Vulnerable Adults At LEYF & UEL To Honour Mrs Gloria Cameron’s CASE DISMISSED.   


Mervelee Myers Is A Survivor Of Childhood Traumas And Institutional Discrimination From Two Miscarriages Of Justice And Emotional Regulation Treatment Entrapment In The Mother Country


Let me share some of my “Oral History” about my Fight4justice campaign that I started on Facebook before taking it to Google My Business where I published at G+ with Google AdWords from I started my first website http://www.myvision.org.uk in 2012. Because my stories are in cyberspace from, I joined Facebook in 2009 after coming back from my “Family Reunion” I must use links wherever possible to maximise my time and avoiding the repetition I am famous for as I do not have an editor like when I wrote mum’s story for her funeral. After the death of my mother fighting LEYF and the Judiciary Of England And Wales that presided over the second miscarriages to cover the “Coercive Control” by some government agencies can be accessed at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 that was used to make me a victim to scammers and terrorists like Winsome Duncan of www.peachespublications.co.uk who was groomed by https://www.ryanclement.com to find vulnerable BLACK people for them to scam.

I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE and had my own sign in page. I have photos with Vanessa Feltz when she switches on the Christmas Lights at the Church Street Market. But despite contacting the Daily Express after the University Of East London sent Police to my home on the 21st October 2021 about a malicious report. I told them on the 5th October when they were forcing me off the campus I was feeling SUICIDAL they did not want to know. I tried getting the DE to publish my story about the second time Barclays discriminated against me I was told it is not a matter for the Media. The only reason the DE is not interested is I track down Louise Cooper from LEYF who was involved in the discrimination and on the Disciplinary Appeal Panel working on the Sunday Express in the Financial Section. Once I started making investigation she disappeared. The DE Columnist Camilla Tominy states, “Tech Don’t Lie” and my “Defensive Practice” will reveal those involved with covering for LEYF.

HMCTS is a terror cell for judges to target Mervelee Myers as the ET Panel of Judge Freer, Ms Fennel and Mr Dixon took -5 months to give me the judgment making me a victim. It stated I was not a credible witness despite having to hand over my medical report to him in court. This was Judge Elliot’s’ Case Management Order that was not complied with by the Respondent. Because John Fenton represented LEYF pretending he is a lawyer. Judge Freer adjourned the ET when Samantha Jones pulled a sickie claiming her GP quarantine her not to leave her home after telling the ET she did not prepare a case. My Additional Witness Statement was rejected by the ET Panel when Winsome Duncan sent me 3 Reviews, I could not access LEYF website. Later Judge Freer gave https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones reference to be on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel. Yet after a Long Service Award I was given few lines of reference flagging safeguarding.

The corruption started when the DWP acted unprofessionally to stop me presenting my claim and I had to pay the fee with help from my husband. By this time I was unable to get a job, having to rely on benefits and ending up in debt because DWP took nearly 2 years to sort my Housing Benefit. This is/was the second time I faced blacklisting from the UK Government Systems after experiencing bereavement and losses. The first time I had to start at the bottom of the career ladder and work my way back. That is how I started working with Westminster Children Society (WCS) now LEYF.

The union https://www.voicetheunion.org.uk abandon me after Arwen Makin advised me not to appeal the disciplinary when Darren Mahon disappeared after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing and leave me with the promise, he can get me a Compensation Package. Strangely enough http://unison.org.uk did the same to me at  https://careers.kch.nhs.uk 2003-2008. When I contacted them after they overturned the Government ET Law for employees to be charged fee to take employers to the ET, they claim my case was closed. Considering the way HMCTS and CCMCC and JCIO and IOPC and BSB and SRA and MOPAC are conducting themselves, I am hung out to dry and then they say my case is closed. I am still waiting to hear from HMCTS about Judge Lethem Court Order of 20th May 2021. Solicitor Matthew Bradley copied me into a letter sent to the CLCC on behalf of Samantha Jones. But I am the one who is taken to the CLCC after my claims are strike out even the one judgement was passed. Then HHJ Parfitt get away with triggering my PTSD. My claims are not addressed, but I am brought back to face ECRO running until May 2022 after I was targeted by a James Jones and Facebook close my account to take away my defensive practice and make me voiceless.

Judge Martin strike out my racism claim repeatedly when I was recognised by Judge Baron, and he sent it back. Judge Hildebrand tried to stitch me up to £5,000.00 NDA that LEYF must protect themselves from me. But who has protected Mervelee Myers from the 7 years of hell my husband and I have been going through? Dr. Laura Crawford of www.healthltd.com  advised me to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. I must show the world how Mervelee Myers have the proof from parents and former colleagues about my work in the Early Years Sector applying my Early Intervention Strategies from my “Personal Experiences” throughout my studies at the www.open.ac.uk to promote inclusion as a SENCO. Refer to https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo for how others used my Intellectual Property and Image Rights and then am denied access to my account by LinkedIn and Twitter that are cyberbullying criminals covering for LEYF and trolls targeting me on social media.

I declared my disabilities about the Early Intervention Strategies and Holistic Approaches at the interview in May 2009. Told them why I could not accept the job without Reasonable Adjustment when Neil King was going around the office telling everyone how good I dad done during the interview. Therefore, it is hard to accept that LEYF can think they will get away with discrimination like what happened at KINGS after the death of my brother. The fact I am a writer who was advised to use my assignments at Lambeth College to write my first BOOK should be reasons am not accepting discrimination and miscarriage of justice the second time.  The Equality Act 2010 contains 5 Protected Characteristics of which I fall into the ageism, disability, racism, and religion aspects. My stories are in cyberspace.

Let me continue my Oral History with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g that is another investment and can lead to my YouTube Channel of which I have 2 and the first one was created in 2012. Therefore, I will give my insight of how BIB is where I was targeted, and the abuse reviews are online to verify my story. Also online is https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite/#.XpQfd4vU6lc.mailto because the Press and Media have joined forces to cover for LEYF. If in doubt, see https://www.facebook.com/memories/?source=bookmark for how LEYF with friends in high places are protected from justice despite putting children at risk of safeguarding. I was sent to Fitzrovia Community Nursery in 2009 and forced to work in the Baby Room despite taking the job with the understanding my disability means I needed Reasonable Adjustment to manage and function in the workplace.

I was targeted after extracting a took linked to the diabetes for which I had Reasonable Adjustment from Luton Street Community Nursery. I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator. Once Ofsted visited in September 2014 and I helped to overturn the unsatisfactory and my disability used for Reasonable Adjustment. I was targeted after extracting a tooth and that is why the actions of the Gum Disease Specialist might warrant a report to the General Medical Council (GMC). Refer to my YouTube and Google Maps for verifications.


Justice Ingrid Simler must be in the frame for sending my claim to the EAT and joining HHJ Shanks and Paul Kernaghan and Brian Doyle and Adam Jones in discrimination claiming I made up disabilities and the fact was dealt with. What fact did Justice Simler deal with and why was she in the DE advocating on behalf of criminals not to be deported to Jamaica? Yet the Judiciary Of England And Wales, the Criminal Justice System and the Crown Prosecution spent 7+ years using coercive control in breach of the GDPR and Charter Of Rights 12 Codes to push me over the edge. When I did not become the HCT Group www.hctgrouup.org Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. I am to be 600,000 elderly people say they leave their homes once per week or less. WYTES the dentist can blame the absence of the Gum Disease Specialist on Family Crisis after am sat in their surgery for over an hour.

Jillian McTaggart of St Andrews Healthcare Trust done the same at short notice. I told her about my chronic anxiety, but no one cares as long as they can use the contingent Policies & Procedures to catch Mervelee Myers out. Now Parole Officer Julie done it too. She is hardly better than Sarah Lawson, they are all treating me like the narratives of allegations UURICA-LE that LEYF used to trigger my PTSD. So 7+ years later I am the one needing Emotional Regulation Treatment that is the entrapment used by the Legal Systems involved to keep me a voiceless vulnerable victim to protect LEYF and cohorts. But after Richard Harty from the University Of East London called me on the 27th September 2021 to threaten me https://youtu.be/6-Znc717izc is how I am protecting myself from once again signing up to www.uel.union.org/election that is no different from the 2 that discriminated against me why I had to represent myself at the 2 ET after bereavement and losses.

With the threats via emails from Mary Mitchison of the UEL leading up to the www.met.police.uk coming to my home trying to force entry on 21/10/2021 based on a malicious report from the UEL I am determined to prove to the world why the Education System from the EYFS to the universities must be decolonise. I was a participant in www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers in 2010 and what is the point of “Our team will seek to ensure the broadest possible dissemination with a special seminar at the Black Cultural Archives for community activists on the project’s findings. We will stage a project ‘roadshow’ which will visit cities in the UK with significant Caribbean communities. We will provide separate seminars aimed at the staff of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, and the Caribbean High Commissions in London”. When no one from the HMCTS and CPS and CJS take into consideration I am the carer of my 98-year-old husband Arnold Tomlinson, who came to the UK before I was born.

I went through the procedures of enrolling at the UEL and applied for Disability Allowance www.gov.uk/studentfinance and was grant Susan Davies as Mental Health Practitioner. I was given a Disability Teaching & Learning Support Requirements despite the GP failing to complete the Disabled Student’s Allowances Disability Evidence Form correctly. The Medical Reports I sent in that were Court Management Order of Judge Elliott were not accepted. Richard Harty must publish his investigation about why I was kicked out of the UEL. And who authorise him to send back the funding I applied for. I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s research paper in 2010. Done “A Voice of a Child” research for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010. I am online using the resources after participating in Mental Health research. I have participated in Diabetes research and my own research confirms I have “Atypical Parkinsonism” that caused my Childhood Traumas. I cannot claim Parkinson’s disease as a disability, I do not have a Medical Diagnosis. However, I have shared stories I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… on 3/4/2015 when I was forced to go on Medical Suspension in breach of the contract, I signed on 7/10/2009. My publication was shared by other websites.

I have a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis from 2006 and My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated on 17/8/2017 at https://plus.google.com/100939131463790195264/posts/YoJDpGvhGMG was published. That was the year I participated in www.parkinsons.org.uk Walk For Parkinson’s and was in the Brochure the next year. So HHJ Shanks allowing Samantha Jones to argue the EAT about Parkinson’s disease is in breach of the Rules of Law and the Legislation and Codes of Practices and Conducts. I exhausted the HMCTS and was advised by Barrister Sally Robertson to report Barrister Ryan Clement to the Bar Standards Board. All am saying about www.barstandardsboard.org.uk is that Michael Carter is just another career criminal using my vulnerability to protect Samantha Jones who is now proven to be verging on perversion bragging about how she was given a reference by another corrupt Judge Freer to be on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel. I am still on the conveyor belt of coercive control by www.sra.org.uk and https://judicialconduct.gov.uk and www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and www.met.police.uk and https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk and www.gov.uk/dbs to break my resolve as am now a criminal needing ERT whilst children are at risk of safeguarding and www.ofsted.gov.uk turning blind eyes.

Judgement was passed for Ryan Clement to pay me my money but www.enforcementserviceltd.co.uk joined forces to discriminate against me. The claim has been sent back to the CLCC for Civil District Judge to impose ECRO and Restraint Order with others that were strike out. I became the victim of the system when I was dragged to Central London County Court on behalf of Samantha Jones when HHJ Parfitt triggered my PTSD. He replaced HHJ Dight when I discovered he had a misconduct and was advised by Justice Secretary Robert Buckland. I was given a caseworker for my complaint against HHJ Parfitt but like all others they have fallen off the radar. All my claims that were strike out and I reinstated after getting advice were sent to the CLCC. I endured trolling by a James Jones resulting in Facebook blocking my account. After it was reopened, and I see James Jones crop up again I recorded and refused to fall into the trap of LinkedIn and Twitter stealing my account. That was when I was issued with ECRO.      

Judge Lethem conducted the Claim online and I recorded to safeguard myself. There was a Court Order of 20th May 2021 and when I contacted CLCC they claim not to see it listed. I resigned myself to waiting and I was contacted by Solicitor Matthew Bradley of www.womblebonddickinson.com/london on behalf of Samantha Jones with copy of letter sent to the CLCC. Is it me or is the Judiciary Of England And Wales against me? Despite been contacted by Solicitors from Defendants my Claims have either been strike out or sent to CLCC for Restraint Order and facing the ECRO. There were Criminologists viewing my SM from the time I was threatened with criminal act by the DWP and Universal Credit when I was unable to get a job.

There have been attempts on my life on behalf of Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clement who sent Police to section me via a malicious report on Facebook I said I was suicidal on the 30/10/2017. There are videos with proof of me arranging a meeting at the Southwark Police Station. When I called the Police about the verbal threats, they claim it is none of their business. On 30/11/2020 Police came back to murder me under cover of the LEYF Margret Horn Lecture. There are videos to verify my story. But see how MOPAC at ComplaintReviews@mopac.london.gov.uk set out to glorify the TERRORISM of the Metropolitan Police against a black woman with disabilities they made vulnerable. When I reported an incident Police came to my home in February 2021 to call me a criminal. That is in addition to what was done to me on the 30/11/2021 at Walworth Police Station when Inspector Patel was blatantly saying racism and ageism and disability narratives to provoke me to trigger my PTSD. I was asked to bend over in the Police Van when I asked for the handcuffs to be slackened. I was provoked beforehand, and Police Officers had gathered I felt like the animals in the circle. Because I told Senior HR Dilys Epton if I was an animal at BIB the RSPCA would have rescued me. The reason I was asked to bend over was for PCs to take photos of my bottom. Otherwise, why did they have their mobiles in their hands?  

I was at the Peckham HUB on the 21/10/2021 when I was called on my mobile by PC Conway from the Peckham Police Station. He claimed he was outside my house and was asked by the UEL to contact me about malicious report. He was disrespectful and refusing to say who from the UEL asked him to contact me. I already know who as I have the threatening emails as proof. I gave the phone to the lady to speak to him. When I got home, I was in shock hearing what my neighbour said happened by the male and female officers who visited my door. Considering am known to the Authorities I have to let it be known that I am the target of the Police resulting from the attempts on my life and reports of me grabbing the handle of the handle of the Taser on the day I was arrested. Clear case of what the intentions of the Police were.

I have more evidence of Hate Crimes by the Police when a raid was made in Alma Grove and the actions of a white Police Officer when I was standing at my window. Even my neighbour who was outside monitoring the situation noticed how the PC was holding the machete towards my window, obviously sending a message. Even the sound of the SIREN can trigger my PTSD and my vulnerability is used against me for me to become the self-fulling prophecy of LEYF and Richard Harty covering up the ABUSE RINGS of Men In Childcare that https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards rejected my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. That is why Richard Harty and his Team at the UEL will be exposed as in the same category of the CULT pastor Kevin Smith in Jamaica.  If in doubt refer to Facebook January 8, 2018 at 7.38PM London – Remembering those who are no longer with us – In Memory of those whose lives were cut short. I got 3,706 views and was trolled by some from my community for which I created a HUB on Facebook. But Westmoreland Residents Search For Peace – TVJ Prime Time News – May 10, 2018 at www.youtube.com was when Prime Minister Andrew Holness had https://youtu.be/kJcomeREU2Q to go global.

But by June 2018 I was headline news at www.itv.com/london on page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. So I do have an Internet and WWW Profile and this goes back to www.icsouthlondon.co.uk when I begged them to share my story. I have been on http://skynews.co.uk and refer to https://www.google.com to find me doing what I am good at, until the Judiciary Of England And Wales, the Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service decided to join forces to cover up the DISCRIMINATION of 2 miscarriages of justice against me after the death of my mother.


How My Fight4justice Empowering Me As A Mental Health & SEND Advocate     

I have always sought help with my disabilities when I am unable to cope with my Holistic Approaches adapted from studies and trainings. But as can be seen from the imposition of ERT entrapment, it is easier to treat me like the UURICA-LE that LEYF used to trigger my PTSO after the death of my mother. I contacted QUAY HEALTH SOLUTIONS about writing about my experiences of using the service, so all who worked with me during a difficult phase in my life can be acknowledge and benefit for being on my journey. I was eventually taken up on my idea and had a conversation over the telephone. Yes I record everything in line with the GDPR 2018 to safeguard my husband and Mervelee Myers. I was in the Medical Centre for my eye check when John called. I am glad he called back later. Because finally am thinking am being listened to to understand why www.smartteachers.co.uk think I am/was ideal for the SENCO job worth £46-55,000.00.

After the 7 years of hell that has taken tolls on my husband and my health by the Judiciary Of England And Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Justice System and LEYF and cohorts. The EYFS and UK Government and Universities will be held to account. l will be getting my breakthrough and making sure. The Windrush Generation: Oral History Resources will share the stories of my 98-year-old husband. Mr Tomlinson has a small illusion of one day becoming a “Property Tycoon”. He has endured “Elder Abuse” and in constant fear of the Police and other terrorists involved in this hate crime of 7 years. Some days he has to be my carer when am so DEPRESSED to function. I contacted the PRESS and MEDIA refusing to help me. So, in the words of the philosopher “until the Lion learns to Write its Story the Hunter will… I will continue with Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”. I am not the one in need of Emotional Regulation Treatment and why I continue writing and sharing my legacies that giving up is not an option. I have been made free by Jesus who died on the CROSS and the GOD who kept my Family going despite the odds.

Prepared by Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.      

My Internet Profile tells the story of Mervelee Myers who will be breaking down the barriers of discrimination to stop London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)  and the University Of East London (UEL)  getting protection from the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service imposing Emotional Regulation Treatment as entrapment for HMPSS and the Racist Police to use as Cohesive Control over Black Women with Disabilities who challenge the discrimination against the Windrush Generation.

Mr Tomlinson has a small illusion that one day he can become a property tycoon. 

Mervelee Myers is a criminal needing ERT despite my online profile and page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. Am not DEAD yet!!!

Prepared by

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.


Emotional Regulation Treatment Entrapment!

Mervelee Myers Defensive Practice Proves

I was a Participant:

1. Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” by Dr. Maria Hudson www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers    

2. Mental Heal Research – Dr. Faith Matcham RADAR-CNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg102uQLUAY   

3. Diabetes Research – www.heal-d.co.uk

4. Police Apologise To Dalian Atkinson https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/12/28/without-prejudice-i-was-advised-by-dr-laura-crawford-to-seek-cbt-to-find-out-why-i-react-to-certain-situations-way-i-do-12-sessions-maudsley-2-years-mental-health-research-prove-hmcts-hmpps-cps/  

By Mervelee Myers 3/11/2021

9 August 2021 Kevin Murray BD

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson came to Great Britain from Jamaica to settle the second time after visiting to find out if I could manage to live in this country. I was inspired to make use of the opportunity to settle in the UK because of my English Teacher, at Frome Secondary School, Ms. Anderson.

I did not reach my individual potential because my “Childhood Traumas” developed from my father was stricken by Parkinson’s disease. But I did not let my deficits and limitations restrict me from making the most of my chances to gain the best education available.

I was educated at Basic School attached to the Baptist Church. The Townhead Primary School was across from where my mother was born.  This was where I was taught to develop the resilience to cope with the life I was blessed with. The Frome Secondary School was located where my father worked when he walked from St Elizabeth to Westmoreland to find work and settle. After getting pregnant my Form Teacher Mr. Felix Rose advised me to go back to studying and I attended “Evening Classes” at Mannings High School.

I was a Basic School Teacher that built on my early beginning of being a carer from the date my youngest sibling was born and my father hand him to me to hold so mum could rest. The foundation for my passion for working with younger children was formed when I was at home, not working and my cousin Candy Gooden told the Head Teacher of the Townhead Primary School to send and call me to offer me the job.

I worked as a “Contract Cleaner” all over London and was searching for the consistency, familiarity, and continuity of having a steady job to go to. I was working at the BBC in White City when I discovered the “Workplace Nursery” and enrolled at Lambeth College. I had done a “Care Assistant” course in 1996 and realised I would not be able to take on the job of caring full time because of my “Personal Experiences” of being an informal carer from the age of 7 years old when my brother was born.     

My Book has been in the making since 2017 after I experienced the second nervous breakdown losing my mother to dementia that I diagnosed. Studies at Lambeth College and the Open University empowered me to become the advocate challenging the discrimination resulting in the two miscarriages of justice that changed my prospects after the death of my mother. My stories are documented online.

Graduate of https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk  with Student of the Year Certificate 1997-1999 & the www.open.ac.uk  in 2009 – 2004-2010.

Mervelee Myers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g  is an account of my life and the discrimination that changed my life.

Press I begged the www.icsouthlondon.co.uk  to publish my story in 2004.

Publications http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk LEYF July 2011 & consultation at Mark Allen Group

Media on http://skynews.co.uk  LEYF “The Cost of Childcare” September 2011.

Represented LEYF www.leyf.org.uk  at consultations with Government Officials 2009-2015.

Worked in partnership with http://communityplaythings.co.uk  2012-2016.

Created my website http://www.myvision.org.uk  & YouTube in 2012.

Joined https://www.facebook.com in 2009 & have 18 Pages.

Was on https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/get-involved/events  with photos on the website & in the Brochure.

 Was in the https://www.macmillan.org.uk  website advertisement & did interviews posted online.

Find me at www.jbsf.org.uk website

Find me at https://facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/vidos/302334554093821/?

I was an https://www.linkedin.com  Influencer until my account was stolen.

I supplied data for Valdin Legister in 2011 when he was an unknown referee http://worldreferee.com/valdin-legister/bio.  

Was page one of www.itv.com/london  for Windrush 70?

Type Mervelee Myers into Google to find me

Mervelee Myers Reads and Write English and Patois (Patwah)  

ON THIS DAY 9 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard November 3, 2012  · 

A week away from my Youngest Breda BD on Poppy’s Day… Haffi cum up wid sumpn outa sis world!!! Suh mek mi let dah creative juices just flow…. Tributes are in order 4 the November Fam!!!

This photo was taken by my brother ASHTER who was a Jack of all trades. My son Kevin Murray should be the Owner of a Photography Studio. Instead, he thinks I owe him everything for being misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities.

Mervelee Myers Cry For Help After HHJ Parfitt Triggered My PTSD At CLCC

On 11/11/2020 I went to Bird in Bush (B) Nursery

To celebrate my brother’s birthday

But this was no ordinary celebration, it was a cry for help

It was not only my brother’s birthday, also Poppy’s Day

And a Sunday, I grew up knowing to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy

I made sure the world knows it is my brother’s birthday

I write the fact in black paint at BIB, back and front entrance

As if I was going to Church and Sunday School as a child

This came about after I was pushed over the edge by LEYF

The Judiciary of England and Wales to cover up

The second miscarriages of justice and the death

Of my neighbour Danny sparked the events leading to me feeling suicidal

After HHJ Dight triggered my PTSD at CLCC on 2/9/2021

I seek support calling out the NHS Ambulance Service

When I reached rock bottom and my Holistic Approach

And Early Intervention Strategies were not working

But all I got was more threats leaving me fearful

From the time Winsome Duncan sent the Police

To section me from a malicious report allegedly I wrote on Facebook

This time I made sure there would be no need for allegations

The fact of my brother’s DOB was written in CAPITALS in BLACK paint

I had warned LEYF they would eat the UURICA-LE made of concrete

In UPPER CASES after the disciplinary and terrorism after mum died

The treatment at BIB is in breach of the Equality Act 2010

Protected Characteristics and Rules of Law

I was held captive at BIB which can be compared to

The Offence of Coercive Control that recognised Domestic Abuse

Could be psychological, not just physical created in 2015

I was like Daniel in the “Lion’s Den” after I attended Rumi’s wedding 4/1/2015

But the discrimination started after the Ofsted inspection September 2014

When I was used for “Reasonable Adjustment” promoting inclusion

My life revolves around my writing, and this was a bone of contention at BIB

Dad was a “Storyteller and I guess that is why writing became my therapy

When my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease, and I felt abandoned

He wrote our names on the board when they appeared to him in his dreams

So, he would not forget, I am like dad in many ways as I write things down

To jog my memory otherwise I forget never to remember

It is 3.44am in the UK when I started writing because of the thoughts

Going round in my head and I am not sleeping and keeping my brain active

Writing for therapy keeps me sane and from doing the unthinkable

Capturing my thoughts prove how much am my parents only daughter

Who felt responsible for my brother and others to a lesser extent?

Because dad took him out of the room for mum to rest and ask me to hold him

I was only 7 years old, but I felt responsible for my baby brother

Ever since he was born, and I know that Nurse Parkinson did not bring him in the helicopter

I am not sure why I went to BIB on a Sunday

But am sure it was a cry of help for someone to act

About the discrimination that was robbing me of my life

After mum died and I transferred to BIB to work and be carer for my husband

Continue working as work keeps me going and keeps DEPRESSION at bay

After mum died and I was targeted I pleaded for help

I opened my heart to everyone and used social media to share my plight

LEYF on my Doorstep published on LinkedIn in 2015 is a classic example

I was targeted even more by LEYF friends in High Places

Raising concerns about my Mental Health only made matters worse

I posted I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most

When I was suspended in breach of the contract, I signed 7/10/2009

My publication was used by other websites

I suffered in silence as I did not want to worry my husband

But when there was an Investigation the day after I was tricked to

Act inappropriately and I did not fall for the bait, I know I had to

Put my Defensive Practice in place or I would suffer the same faith as KINGS

I was shocked about the allegations, came home, and write to the Senior HR

On the eve of Mothering Sunday 14/3/2015

My concerns about the DEPRESSION got me sent to the HOC Nursery

To be colonised until LEYF used the Sensitive Data in my FILE to discriminate

Sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the Contract I signed

I find outlets for my passion and signed up for volunteering

With Resources For Autism, did the training as a Family Support Volunteer

And Barnet Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) online

Publish articles that were used by other websites

I was determined not to shoot myself in my foot again and resigned

As my brother accused me in 2008 at KINGS College NHS Foundation Trust

I was told I need to go back to my job and advised to seek counselling

To find out why I react the way I do to certain situations by Dr Laura Crawford  

I was passed FIT to return to work but faced DISCIPLINARY

From the ALLEGATIONS used to exacerbate and trigger my PTSD

I was left worried I would end up like my brother ASHTER

Who was hounded until he committed a criminal act and died in prison?

By the time I returned to work at New Cross Community Nursery

I knew I had to be on my guard because I was abandoned by Voice the Union

Advising me not to APPEAL the DISCIPLINARY, husband said I must seek Independent Advice

UNISON done it at KINGS and the Employment Tribunal discriminated against me

ACAS took sides with LEYF and once again I was left on my own

My experiences at KINGS made me aware of how blacklisting

And networking can impact on my life when you challenge the SYSTEMS

From 2003-2008 my “Experiences of Multiple Discrimination” at KINGS was

Captured in Dr Maria Hudson’s Research Paper recommended to ACAS

I was a participant, but the information was not shared and

I came across it when I was doing research representing myself against LEYF

My downfall is I became my mother at my own expense as she was stereotype

In trying to help others in breaking the “Cycle of Poverty” I became a victim

Of my KINDNESS and not wanting to see others suffer but I have been abandoned

My stories about my journey 2004 to date are documented “Tech Don’t Lie”  

Since I am talking about my brother and whether his birth means I am to suffer

I started Open University in 2004 the year I had a cancer scare and did not know

Until BYRON was stricken with colon cancer

I begged the South London Press to publish my story  

By 2006 after contacting CRB, KINGS HR, UNISON about my plight

I visited my brother in the USA,

I needed to be with my family when it became too much to bear  

Meeting up with my son he issued me with advice that only

A mother and son who understand and care for each other have

That is why am finding it hard accepting what my other son did to me repeatedly

The matter of my land was discussed, and I guess that is when I take my mind off it?

I came back to the UK to face continuing discrimination by

Southwark Council SEND Section, Ofsted, UNISON, LEA, etc…

I was completing Open University studies and dealing with discrimination at KINGS

BYRON took sick and I was back to the PTSD of childhood

I had to stay in the UK and get my family to take mum to see BYRON

Mama visited her SON and shared her experiences with me

Only a daughter can understand what my mum went through

Reliving her experiences of caring for her father when her daughter died in his arms

Her son was not thriving, and she was pregnant again

Then losing her father to Stomach Cancer during this period of grieving

If I had known mum’s story then, I could probably help her

But Ms Connie told me mum’s story in January 2014

Mum died in June 2014, and I was at the end of the telephone

As she journeys home to be with her Loved ones and Maker

I know she got her prayers and drink of water

Because she blamed herself that dad did not get a drink of water

I completed my OU studies, survive cancer scare

But I was proud I fulfilled my promise to BYRON on his death bed

I went through the menopause

Planned a Family Reunion

But the biggest shock was what ERVIN did to me after the Family Reunion

In 2021 history repeats itself

I will write Part 2 I won’t let ERVIN destroy me further

I am not his mother, and I don’t want to be his sister right now.  

Mervelee Myers’ Song of FREEDOM

Here is my song/poem dedicated to All those who fought &

Are still putting their lives on the lines for our FREEDOM!

I will not let anyone else enslave me because of my #vulnerability.

I have come this far in nearly 60 years.

I think I have finally found #guardianlive at the right time.

This will enable me to continue my empowerment

Well, The Guardian is another that is hiding the truth about LEYF

They failed to act on my Report “Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK?

Amelia Gentleman must still be on Annual Leave

Like Dr Juanita Cox of Institute Of Commonwealth Studies

And the School Of Advanced Study University Of London

Why Black people will not support our own

From the days our fore parents were sold into SLAVERY.

Because history keeps repeating itself for me


 Mervelee Myers Supply Data When Valdin Legister Was Unknown Referee

There is a saying that King/Queen do not have honour in their own country.

Maybe it is time for me to examine this metaphor

Of why I think my son and I face discrimination?

He is the spitting image of me

Has a mind of his own to reach to the top by fair means

But we experience similar patterns of discrimination

From governments in the UK and Jamaica

Check our profiles online for

Information of how we represent our country

At the local and international levels

He was a FIFA referee who faced discrimination from

The Jamaica Football Federation despite his track record

I was the only LEYF staff shortlisted for the post of

Lead Early Years Practitioner in 2011

Valdin Legister was destined to represent Jamaica

At Olympic 2012 until JFF went on TV to disgrace him

The Jamaica Observer publication is discriminatory

Then he was offered counselling

I meet Mr Dennis May at his wedding in 2014

The time I spent with my mother and realised

The extent of the dementia I diagnosed via studies

With the Open University

My son replaced me in mum’s life

I was blessed to have our final goodbyes

When the day I was leaving, 4 days before her 90th birthday

She told my son she did not come to say goodbye

Our final goodbyes is documented and Tech Don’t Lie.

I am Angry

I am angry, but I am fighting back because of my anger!

I am angry because of Discrimination, that’s why

The discrimination that allows me to be abused, that’s why

And my rights to be taken, I am angry, that’s why

So now it’s my turn to fight back, with my Figh4justice campaign

Fight back with my empowerment to get justice

The power of my knowledge, gained through resilience of strength

From studies, research and the Great Philosophers and Experts  

When Philosopher George Santayana states

“Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it”

We look no further than the Modern SLAVERY Act 2015

Going way back to the SLAVERY ACT 1807

Then I know for a fact that I must do my writing

To make Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE words

“Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always tell the story”

Will have to be another of my mantra of change

For I am a Writer and an Author sharing my experiences via my stories

Because of my Defensive Practice

I am creating Legacies, in the words of the Daily Express

Columnist “Tech Don’t Lie” and I have the proof to expose injustices

Now I will use the tools of social media, to stem the anger

Thanks to Facebook for the memories

I am a Strong Empowered Black Woman, who is in therapy

I will not be the Voiceless Vulnerable Victim; I am healing in dignity.  

I am angry because whilst am writing poems and waiting for justice

The Judiciary Of England And Wales presided over

Another miscarriage of justice making me a victim

Of the systems and prey of Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clement

Blacks targeting their own like in Slavery Days

When our fore parents were sold into SLAVERY for cash

The Small Claims Court and Court Enforcement Service Ltd

Are platforms for scammers from the HMCTS CPS CJS

Restricting me to Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment

By perverts at the Parole and Probation Service

Sarah Lawson replaces Julie but what is the difference?

Another Black Person programmed by the systems

To make Mervelee Myers a statistic of HCT Group Impact Report 2016

Of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment

When I did not commit suicide by order of HMCTS

I am to be 600,000 elderly residents in the UK say they leave their homes

Once per week or less…

Southwark Women’s HUB did not think twice

About publishing my poems sent via emails

Yet telling me not to send emails

But HMPPS will trick me to trigger my PTSD with threats

Jillian McTaggart is now my jailer with 12 Sessions of ERT entrapment

I am past ANGRY am fuming and not cursing anymore.

Discrimination Deny Me My Rights as A Black Woman With Disabilities

ON THIS DAY 3 years ago #MeToo Fight4justice.

I am only #surplus2extra. I don’t have nutn 2 give any1. What a day?

The Judiciary Of England second Miscarriages made me a victim

With the ET Panel of Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon

Taking -5 months to copy and paste the Respondent Summary

By Samantha Jones the pervert who manufactured

A contagious disease to get an adjournment

She told the Court she did not prepare a case

It was most likely left to John Fenton

Who Samantha Jones the psychopath got to pretend he is a lawyer

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago I am flat on my back wishing the #Pain would go away.

Enjoying my photos that I have been using to create the legacies

From I study at Lambeth College and my Tom bought me a camera

The photos have been used by everyone  

Reminds me of Ms Connie Legister, Mertie Bernard and Michael Legister MOTHER.

My son Valdin Legister grandma

The lady who taught me to stand up for what I believe in

Not to accept any forms of discrimination

Raise concerns and if a relationship is not working

Move on and don’t cry over spilt milk

But best of all she told me mum’s story

That helped me understand who I am

I am still unable to come to terms with

How I am being treated and I can’t help

Remembering how Ms Connie’s son was murdered by the Police

Social Media Has Stolen My Intellectual Property

I was targeted by Facebook on behalf of LEYF the Thief

When access was given to my account on 18/9/2015

I meet Professors Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram

At Middlesex University on 19/9/2015 and have the photos as proof

It was LEYF Big Childcare Conversation

I had done “A Voice of a Child” research in August 2010

For CEO June O’Sullivan at Luton Street Community Nursery

But after using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights

To build BRAND LEYF from Westminster Children Society (WCS)

She no longer recognised me and turn her back on me

Maybe her conscience was bothering her for

Sanctioning the discrimination and knew of

The meeting at New Cross Community Nursery

On the 18/9/2015 when Facebook gave them access

To my account for Neil King to get me to resign on the spot

LEYF had done it to Karen Walker when June O’Sullivan

Was bestowed with her MBE in 2013

I was endorsed on LinkedIn where I was an influencer on the 22/9/2015

The same date I was sent to CO for a chat with Neil King

I had to tell Neil King and Dilys Epton a piece of my mind

About how I rescued Judy Vaughn from discrimination

When she came out as lesbian

I always knew something was wrong and JV might be self-harming

Until I came back from holidays and was greeted with the fact

JV was a changed person and I for one was happy for her

Because I know of the price my brother paid and died in jail

It was a shock to the Luton Street Team when JV disappeared in 2010

The allegations that got others (MEN) struck JV this time

It was my Defensive Practice for myself and others

As the Early Years Practitioner who developed the listening ethos

That saved JV from despair of being accused and charged with abuse

To help JV, I opened to her about my story

Because she judged me when I started at Luton Street

I had only revealed my secret at the Employment Tribunal before

To have LEYF use allegations against me after mum’s death

Is more than I can bear, I gave them time to make amends

7 years later after exhausting the Judiciary Of England and Wales

The Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Justice System

Join the career criminals in the systems

Covering the miscarriages of justice and terrorism by LEYF

Making me a victim with Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment

But Tech Don’t Lie and the reviews are online

Also, publications about BIB in the Southwark News

I contacted UNITE the Union  

But Richard Harty Men In Childcare

Must be expose as the Abuse Ring Cult LEYF Use

To infiltrate the Early Years Sector with abusers

The blogger of MIC Conor Bathgate

Jumping ship to Bright Horizons and taking others  

Getting protection from the authorities

As the next generation needing ERT

Are being put at risk of safeguarding at LEYF and the UEL

Made voiceless vulnerable victims of the society

Accepting discrimination as the norm

For a peaceful life like how Slavery flourish back in the days.   

Let me make my implicit knowledge explicit

With the discovery of Nick Moberly

Commenting in the Daily Express Crusade

Because I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade

About my ordeals at King’s College NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Walker is the Chief Executive of Multiple System Atrophy Trust

She was forced to write a resignation by Neil King

LEYF tried the same with me on 22/9/2015 at CO

If my life depended on it I could not have written

My name in the presence of Neil King and Dilys Epton

But Why did Dilys Epton send me a LinkedIn Request on 22/9/2015?

In 2013 I was not aware that June O’Sullivan sanctioned discrimination

Getting rid of the Women in Leadership

Surrounding herself with Rashid Iqbal

To join Neil King Men in Childcare empire

After mum’s death and my transfer to BIB

I got the warnings, but did not believe

Until I caught June O’Sullivan in the lie

That was written as she tried to trick me with Social Media P&P

Facebook Memories Are My Defensive Practice

Your Stories From a Year Ago   

Look back on these moments from your Story Archive.   Nov 4


Nov 4

I Was Page 1 of ITV News for Windrush 70

Nov 4  +1 more

View My Google Maps Photos & Reviews for my Contributions.

Only you can see this unless you share it

LinkedIn is a cyberbullying criminal denying me access to my account

I have my intellectual property and image rights

Proving that LinkedIn give platforms to the powerful

To target those of us they made vulnerable

Refer to my online profile when I was an influencer

I was endorsed by Dr. Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram

Who I meet at Middlesex University on the 19/9/2015?

The Daily Express Columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”

I contributed to the Mental Health CRUSADE

But the Daily Express refuse to help me share my story

Despite the many contacts I made

But now am expected to take Premium

On the Channel they designed for me

I have my photos with Vanessa Feltz  

I have email from Liz Roberts the Editor of the Nursery World Magazine

Proving that I was excluded from the Nursery World FORUM

Liz Roberts gets 2 White males to trawl me at the Nursery World Show

The day after the ET ended in 2017

I had to wait 5 months for the judgement

The judgement HMCTS used to make me a victim

With the second miscarriages of justice

Now Richard Harty will be charged with discrimination

And covering up LEYF abuse RINGS in reviews online

Him panicking and calling me on 27/9/2021

Led to me discovering he is the mastermind of

Men in Childcare and A Voice of a Child

The Research Project I carried out at Luton Street Community Nursery

In August 2010 for LYF CEO June O’Sullivan

The Young People are the #Future.

Proud to be a grandmother of 5 and

MOTHER to Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister and sister to Mertie Bernard.

May be an image of 3 people and people smiling

If I was agitated last week dis time, my #SONS might be #Crowdfunding 

For my body to go home.

Well I told dem bout di #Threats.

Who needs Emotional Regulation Treatment?

Not Mervelee Myers the expert authority on

Subjects from the cradle to the grave

From the time I moved to GaGa Street age 4+

And knew that whenever I fall, I must pick myself up

Discovering Nick Moberly in the Daily Express

The Chief Executive at MS Society

I must seek his support in arguing my case

About the miscarriages of justice by HMCTS

Denying me my rights the second time

After I experienced bereavement and losses

In the toxic workplaces that discriminate against me

On 6/8/04 the DOB of my eldest grandson Donte Legister

Nick Moberly wrote in a card I treasure as a hoarder

Dear Mervelee

Thank you so much for looking after Charlotte

So, well this past year

She has been very happy and comes on wonderfully

I know she will miss you and all her friends

At King’s very much

With best wishes


Why should HMCTS & CPS & CJS get away with DISCRIMINATION?  

  Disabled To Be Enabled

I am enabled by my disabilities, but if I had the choice

I’d not choose to be disabled

Because of the impacts of disadvantages

I am enabled by my disabilities

When faith decided to step in and change the course of my life

And I did not know why

I am enabled by my disabilities

However, I learned the “Early Intervention Strategies”

To carry on as normal from the age of 4+ years

Even when life became a struggle from dad took sick

I am enabled by my disabilities

Because I choose to empower myself to get on with my life

But others view my thirst for knowledge

As been dismissive of authority

I am enabled by disabilities

When I refuse to be the voiceless, vulnerable victim

I have my Fight4justice campaign my investment

Now am moving away from being the victim of London Syndrome

I am enabled by disabilities

Because I am passionate about promoting inclusion

Now am advocating for the change for future generations

Breaking down the barriers

Freeing myself from the allegations and labels

Easy to stick and harder to peel off

I have disabilities but they don’t define me

I am enabled by my disabilities

I graduated from Lambeth College and the Open University

Represented LEYF on Sky News, publish in the Nursery World Magazine

Meet Government MPs, in consultations with organisations

A Cultural Ambassador for British Values

A Social Media influencer who created a Community HUB

Sharing information about subjects from cradle to grave

But the “Experience of Multiple Discrimination”

And two nervous breakdowns after bereavement and losses

Left me on a “Conveyer Belt of Grief” when I was targeted by the systems

I am enabled by my disabilities

LEYF will be called to face the Judgement

And Richard Harty condemns for his role in Abuse Rings

My family and friends who abandoned and rejected me again

Will be kept at arm’s length I can’t afford their negative energies

To keep me enslaved by my disabilities

I am enabled by my disabilities.

I have suffered years of discrimination

And only realise the impact of abandonment and rejections

Via counselling and my determination not to be a suicide statistic

LEYF and cohorts and HMCTS and CPS and CJS career criminals

Must be exposed for protecting the abusers

Richard Harty and his Men in Childcare paedophile RINGS

I did a Voice of a Child research project in August 2010

For June O’Sullivan at Luton Street Community Nursery

Facebook Join LEYF To Target Me On 18 September 2015 to Date

How Did I Manage To Have 18 Pages On Facebook?    

Damn Facebook don’t want to post my find #Looming

Wake up with plans aplenty.

But my back is seizing up again

Where does that Leave me?

Going to buy the Daily Express newspaper

And #Steam the back, 2 

This is one of the Early Intervention Strategies

I learned from my husband to manage and control my disabilities

When LEYF decided to discriminate against me

After using my impairments as Reasonable Adjustment

When Ofsted visited BIB in September 2014

Despite being warned the CEO was plotting against me

I just could not believe until she turned up with Trustee

Lied to me about telling BIB staff off for not attending

The New Year Staff Party where she was invested with her MBE

The penny dropped when June O’Sullivan tried to stitch me up

To breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures

But the mistake she made was to put her intentions in writing

I have the notice saying I promise to write about cassava

For the Bulletin Board

JO forgotten she took my Homemade Book on camera

To develop as a Teaching and Learning Tool when Sky News Visited 2011   

  Dedication to Women

For Strong Women Everywhere!

I am a woman who “Experienced Multiple Discrimination in the UK”

I am living in hope, that I will be resilient enough

To gain the tenacity of courage, to use perseverance

Of bravery for the healing

Via, my newfound acceptance of self and wisdom

Using the growth of my empowerment

In the discovery of my endurance of overcoming my weaknesses

With my strength of forgiveness,

As, I continue my journey

Of becoming that strong woman

In honour of strong women everywhere.

Now June O’Sullivan, Samantha Jones, Liz Roberts, Justice Ingrid Simler,

Tammie Tebboth, Holly Sweeney, Nikki Wright, Tania Cotier, Mary Mitchison

All women who targeted me on behalf of LEYF Paedophiles will be named

The UK Government held accountable for LEYF operating abuse rings

Out of the HOC Nursery by June O’Sullivan the psychopath

Who wants to be remembered as a disruptive influence?

I am a strong black woman who refuse to accept

Discrimination from the Judiciary of England & Wales,

Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Justice System

Despite the impacts on my mental and physical health and wellbeing

Making me a criminal needing ERT to cover up abuse.  

I Grew Up in A Male Dominated Home Environment   

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating friendship.

I love my #Men every time, anywhere, night or day!

May be an image of 4 people

In dah Midst…

I am not even stopping to look at nutn.

Just checking to see what’s happening in Social Media World.

Completed my Witness Statement & is about to hit the roads.

Now my OCD is kinda settled because even if the #67Pages decides to disappear

I already printed off #2Copies?

I told them that We are a #SlowbutSureFAMILY when it comes to #Ambition &

Getting out of the Poverty into which we were born

Because of circumstances beyond our control.

Now I can take up LinkedIn offer of doing #Trainings!

Why has LinkedIn stolen my account?

Joined the abusers to deny me my rights of freedom of expression?

Time I get #INCOMPETENT LEYF Nurseries out of my #System!

Read the reviews online the ET Panel refused

My Additional Witness Statement

Theresa May Government rejected my petition

For an inquiry into the Early Years Sector

Now the fowls are coming home to roost about LEYF perversion

Yeah I only just realised I am the only one #Killing myself about the #Welfare of others,

Because Chef Gloria and others are working under Modern Day Slavery

I sent the report to The Guardian Newspaper in 2018

I did a review of the Employment Tribunals

Fashioned from David Lammy review of the Criminal Justice System

But Joe Aldred claim he was not comfortable with my Personal Challenges

He was one of the trolls who targeted me on social media

After making sure he was in my photos at Windrush 70

Lovena Brown removed me from Frome School Facebook Page

I got 3,706 views when I covered the murder of Charmaine Mahabeir

By May 2018 Prime Minister Andrew Holness and TVJ in Westmoreland

Now my son doesn’t talk to me and my brothers follow suit

But I guess there is nothing for me to do about it…?

I am a product of my multiple identities

I wish this pain cause by discrimination would go away

But I have to endure the hate crimes 

By HMCTS & CPS & CJS Career Criminal to protect LEYF Abusers

All due to my #DNA inherited from my #AncestorsFAMILY!

I Love My Country Jamaica and Is An Ambassador Like Ms LOU

I am #Jamaican1st & Jamaica Labour Party Supporter 2nd!

Now I beseech all #FriendshipDivision Westmoreland Central JLP

Voters to go out & put the X beside the Name of Kevin Murray!

He is my #1Son & that’s all the Information that’s needed.

If this will help his father is Lloyd Anthony aka Natchie MURRAY.

That should convince those who are in 2Minds like the USA Election

Hilary Clinton or Donald J. Trump?

What if I tell you that Hillary Clinton like one of my Facebook Pages?

I made sure to check Google this was genuine

Because I have been targeted by all sorts

You would not believe that I was a Facebook Influencer

I created a Community HUB on Facebook

Where news was shared, and my Pages were the go-to for information

Refer to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site

I started creating the legacies for families and friends

Was debating the issues affecting the communities

Facebook provided me with the platform

To follow my dreams writing is/was therapy

I can use a photograph to say a million words

I was advised at Lambeth College to use my assignments

To write my first book and to go to university

Now www.uel.ac.uk denied me my rights

I have been ripped off, scammed, abused, and discriminated against

7 years after the death of my mother

Am a victim of the UK Government Corrupt Systems

Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g

May be an image of 2 people


Edited – Dedication to Women             

Without hope, there is no courage and without growth, there is no strength

To build up that tenacity from bravery

I am gaining wisdom, from my empowerment

As the discovery of healing is central to forgiveness for acceptance

Endurance is another key skill for overcoming injustices

Perseverance of hope, courage, and bravery

Is important for the healing, of discovery

Of how the strong women I am honouring

And is desirous of emulating  

Persevere with acceptance of wisdom

To be strong in the face of adversities, challenges

And even social injustices and inequalities

Which make our life so much harder?

But giving up was never an option

Because strong women must be there to pick up the pieces

At the expense of our own survival as we give of our best. 

If anyone told me, I would be abandoned by my family and friends

After the death of my mother, I would not believe

I spent 7 years expecting my family to rally around

Supporting me, saying what I have done to help us

Break the cycle of poverty and TRAUMAS of my women folks

Instead, am led like a lamb to the slaughter

A prisoner like my brother ASHTER who died in jail

To be murdered by the Police sent to my home by scammers and paedophiles. 

I Was Page One of ITV News For Windrush 70

Getting my #apetite back, but in 7 years it has gotten worse.

Will be back to my old self soon; it is taking longer than I thought.

I have my Tom to motivate and inspire me to be the best I can become.

I am not the least bothered about anyone else.

Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson  #myhusband is my everything.

Without him, I couldn’t survive the past 7+ years of discrimination

In the Mother Country where he was told

Mr Tomlinson have a small illusion of one day becoming a “Property Tycoon”.

There are individuals in the establishments and systems

Covering up Discrimination and Terrorism disguised as Rules of Law.

Take the Employment Tribunal regulations and I will name others….

Now Emotional Regulation Treatment is entrapment

I am in the media, on TV and created my own Public Profile

Online via Social Media platforms

I have Word Press, Google My Business, YouTube

My Intellectual Property and Images used to build BRANDS

In South London Press defrauded by the Banks

Graduated from the Open University 

Done the “A Voice of a Child” research for June O’Sullivan

Cost of Childcare Sky News 2010,

June O’Sullivan takes my Homemade Book to build on for Teaching and Learning Tool

Published in Nursery World Magazine

Consultation with Mark Allen Group

Represented CEO at Communities Secretary – ResPublica

Worked in partnership with Community Playthings UK     

History repeats itself as Mervelee Myers is “Persona Non Grata

Without an Identity not to be discriminated against


Barclays defrauded me, held me captive whilst closing my account on 1/10/2021  

What’s My Purpose?

I know I was born for a purpose

Yet I am searching, to finding my purpose

I am not sure of my purpose, but am I responsible for

Choosing my destiny, to fulfil my purpose

I am still unsure of my purpose

I have been waiting for guidance to help make my decisions

But it’s a long time coming, but still, I am waiting

To find out what’s my calling

Should I wait, for divine intervention?

Or take the initiatives, deciding my next moves

Towards my transitions are why I am waiting

For my purpose to be revealed

Or I might take the lead and decide the purpose

That best suits my destiny

I am a Writer, Author, or I’ll add Poet?

I must conclude that I have wasted 7 years of my life

Trying to find my purpose with help from family and friends

I have thrown off the shackles of expectations

Going it alone with help from those who care about me

My legacies are created from the time I joined Facebook

After coming back from my “Family Reunion” in 2009

The year I graduated from the Open University

Started working at Westminster Children Society (WCS)

Now London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

Where I have given of my best via my empowerment and passion

For serving and helping those I identified who are/were just like me

If a child lives with ridicule it learns to be shy

My work as an EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and

Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator are in cyberspace

My Intellectual Property and Images built BRANDS

Policy & Procedures & Copyright used to plagiarise my Images

HCT Group Impact Report 2016 statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with suicide

Used by scammers to send Police to Section me

I am a victim of the Police since 30/10/2017

I challenge the Judiciary of England and Wales miscarriages of justice

The Small Claims Court scamming rings

Bar Standards Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority cover up

The Judicial Ombudsman and JCIO corruption

The Metropolitan Police and IOPC corrupt systems and attempt on my life

My brother advised me to go to university to repair my “Mental Health”

This started the chain of events on 29/9/2021

When Richard Harty called my mobile, I recorded his threats

Later I was scammed in Barclays, I am on a “Conveyor Belt” of discrimination

Am back to 2004 when I was defrauded

My purpose is clear, I must continue my Fight4justice

To free children, young people, and vulnerable adults from hate crimes

When the UEL can breach the GDPR and the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.  

It is time for Mervelee Myers to declare

Am getting off the “Cycle of Grief” to channel my passion to get justice

My purpose is continuing my Fight4justice

In the name of my family and friends dead or alive

Who has ever faced discrimination on any grounds?

I have taken on the Government Systems

Because Politicians pay lip service to the oppressed protecting the employers

My purpose remains the same but with me enhancing knowledge

I can share my “Open Letters” to Prime Minister Cameron and Theresa May

On my own platforms I invested in

7 years of discrimination taken tolls

On my mental and physical health and wellbeing

I don’t know how I survive but God is keeping me.    

I Am Not a Victim

I am fighting the systems, they want another victim

But I am not representing that scheme, I won’t be a victim

I am not a victim, I have a Fight4justice system

The system that’s representing victims

Exposing the Modern Slavery Practices, I am not a victim

Who is going to gagged by dim wits in the systems?

With the labels and tags stereotyping me with negative narratives

Associated with discrimination of Disabilities, Ageism, Racism, Sexism

I overcome adversities and challenges of traumas

I develop the resilience to live with my deficits

With the early intervention strategies

Leant from research of the Expert Theorists

I refuse to be that victim; my aim is to be victorious

I have been fighting prejudices, as was my mother before me

I am fighting the systems of social injustices

With the “Holistic Approach” from studies 

I am the voice of the vulnerable, I can’t afford not to be the victor

Or I will be the system’s victim

Every time they play the blame game and need to find a scapegoat

Saying I made up disabilities

Takes 7 years for the Judiciary of England and Wales

The Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Justice System colluded

Making me a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment.

I Sent the Report Is Modern Slavery Thriving In The UK For The Guardian In 2018

3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about making a change.

Mervelee Myers will certainly be using #HerBigHeart

To shape the #LittleMinds of the feeble, obtuse, unprofessionals who are LEYF Nurseries.

If there are any #ReputableLeaders still left in their employ,

Maybe they can advise LEYF Nurseries to do the decent thing.

Instead of playing the #PSYCOPATHS & getting other Organisations

To call me to back down from my #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign.

Don’t worry in due course I will put names in the #PublicDomain!

May be an image of 1 person

LEYF Nurseries  Nugovie0m02ponbe9rr 023, ad2016g  · 

‘It takes a big heart to shape little minds’ ❤👶

This young man is Oshana who we swapped when

I was hounded out of Fitzrovia Community Nursery

By Maria Goncalves and Maria Freeman.

Oshana is working at LEYF under Modern Slavery

When allegations in a reference meant the job was withdrawn.

Do research to find out more about this type of discrimination sanction by June O’Sullivan.

Read the reviews online during the ET Myers v LEYF 2016 – 2017

The Judiciary Of England And Wales must be booked for discrimination

Against me for the 2 miscarriages of justice

Allowing Barrister Samantha Jones to pervert the course of justice

The Bar Standards Board covering up for the career criminals

The Solicitors Regulation Authority saying LEYF can use

My disabilities against me letting Bates Wells Braithwaite off

The Small Claims Court providing platforms for scammers

Ryan Clement, Winsome Duncan, Voice the Union, Met Police, IOPC

The County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch plots to strike out my claims

HHJ Dight with misconduct advised by Robert Buckland

HHJ Parfitt the racist ignorant bigot triggered my PTSD

Issued with ECRO and cases sent to CLCC for Designated Civil Judge

Even Ryan Clement for which judgement was passed

The Court Enforcement Services Ltd failure to collect my money

 Ryan Clement online plying his trade under HMCTS umbrella

Solicitor Matthew Bradley’s letter to HMCTS copy to me

HMCTS failure to comply with Judge Lethem Court Order of 20/5/2021

Now I find Richard Harty the person responsible for Men In Childcare

And A Voice of a Child on LinkedIn.

After he called to threaten me, and I recorded him

I carried out the research for June O’Sullivan in August 2010. 

I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”.

Richard Harty must publish his investigation

I will prove LEYF and the UEL are operating ABUSE RINGS.

Disabled to be Enabled

I am enabled by my disabilities, but if I have the choice

I’d not chose to be disabled like my nephew Jevon Nembhard

Owing to the impacts of the disadvantages

I am enabled by disabilities when faith decided to step in

And change the course of my life, but I didn’t know why

I am enabled by my disabilities, however I am empowered by the

Early intervention strategies to carry on as normal

Even when life became a struggle, I am enabled by my disabilities

I choose to empower myself, but others view my thirst for knowledge

As been dismissive of authority, I am enabled by my disabilities

When I refuse to be the voiceless vulnerable

I have my Fight4justice campaign

Now I am moving away from being victim,

I am enabled by my disabilities

I am passionate, about promoting inclusion

I am advocating breaking down barriers

Freeing myself from the labels and tags of discrimination

That are hard to peel off according to June O’Sullivan’s blog

I have disabilities but they don’t define me

I am enabled by my disabilities.   

How much more can I take when my life is

The repetition of my “Childhood Traumas” that is Elder Abuse

Statistic of 600,000 elderly people say they leave their homes once per week or less

I have question if I must allow the system to section me

But still, I carry on knowing from age 4+

To pick myself up whenever I fall

My childhood was not the easiest, but I survive

I was never abused, but “Hidden Disabilities” is hardest to cope with

That is why I am passionate about my empowerment

Using my Early Intervention Strategies of

The resilience I was taught to apply a “Holistic Approach”

I make no apologies for being a Mental Health & SEND Advocate

I am special and gifted by GOD to help others with my personal challenges      

I Am Depressed

My head is pounding because I have not eaten

But I can’t stomach a bite of the food to save my life

The eating disorder impacted on my mental and physical wellbeing

My teeth are loose, and my gum disease deteriorated to the point my mouth is sore

My lips are parched and dry because I have not eaten

But I have got no appetite for a bite or a drink

Until much later, I am depressed because of the pain

I can feel the bitter taste in my mouth that is aching

As my stomach rumbles and growls, I belch and feels the pains

Of the acidic bile, I am diabetic

But still, I must wait for the symptoms to subside

I am feeling weak in my body as the hunger pangs take hold

I tell myself I must be strong like my Mama before me

I discovered she too had an “Eating Disorder” too

My Tom has been a tower of strength and I must carry on my Fight4justice  

For my Tom’s sake because I know how much

He is depending on me like I relied on him to be there when am DEPRESSED

Tom has been my ROCK and I know my GOD

Will help us through this it is only another glitch

In this my “Life’s Journey” as the world will be informed about LEYF and cohorts

Got rid of Sarah Lawson, replaced by Julie, but what difference is there

As for Jillian McTaggart she and St Andrews Health Care, the NHS

The Parole Board will be on my list of those

Needing Emotional Regulation Treatment

To Safeguard the children at risk of Men In Childcare. 

Fight Back From The Judiciary Of England And Wales Miscarriages Of Justice

I am angry and upset because of discrimination

The discrimination that allows my rights to be denied and am abused

Like the children at LEYF in the abuse reviews online

The ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement

Theresa May Government my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector

I have my response from David Cameron about my “Open Letter”

I am angry, mad as hell so, now it is my time to Fight Back

Fight Back with empowerment from working in the Early Years Sector

A graduate of Lambeth College and the Open University

I was on Sky News recognised for my work even when I did not see the programme

The “Cost of Childcare” in September 2011.

I was in the South London Press on 28 May 2004 defrauded by Barclays and cohorts

Like the Windrush Generation history has a way of repeating itself

Mr Tomlinson has a small illusion of one day becoming a “Property Tycoon”

Mrs Gloria Cameron CASE DISMISSED can be summed up

By Dr. Maria Hudson’s Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”

I was a participant in, 2010 when I conducted “A Voice of a Child” project at LEYF

For the CEO June O’Sullivan before her Mask of Sanity slipped

I was sent letter by Bates Wells Braithwaite Martin Bunch

On 24th September 2015 threatening me with defamation

And they came back after the judgement was posted

5 Months later making me a victim

Of Ryan Clement and the Judiciary of England & Wales

2nd Miscarriages of Justice after bereavement and losses

The gloves are off with Richard Harty and the UEL Paedophiles  

Playing the same games because the Crown Prosecution Service

Breach my Human Rights colluding with LEYF Abusers

The Criminal Justice System working with the corrupt Police

Making attempts on my life to cover for scammers and abusers

I am now a criminal on Parole needing Emotional Regulation Treatment

But the Career Criminals are in for the revelation of who is Mervelee Myers   

The empowerment of my knowledge from the “Great Philosophers”

Will shed light on those responsible for taking away

7 years of my life and that of my husband

This is Elder Abuse, and I will revive my Projects

From Luton Street Community Nursery

My Intellectual Property conducting “A Voice of a Child” research

To reveal Richard Harty and the University of East London involvement

In Men in Childcare now LEYF Abuse rings

The Cult Pastor Kevin Smith is an example

Why the UK Government must reinstate my petition

The Early Years Sector is cover for some of questionable characters

Trained at LEYF by June O’Sullivan and Neil King from 2010

Gary Simpson, Conor Bathgate, David Stevens, and Oshana

Must give evidence about Men in Childcare

Based on the fact Richard Harty and the UEL

Joined the list of discriminators, terrorists, and assassinators

Set out to make me a statistic of HCT Group Impact Report 2016.

  Dedication To Mervelee Myers’ Granddaughter Adrina Legister

My Granddaughter Is My Precious Gift of A Lifetime

The year 2004 will go down

In my history as part of my wonderful journey

Documented to creating my legacies

Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”

Always uppermost in my thoughts the past 7 years

Since the death of my mother and many others

I begged the South London Press to publish my story

When I was a nobody, and I was recognised everywhere I went

Because of my features and much more that are unique to me

From my DNA and “Multiple Identifies” I was once ashamed of

I had a cancer scare in 2004 and was not aware of it

Until 2008 when my brother BYRON took sick, and questions asked

I started Open University after escaping “Domestic Abuse and Homelessness”

I was free from the “Cycle of Abuse” when I get the courage to run for my life

Supported by Arnold Tomlinson who I was introduced to in 2001

Despite my deficits and limitations, I made use of my opportunities

Been challenging discrimination when Barclays colluded to defraud me of my savings

I took my claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Got compensated, I am no pushover

I was diagnosed with “Chronic Anxiety” in 2006 to do Health and Social Care examination

Arriving in Jamaica in December I was prepared to meet 2 grandchildren

I was on my way home from Montego Bay

We ended up at Landillo Housing Scheme

Where I meet my granddaughter for the first time

This is/was the best kept secret, ever, no one whisper a word

But we are known for keeping our mouths shut when it matters

Adrina was a chubby little girl and I fall in love immediately

What resonated with me the most was she was born in my month

Like me, Adrina has had her moments growing up in a world

Where it takes a village to raise a child

I must thank all those who played and are continuing to provide a support network

For her to feel loved, valued, understood, and appreciated in in this world of sorrows

Where some of us abandon and reject their own to follow the crowd

I can attest to this fact because it happened to me when I was young

Despite the odds, Adrina made it through High School

And graduated, unlike me who was affected by Childhood Traumas

I played an important role in Adrina’s life bridging the gap between

She and her mother, if it is even an ear to listen when mum needs to

Share her concerns about her child and I always tried being neutral

Last time I saw my granddaughter when I was home for Ms Connie’s funeral

She was towering over me, and I missed out on 7 years of her life

I received the news Adrina Legister has been accepted at

GC FOSTER COLLEGE where Valdin Allan Legister studied

So, Richard Harty of the UEL get ready to publish your investigation

Because Mervelee Myers with Fight4justice is advocating

On behalf of my granddaughter in breaking down the barriers

Of discrimination denying me my rights

To repair my mental and physical impairment

Studying at the UEL was to be part of my empowerment

But Richard Harty panicked and called my mobile to threaten me

I published my work, some of which were stolen by LinkedIn

I was once an INFLUENCER until LEYF strike

I will present evidence of carrying out “A Voice of a Child” research for June O’Sullivan

I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”

After what Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust colluded to do to me

I must close off my tribute to Adrina K. Legister with My horoscope


Someone is making plans that will give you the chance

To meet some new and influential faces.

You might resign yourself to this being a busy time,

but it will also be so productive.

There’s a lot going on that makes this a very interesting day. 

Today I salute my daughter-in-law Naheel Brown-Legister

Who has become a tower of strength for me?

Those responsible for taking away 7 years of my life can best accept that

I am on the road to recovery from the Cycle of Grief

That affected my mental and physical wellbeing

After the death of my mother.

Adrina my granddaughter will be change

For the future generation of my family.

Today was about empowerment at the #guardianlive.

I can already see the outline of the book about the Modern Slavery that I got caught up in,

From the time of my MOTHER’s death.

But these experiences make me a strong woman who will challenge

Discrimination starting with #LEYFnCohorts and the Employment Tribunal regulations.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.   

Richard Harty Is A Coloniser Who Called To Threaten Me On 27/9/2021 – Trigger PTSD

Ring-ring-ring who is calling.

It’s Richard Harty from the University of East London

Have no knowledge of the Richard Harty the prat

My ears alerted to any hate crimes, used to this past 7 years

Once the subtle threats were issued

I grabbed my camcorder to protect myself from LEYF abusers

Hearsay can’t go to court my mother told me that is the fact

The allegations started at Bird in Bush (BIB)

After the death of Mama Lou

When I fronted BIB Ofsted in September 2014

As the more “Knowledgeable Practitioner” who developed the “Listening Ethos”

My disabilities used as “Reasonable Adjustment”

For the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristic

But the contract I signed with Westminster Children Society (WCS)

Was not updated by London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

In line with Legislation, Laws, Codes of Practices and Conducts

It was after the allegations at Rumi’s wedding

When Chef Gloria and I were targeted

June O’Sullivan visited BIB to stitch me up

To breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures

The penny dropped; the scales removed from my eyes

Chef Gloria’s words came to pass

June O’Sullivan sanctions the discrimination of women in leadership

 Karen Walker, the first victim, followed by Dearbhala

Who went back to Ireland June O’Sullivan is a Native from there?

After JO was nominated for her MBE

But JO made the mistake of underestimating Mervelee Myers

The paper trails I collected for my Defensive Practice

Being doing “A Voice of a Child Research” from 2010

My Homemade Books taken on camera

For Teaching & Learning Tools by June O’Sullivan

The day Sky News visited Luton Street Community Nursery

The “Cost of Childcare” what is the cost to my mental and physical health

The discrimination of 7 years after mum died

I am the victim of my disabilities, knowledge, values, and beliefs

On reflections I was the target of Neil King and cohorts

On my return from Jamaica where so much happened in 4 weeks

Spent precious time with mum, heard her story, give her a sense of belonging

Said my final goodbyes, knowing I would not be seeing her again

Created the legacies to change perceptions about who is/was my mother

Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard Mama Lou

With the only the joint is Nembhard

Mum did not have the communication skills to express her love for us

My research in August 2010 of a Voice of a Child

Carried out on the order of LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan

Followed being a participant of Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper

The “Experience of Multiple Discrimination” after my ordeals at KINGS

Advised by Dr. Laura Crawford to seek CBT to find why I react the way I do about certain situations

LEYF breach the contract I signed to send me on Medical Suspension

After refusing to offer me support when I raised concerns

Instead, I was sent to the prestigious HOC Nursery to be colonise

7 Years later Richard Harty panicked and made the same mistakes

LEYF, HMCTS, CPS, CJS and the other Career Criminals that targeted me

But staring me in the face from Richard Harty’s profile is the information

Men In Childcare and things begin to make sense, all became clear

Why he called me on 29th September 2021 to trigger my PTSD

To Threaten me listen to my recording

The world will know about my Fight4justice

And how much I have lost after the death of my mother

It is time to break the “Cycle of Grief”

By accepting I will not try to change anyone

However, I will not accept the discrimination of LEYF and cohorts

They are the dregs of society in the same bracket of cult Pastor Kevin Smith

Putting children at risk of safeguarding to cover for abusers

My mother sacrificed her life for her family and friends at her expense

I have done the same and refused to look back in anger or regret

Helping others and my kindness taken for weakness

But it is hard to accept what my family and friends have done

To make me a victim of the systems

Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment.

But deciding to take back control

Is paying dividend because of my passion as

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

I discovered Nick Moberly the Chief Executive at MS Society

I was the key person of Charlotte at King’s College in 2004

Mervelee Myers Has Done MAKATON & PECS Training – I Am Online Talking About – Who Needs ERT?

ON THIS DAY 8 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed.

Diverse & Complex Needs – U can’t tell by Looking:

So, I am travelling on the #1 bus home &

Got caught up in bottle neck traffic…

If I wasn’t so TIRED, I’d have got off & walked?

Bloke came on the bus & stood behind the seat am sitting in

Is saying excuse me…

He kept on saying it for a good many minutes

The other bloke just sat there…

Eventually sum1 beckons to him &

He indicated with hand 2 Ears – yes, he is DEAF!

The JA bloke (yes recognised the accent) began to apologise

Saying he thought the bloke was being Rude & Ignoring him?

Later, a young lady got on &

A Similar occurrence happened as with the bloke.

It was good to see & hear the JA bloke explained to the Young Lady

That the bloke is Deaf & the same thing happened to him when he did not respond.

All is well that ends well as the JA bloke was trying

To communicate to the Deaf bloke about getting Hearing Aid…

The moral of the story is we should not be too quick to JUDGE!

As I go about my daily business, I am reminded of

The Persons we come across who are experiencing different situations in their Lives…

It is not easy & that was 1 of the major Reasons why I embarked on

Studies to empower myself to deal with some of the ISSUES

Which had confronted me in my Childhood &

Later, that road I travelled called LIFE…!

So often I feel down & out as

I refused to tag myself with that other “D” word,

But I always Bounce Back Before 2 Long!

More reasons for Mervelee Myers to take back control

Let my implicit knowledge be explicit

From the time I attended Lambeth College

Was advised to use my assignments for my first BOOK

Why did Winsome Duncan steal my manuscript?

After Joanna Oliver, the proof-reader gave it such a write up

I am taking a different route to sharing my writing

I have published the Book Winsome Duncan did on Lulu

My writing is all I have keeping me sane

After I was abandoned and rejected again

It has been 7+ years and I cannot see an end in sight

For my suffering and I feel guilty neglecting my husband

I waited 10 years for God to rescue my father from his suffering

Developed Traumas and had to deal with the death of my brother

In jail because of discrimination

It is easy to make Mervelee Myers the victim

To cover for LEYF Paedophile RINGS

The mastermind of Richard Harty the Dean of the UEL

Who panicked and called my mobile?

Abusers like June O’Sullivan are coward psychopaths

She wants to be remembered as a disruptive influence.

LEYF Did Not Update the Contract I Signed In 2009 In Line with The Equality Act 2010

In 2021 Why Must Mervelee Myers allow Richard Harty of the University of East London to get away with discrimination against me?

In breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

May be an image of 1 person

Hi Mervelee, I hope you are well.

I received the wonderful and cathartic poetry you emailed

And wondered if we have your consent to use it

In our wellbeing packs we send out to our clients.

Please let me know as soon as you can. 

Mervelee Myers Is/Was A Social Media Influencer Whose Images Are Captured Across the Media as A Cultural Ambassador

This is my #photos that get 1000+ #views on #Google.

The #cyberbullies just #stop me posting.

I done #therapy and is back.

So the #trolls and #haters can’t stop me.

Why don’t the #perpetuators of #abuse of children,

Young people and vulnerable adults

Do something to change the world to #safeguard them.

Instead of #targeting Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

With my Fight4justice campaign?


Something that has been puzzling you become clear this weekend.

Monday’s trip or meeting answers a need.

It could lead to a soul union.

The world is your oyster now!

Call to hear why the spotlight is on relationships.  

My horoscope brings me comfort

Because I started reading it

After the death of my brother BYRON

When I faced discrimination at King’s

Blacklisting and networking means I started

My career at the bottom of the ladder

Despite being a graduate of the Open University

I have not worked since the second nervous breakdown


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister. November 5, 2016  · Shared with Public

Parkinson’s Disease Is in My DNA My Father and Uncle Were Stricken

Inspired Thinking “Love is a fire.

But whether it is going to warm your hearth

Or burn down your house,

You can never tell” Joan Crawford (1904-1977)

Here is my take on this –

I hardly ever have any luck in this #LoveBusiness

From the #Ageof10 when my #Father took sick

With what was then called his #NERVES which

I later learned (Parkinson’s Disease).

The sad fact is it is part of my DNA.

My life has been affected ever since…

But I have now discovered at the age of -60 years old that

The Love that is a #Fire will not warm my hearth,

But more likely to burn down my house.

All these years I have been living in #CloudCookooLand about #LOVE?

As of today 5th November when history states

That Guy Fawkes tried to burn down the Houses of Parliament,

I don’t have to wonder why!

Now that I have discovered what some think of me

And are #Vocal in their negative narratives & discourses about my #MADNESS,

I will think of the positives & get on with my life.

From today until the time, I am no longer able to,

I will make sure #MsPublicEnemy1

Don’t involve the #PrivatePersons from my #PastinmyMADNESS.

They are welcome to #Blockme, & I don’t give #3Fucks.

My life is getting sorted from the Counselling

I have had from the Maudsley Hospital.

That’s why I offered myself to the NHS Professionals

For #ResearchintoMentalHealthIssues.

There is no need to sit back wringing my hands

Not knowing the causes of my #Deficits & #Limitations,

Because I am my own #Therapists from the age of 10 years old.

Now it’s time to #DissClutter all the #Rubbish from my life

And put them on the #BackBurner so they have no #Power over my life anymore!

As of now my #2Sons Kevin Murray, Valdin Legister

And my #ChildhoodFriend Mertie Bernard are the only persons

Who will have any #Influence on my life!

It was good while it lasted, but the truths eventually must come out!

One thing I am telling the #NaySayers,

I choose to make my #LifePublic,

But as of today, I will refrain from include them in my life.

But they don’t have any say in any of the #IntellectualProperties

I have in the #PublicDomain.

So whatever way they can extricate themselves from me,

They are more than welcome…




Who Needs Emotional Regulation Treatment from Jillian McTaggart?

I Did the Shopping for My Son’s Wedding

 Who Needs Emotional Regulation Treatment?

The entrapment of the Judiciary of England And Wales

The Criminal Justice System

The Crown Prosecution Service

I left Jamaica to the UK for a better life

Why Has Kevin Donovan Murray Decided to Disrespect Me?

I can do without who is going to disrespect me

I was warned by the stranger who prayed for me at Aunty Mellie

I could understand if it was Valdin Legister behaved that way

Because in trying to protect Kevin

He was feeling left out

I did not intend to exclude him

And explained why it happened

I faced rejection and abandonment from Lloyd Murray

Maybe because I refused to have an abortion

Or because I was not good enough for him?

I never used our disagreements to say a bad word

About him to my son as reprisals

I always bore my rejection with as much dignity as I can

Kevin Murray has done to me what those who discriminated did

He believes I owe him everything because he was misdiagnosed

With multiple disabilities but I am not responsible

He blames me for the misconduct of his father and their family

I have the letter from Ms Audrey Hanson as proof

Lloyd Murray treated me disrespectfully

He even went as far as to tell me his money

Not minding my son Valdin Legister when I was pregnant

No surprises that am abandoned by both my son’s fathers

It happened before, but it is hard to accept


I Diagnosed Mum’s Dementia and Gave Her the Best

Mama Lou wanted to live in a decent house, and I did my best

With the help of my Tom, she got the best money could buy

Mama Lou was proud and did not forget her Family’s connection

But she chooses a life of servitude that was her calling

Look closely and you see her hiding her thumb

In the black and white photo

I only noticed certain of her mannerism

When I developed my passion of writing and photography

My only regret was not knowing my mother well enough

I was destined to hear mum’s story months before her death

Hearing her story made me whole

As I began to understand who I am

For the first time the questions for which there was no answers

Were answered for me to know I can no longer hide

With counselling I stopped denying the fact I am my Mother

And Grannies rolled into one

I refused to accept discrimination on any grounds

But how can I accept that in my time of need

After the death of my mother, I was left to suffer

Sometimes I wish God would let me sleep

To avoid the pain of waking up

I am like Mama and GanGan who gave of their best

Why is God punishing me and making me a Victim of discrimination?

The Boy Who Took Me Under His Wings When I Was Lost and Lonely

I don’t know if he knows how much I owe him. 

My Best Friend & Her Daughter But Things Have Changed And Will Never Be The Same


My Son & Grandson with Jamaican Politician I Don’t Trust Them They Are Corrupt

Disabilities: I Will Not Be Pigeonholed by Imposed Discrimination Of ERT Entrapment    

The Equality Act 2010 states

One does not have to be diagnosed

With a “Medical Condition” to be disabled

But the Facebook trolls say I am MAD

And the biases of the 3 ET Panel

Makes my work to clear my name

Even harder to exonerate myself

I have my Hidden Disabilities from Childhood Traumas

But I did not know until I empowered myself that I have disabilities

With knowledge comes power

I am an advocate of inclusion from the time I my son was born

Misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities

Adding to my Traumas from childhood

But LEYF, the establishment and systems

State Mervelee Myers is dismissive of authority

But whose authority is this?

Am I to accept I must use my knowledge to build their BRANDS?

Then they blacken my name, ruin my character

There is another miscarriage of justice

But I have a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis from July 2006

3 Medical Reports and Dr Laura Crawford advise me to seek Counselling

To find out why I react the way I do to certain situations

Why did the ET Panel not see the evidence in the ET bundles?

I am disabled, but enabled with my Fight4justice campaign

There are days when I reach rock bottom with the discrimination

Feel to throw in the towel when am having the suicidal thoughts

After I was pushed to the edge by the SYSTEMS protecting LEYF

When I reach out for help am threatened in my own home

I no longer feel safe in the home I got fleeing “Domestic Violence”

Because the Police have made attempts on my life from 2017

On behalf of scammers Winsome Duncan & Ryan Clement

LEYF and cohorts under cover of the Margaret Horn Lecture

The UEL to cover for Richard Harty Men in Childcare Paedophile Rings


Involved in horrendous hate crimes made me a criminal

Needing ERT that is entrapment

Tech Don’t Lie and the world will hold the Mother Country

Responsible for the Elderly Abuse of my Husband

Mr Tomlinson have a small illusion of one day becoming a Property Tycoon

After 2 nervous breakdowns, 2 miscarriages of justice

Barclays second time scamming me I have been denied my Rights

In the Mother Country where the Windrush Generation

Are stripped of their dignity

Black People are treated less favourably than animals

I told Senior HR if I was an animal at BIB the RSPCA would rescue

I was escorted out of HOC Nursery where I was sent to be COLONISE

After raising concerns about my Mental Health

When I was pushed after June O’Sullivan

Sanctions the discrimination

The world will know about the evil at LEYF abuse RINGS

Finding My Mother-In-Law at The Cemetery

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in London, United Kingdom. November 4, 2018  · 

My life has been #played out on social media.

Let me keep you posted about my #beloved husband.

Arnold Tomlinson is no longer the man he once was.

He has spent most of the day in bed.

Quite unusual and he is in pains.

Contrary to what that silly #DilysEpton said,

I have been coping with #bereavement and #loss

I am ready to face life without Tom.

I am not in need of Emotional Regulation Treatment

This is discrimination to cover Judiciary Of England And Wales Coercive Control

Of presiding over 2 miscarriages of justice after bereavement and losses

No photo description available.

Only In the United Kingdom

Only in the UK does Black People get the opportunities to empower ourselves

Yet I am not allowed to use my empowerment to better myself

But others take credit for my work that I invested valuable time

And money and my passion to achieve and create over 29 years

My Intellectual Property and Images build BRANDS

And make headline news but am a victim of the SYSTEMS

Only in the UK employers breach the laws

Employees pay the price for the discrimination affirmed by the HMCTS

Because cronyisms are high on the list of agenda of the SYSTEMS

Covering up the horrendous crimes of abusers in the Early Years Sector

So, Richard Harty of the UEL must be put on watch

Like the cult pastor Kevin Smith in Jamaica

Only in the UK a GP will give me a Medical Diagnosis

Then state I do not have disabilities like what happened

At Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

After the death of my brother resulting in the first nervous breakdown

Yet when I self-refer to Occupational Health

I was passed FIT for work

Only in the UK employers will use one’s vulnerability

Of having disabilities to make you a scapegoat

After milking you of your Intellectual Property

Treat you like the cow that gives a pail of milk and kicks it over

Because they feel threatened by my knowledge and integrity

Only in the UK there are miscarriages of justice

Even when you are a participant in research

People will keep quiet and turn a blind eye to abuse like Ofsted did

With the abuse reviews online

Because they are threatened and need to keep the roof over their head

But please don’t blame the voiceless vulnerable

They have their cross to bear and not everyone can cope

With the DEPRESSION now am pushed to the edge


Whilst the Judiciary of England and Wales and

The Criminal Justice System and the Crown Prosecution Service

Protecting LEYF and those putting children at risk of safeguarding

Only in the UK is Mervelee Myers a criminal for my Fight4justice campaign

Whilst Richard Harty of the UEL can call to threaten me

Deny me access to education after I went through the enrolment procedures

The world will be informed why Richard Harty can comment

On a BBC Programme he did not bother to watch

Because he is the mastermind of Men in Childcare

Is Men in Childcare the reason for the abuse reviews online?

Only in the UK children are at risk of safeguarding

Because LEYF have friends in high places

Targeting Mervelee Myers to make me a voiceless vulnerable

I will not be a victim, so I invested in my Fight4justice campaign

Whilst Judge Lethem Court Order is shoved out of sight

Bar Standards Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority,

Judicial Ombudsman, Small Claims Court, Court Enforcement Service Ltd

Allow Ryan Clement to be online making videos

My Complaints are not addressed

But am hounded online by Samantha Jones’s trolls and haters

With the aid of social media.

I call on HMCTS to comply with Judge Lethem

Court Order of 20/5/2021

The Pervert Solicitor Matthew Bradley of Womble Bond Dickinson

For the Paedophile Samantha Jones

Sent me copy of letter sent to CLCC

Why the caseworker assigned to HHJ Parfitt complaint failed to act?

The Legal System in the UK is made up of career criminals

That is why the Metropolitan Police

Issued apology to Dalian Atkinsons 6 months after his murderer was jailed

After I was targeted beside the plaque

Dedicated to Black Lives Matter

By Tanya Cotier, a female and Indian Security Officer

Whose only knowledge of Black History Month

He was born in Africa… I was rescued by Ibrahim Sesay

Who witnessed what was happening?

When I refused to succumb to threats from the UEL

Mary Mitchison and Susan Davies Mental Health Practitioner

The UEL sent PC Conway and a female

From Peckham Police Station forcing entry to my home

I was called at the Southwark Women’s HUB

Police who came to murder me claimed I grab the Taser handle of PC Nikki Wright

Read into this how the stage was set to murder me to claim I commit suicide   

Who Needs Emotional Regulation Treatment?

Notice The Photo to See Mum Hiding Her Thumb

My Son Is Wearing the Clarks Shoes I Brought Home for Myself  

I Supplied the Information When My Son Was the Unknown FIFA Referee

Why Must LEYF And Cohorts Get Away with Discrimination?

Richard Harty And the UEL Are in For Fight4justice Recommendations

It is a fact LEYF & the UEL are operating Paedophile Rings

Under cover of Men in Childcare

I conducted the “A Voice of a Child” research in August 2010

Read the reviews online and Southwark News Publication about BIB

Mervelee Myers Participant of Employment Mental Health Diabetes Research 2010-Date

I got up this morning rejoicing ABOUT the #HurdlesIOvercome

To get this far in life since October 2014 with the former employers LEYF Nurseries.

I listened to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) insights

Into the current trends of Employees unable to take their former employers to the Employment tribunal on the news.

All because they can’t afford the #Fees for #DISCRIMINATION & #UNFAIRDISMISSALS.

After battling with the Powers that be supported by only my OCD behaviours of getting things done ahead of the schedules of the #IncompetentJobsworths,

I am hit with another #BoomBooShell…

Well, I have come this far & no #DibbyDibby aren’t gonna stop me

As I ensure my #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign is not in Vain.

So instead of getting on with setting up my #CampaignPage for my #1Son Kevin Murray,

I am doing what they dictate. Well to all the #CONSpyHateASSes, mi say mi ready fi dem.

Come chat bout @TEALEAF haffi protect themselves…?

Hope they noticed that I am gradually having the need fi #CussBadWuds,

So, I am on the #Road2Recovery!

So, a mi dat a guh hit road fi go Post dem #Documents?

Read in the Daily Express about the #AsianPolice & his 10 years ordeals!

In case the forget, I keep myself Fired up &

In the Know about everything that can be taken as my Defensive Practice

From my ordeals at King’s College Hospital 2004-2010.

Maybe those involved can go do their #Research

Because they will be getting their just rewards.

No eXcAPE fi di #Wicked!


I Grew Up Fearful of Being Sick or Disabled

Because Of The Traumas Which Changed and Affected My Life

Reason I Became A Beacon Of Change Empowering Myself

Knowledge Is Power And Ignorance Is Bliss 

Living With Chronic Anxiety

I remember my life when I was a carefree little girl

Who moved from the location I was born to live at our own land?

The place was Ga-Ga Street that my brother ASHTER named Palmetto Close

The most abiding memory that stands out for me

Was running from where we live and falling at the entrance of the Street

Cutting my forehead open on the stone protruding from the ground

I am sure I got up went back home and have the scar as proof

I have concluded this was a chance to build my resilience

That was to see me survive one adversity after another

There were many challenges to follow

Which were part of the TRUAMAS I experienced

With each disaster I created I was helped to carry on

I learned to cook gathering stuff from the garden

But not knowing the laws of nature I suffered for my ignorance

And refuse to eat certain foods

There was the time dad had to cut the rings that were twisted off my finger

I have the scar to prove that too

With knowledge comes power, I must have been a clumsy child.

As far as I can recall I had a happy childhood as can be expected

Growing up with a loving family in a village that raised the child

Being an only girl, I was more than privilege to lavish

And accept the relationships with those in my family network

I enjoyed the things that were part of my transitional development

I have recorded some of my cherished moments growing up

I am still trying to work out when my life was turned upside down

That is the time I changed from the fearless Tom Boy

To a panic-stricken little girl who was shy and covering up my nervousness

If a child lives with ridicule it learns to be shy

I can still recall my first panic attack when an old man threatened me

For my cheekiness in taking up a dare

But am positive the rest of my ailments is/were psychological

My father’s illness was the turning point for my decline into TRAUMAS

My Personal Challenges over the next 10+ years did not help

If a child lives with criticism it learns to condemn

I turned my anger unto my father’s God for allowing him to suffer

And stopped going to the Townhead Baptist Church where I did not feel I belong

The signs and symptoms of my father’s Parkinson’s disease manifested in me

If a child lives with shame it learns to be guilty

My father beats me once for swearing so when GOD allowed my dad to suffer

I curse in my head and rebel against a GOD that allowed my family to be poor

I was torn between my upbringing of a compassionate GOD that allowed

My Aunt to die whilst fasting, uncles to be murdered, mum to bears the burdens

My grandmas to suffer losses of their sons to disabilities and murder

And Mum’s Mother dying of a broken heart

The last to see dad alive and first to find him dead

And Mama saying in disbelief he can’t be dead he did not get a drink of water

I was at the end of the phone when Mama got her drink of water

If a child lives with security, it learns faith

The discrimination of the past 7 years stripped me of my dignity

As the SYSTEMS colluded to make me a criminal

In the eyes of the laws to cover for LEYF and cohorts

How do I come to terms with what happened to me?

After experiencing bereavement and losses?

I am a criminal because of my disabilities and the SYSTEMS covering for LEYF

If a child lives with hostility it learns to fight

At times I feel like giving up because once again my family and friends

Join forces with the enemies to discriminate against me

I can no longer trust my son and some of my brothers

I do not deserve to be discriminated against

By LEYF after the death of my mother

The past 7 years have taken tolls on me

If a child lives with tolerance it learns to be patient

I am back to when I was a child praying for GOD to heal my father

Instead, my uncles were murdered, my brother ASHTER died in jail

I helped to bury him so could not afford to go for his funeral

Even though he prepared his Programme and wanted me to be involved

I could not believe that GOD still have it in for me

When BYRON was stricken with colon cancer

I was finishing my studies with the Open University

Did not want to miss the chance to be a graduate

Ask my brother for his permission not to attend his funeral

In return I promise him on his death bed with his wife relaying the messages

To help my niece through school

To “Experience the Multiple Discrimination” I did again after mum’s death

Is just too much to bear, but to push me over the edge

Impose Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment

Making me a criminal until weeks before my husband’s 100th birthday

Is verging on the Mental Enslavement of BLACK PEOPLE

In the Mother Country now Richard Harty denies me my rights to repair my disabilities.

The cult Pastor Kevin Smith’s actions

Alerted the world to another atrocity that was to be committed

In the name of Religion as people were brainwashed

Knowing what I do about Men in Childcare

The UK Government must reopen my petition

The ET Panel rejected my Additional Witness Statement

Theresa May Government rejected my petition

For an inquiry in the Early Years Sector

LEYF must answer about their role in Men In Childcare

Why allegations used to keep Oshana working

In Modern Slavery thriving in the UK

The report was sent to The Guardian in 2018

The Bottom Of Our Land Where I Grew Up From The Age Of 4+ Years

I have been creating the Legacies on social media

Am sad about the way I have been treated by some Family and Friends

But time is the Master that can heal my pain

Some things can never be the same again

Memories of my childhood have been distorted by discrimination

Causing me to suffer so much pain after mum died

Sometimes I am crying and shedding the tears for Mama Lou

She never allowed us to see her weakness

She had to be strong for everyone

Creating her legacies after hearing her story

Helped some to understand and change their perceptions of her

Do I have to wait for death to be exonerated with my Social Butterfly Status?

I will become known for the Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Who challenges the Status Quo and suffer for my cause?   

I am learning to accept that I can only be Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers Tomlinson

Acceptance Of Self: Mr Bean’s Reaction To The Photo He Damaged

If a child lives with encouragement it learns to be confident

Suffering from any forms of disability and particularly if the disabilities are linked

To Mental Health Conditions can leave one at a disadvantage

Am saying this from the premise that not all disabilities can be seen with the naked eyes

Add the fact that some prefer to stay cocooned in their long-held beliefs

Linked to Eugenics to categorise others in a box

That have no other purpose but to strip them/us of our dignity

If a child lives with fairness it learns to be just

Those who discriminate are usually not open to changing with the times

Moving forward to enhance knowledge to promote inclusion

By adhering to changes in the Rules of Law

Instead of addressing their ignorance, they view my knowledge as threat

To their ignorance and set out to make the life of others a living hell

I have faced discrimination and miscarriages of justice on two occasions

If a child lives with security, it learns faith

I know what am talking about because I lost my faith

After my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease

I have represented myself at two employment tribunals

When I was abandoned by Voice the Union the first time it was UNISON

Two miscarriages of justice left their marks on me

If a child lives with fairness It learns to be appreciated

To say I am disappointed about the prejudices of discrimination

Since the death of my mother is an understatement coming to terms with my family and friend’s abandonment and rejection.

The photo was taken on the day I was leaving

To return to the UK after the Family Reunion 2009

So much happened to me after the death of my brother 2008

But I keep going because I did not want to let anyone down

I realise how much mum had given to her family and friends

And I was trying to do the same at the expense of

My emotional and psychological wellbeing

I am/was only a “Cash Cow” to some who viewed

My kindness as weakness to be exploited   

But it is alright now Can’t Please Everyone Got to Please Myself

ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling sad.  · 

Felt lika thumping dat DIG in har BK mouth when she cum mek game arta me bout

Felt like hitting that DIG in her BK mouth when she come make game after me about

We celebrate BHM & Diwali 2 a WC & dem pickney (their children)!!!

Jackass sey di worl nuh level & a truth dat deh?

Donkeys say the world is not level and that is the truth?

Wat di frig does dah likes of dem JignaWarMouse know any ting bout BHM?

What the swear word does the likes of those Ignoramus know anything about BHM?   

Maybe das why dem (they) put up a BK Jungle ina (in) dah (the) place throughout dah (the) MoO (Month of October) …?

As Satan be my Judge dem coulda (they could) did fool me!!!

Yes, (dis-this) is a piece of Banana Leaf (dat-that) I got delivered with my (likkle-little) meal!

So yes, (dere – there) maybe Monkeys & other Scary Animals in (dat- that) de Jungle>>>

I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF.

I was offered a job by www.smartteachers.co.uk for the post of SENCO for £46 – 55,000.00 when the www.gov.uk/dbs decided to bar my DBS. Forgetting I was in contact about the fraudulent use of my email by LEYF for online DBS application.

Have Been Writing for Therapy from Dad Was Stricken with Parkinson’s Disease

ON THIS DAY 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard    · 

Dem (sey – say) when Trouble (tek – take) you U… (Pickni – Child shut – shirt) fit U!!!

 (Fuss – first dat – that) fridge conk out, tv (falla – follow) suit…

& (dis – this morning dat – that cusSID – cursed washing machine decided dat – that)

It (nah – not mek – making) 2013 (cum – come ketch – catch it a wuk – work nuh – no more…

RIP Jany 2001- Nov 2012!!!

Guess (caan – cannot) complain 2 much still?

May be an image of 1 person

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling thankful.

The things they say… “I never buy what someone says is ‘in’ or a ‘must have’.

I buy what makes me happy” Iris Apfel, fashion icon, aged 95

Me in a nutshell.

When I went shopping, I ended up with #3Outfitsb4Igotthis.

Each time I see supn better I went for it, until I couldn’t resist the final one.

To me #Money was nothing compared to what I was looking for!

Me, Myself & I every time when it matters.

Only Kevin Murray & Valdin Legister can stand on #EqualFootings with #MamaRatty…?

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How The Voiceless Vulnerable Are the Victims Of The Criminal Justice System

From Mervelee Myers’ Personal Perspective

If a child lives with approval It learns to like itself

I arrived in the UK from Jamaica to settle after first coming

To the UK on a 6-month visa prior to that

During my first visit I was told to breach the terms and conditions

Of the immigration laws and overstaying on the visa

But knowing me best, I refuse to do any such thing

If a child lives with security, it learns faith

My personal disposition as a sufferer of Chronic Anxiety

Due to the Childhood Traumas meant I would not be able to cope

This was brought closer to home one morning when there was an alarm

At the Early Morning Cleaning Job, I was earning from to tide me over

There was utter panic with mostly everyone ducking and diving

If a child lives fairness, it learns to be just

I am not used to running for cover except during the time

My brother was involved in Politics and my family was targeted

The mention that Immigration Officers are to visit give rise to the mayhem

I was never in trouble with the law, but was reported for hitting my son’s father

With a stone when I was pregnant with my second child

If a child lives with praise, it learns to be appreciated

Since coming to the UK I heard stories about detainees

I was questioned by Immigration Officers when I received a person in the UK

Was present at my friend’s house when the Immigration Officer arrived

She was detained and luckily for me, I received my Leave to Remain documents

I had taken it to copy proof I can attest to the fact I always keep a Defensive Practice

If a child lives with encouragement, it learns to be confident

My experiences of Domestic Abuse at the hands of my husband

Left me TRAUMATISE as my husband set out to control me

From I arrived in the UK, when my friend was detained, it was left to me to

Find her other friends to come to her assistance and secure her release

Suffice it to say we have fallen out on a few occasions and made up

But the straw that breaks the camel’s back was trying to link me up with her friend

If a child lives with tolerance, it learns to be patient

It is ironic that the last time I went out with my friend

I was experiencing Depression brought on by LEYF discrimination

I was the only staff shortlisted for the post of

Lead Early Years Practitioner and the rejection cause my meltdown

Because I made commitments to my friend, I did not want to break my promise

If a child lives with shame, it learns to be guilty

What my friend did to me was the ultimate betrayal

I have not spoken to her since

But most if not all my angst is documented on Facebook

The Daily Express Columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”

I have been dealing with betrayal from I arrived in the UK

If a child lives with ridicule, it learns to be shy

I discovered I was only used as convenience by my ex-husband

When I had to run to the Brixton Police Station for rescue to save my life

If my sister-in-law did not arrive home when she did, I might not be alive to tell the tales.

I Contributed to The Daily Express Mental Health Crusade     

If a child lives with hostility, it learns to fight

As the more knowledgeable practitioner who developed the listening ethos

I applied my empowerment from studies into practice after my experiences

After the death of my brother in 2008, death exacerbate and trigger my PTSD

Domestic Violence caused me to behave a certain way to defend myself

If I did not decide to fight when my husband targeted me

I probably would not have gotten out of the Cycle of Domestic Abuse”

My ex-husband used to keep me under his spell from I arrived in the UK

If a child lives with criticism it learns to condemn

I have been defending myself ever since I arrived in the UK

I am away from the Comfort Zones of Family and Friends

My ex-husband used to say I write everything in my Little Black Book

For me that was me using writing as therapy as I could only

Rely on my brother ASHTER to write to me before he died in 1994

I guess the fact he experienced discrimination made him understand me best

Despite what was happening my husband’s children rallied round me

I was collected by my stepson from the Police Station

The Police wanted me to press charges, but I refused

I decided not to go back to my husband’s home

I get a place in the refuge and despite what I was going through

Managed to hold down my 2 jobs

My Early Morning Cleaning Job part time

My Nursery Nursing job full time as Toddlers’ Room Leader at

William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery

One of my colleagues was a teenager Joelle Lax

I had a Caseworker because Victim Support was involved

Although I was registered with Lambeth Council Housing

To get out when my husband behaviour became too much

I was not considered suitable for Council Housing

I confessed to my best friend before that I don’t think

I can manage on my own because I lived a sheltered lifestyle

To have my friend join in to abandon me makes me sad

The fact I lived with “Chronic Anxiety” what I call my “Parkinson’s disease”

Meant I relied on others much more than I wanted to

My brother Ervin’s behaviour from 2009 left me asking questions

But of late am careful of my family and friend’s treatment adding to my PTSD

I later discovered I have Dyslexic Traits after I done training

But I will always be thankful for the Charity in Peckham that took me under their care

By December 2000 I secured my own home from Housing For Women

I was lucky I got most of the furniture for my home from the Charity

But I moved into my flat with 4 walls because I would have to pay 2 rents

I sleep on the floor using newspaper and clothing with the blankets taken with me

I must thank God for the people He provides to me

Throughout my transitional Journey

The reason I continue living my life as an example to

The old-fashioned values and beliefs by which I was raised

I was a witness at 2 weddings and attended another

At times I must question GOD why I must suffer

So much after mum’s death when I experienced TRAUMAS from childhood.

Discrimination By LEYF Judiciary of England and Wales Changed My Life For Good

When I think of my contributions to LEYF

I can’t help but cry and be ANGRY

That despite the data in cyberspace

Am treated like a criminal after being pushed over the edge

It took 7 years for the Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service

To entrap me with Emotional Regulation Treatment  

Here is the proof I was not at BIB on 15/11/2020

I was pushed over the edge going there on 11/11/2020

Was a cry for help after the sudden death of my neighbour

Offence Of Coercive Control 2015

Recognise Domestic Abuse Could Be Psychological Not Just Physical 

When I was in the refuge, I would spend time at my friend’s home

She’d cook for me and help me care for my hair that I started growing natural again

Although I was told I had long hair and the reason for it to be cut

I had no memory of why the assumption was made

My hair was responsible for my lack of growth and development

I never known it to be long until the realisation came at my friend’s house

I have the photos to prove my story

MM 2021 Updates:

I am a shadow of myself who has become the statistic of 600,000

Elderly people say they leave their homes once per week or less

I did not become the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 across from

My photo 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment

Despite being pushed over the edge to having suicidal thoughts by LEYF and

HMCTS, CPS, CJS and the UK Government Systems and Agencies

I develop an eating disorder and my husband is my carer most of the time

Getting my flat in Bermondsey meant I was living near to my friend Mava

My friend advised me to order my bed, I improvised sleeping on the floor

My neighbour TESS, RIP introduced herself to me and took me under her wings

I gave her keys to my flat and I trusted her like I would the big sister I never had

Reasons I am/was still angry at the way she was treated by

Southwark Social Services and left to die on her own

After I advocated on her behalf as my husband was upset about her care

MM 2021 Updates

I no longer feel safe in my own home after the following:

Winsome Duncan sent Police to my home to section me on 30/10/2017

Police assaulted and verbally abuse me at Southwark Police Station

Police called my mobile and claimed am a criminal and would be arrested 29/11/20

Police visited my home undercover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture 30/11/2020

Was asked to bend over at Walworth Police Station PCs gather I was provoked, and I noticed PCs with Mobile Phones, I believe photos were taken of my bottom  

Police come to ask me if I committed criminal acts past 12 months

The UEL sent Police to my home re malicious Suicidal Report 21/10/2021

Police called my phone when I was at the HUB where I went for appointment with Jillian McTaggart.

People have been kind to me most of the time

My experiences of abandonment and rejection from I was younger

Mean I must look out for those discriminating against me.

They will hate you for no reasons

Preparing for BIB Open Day Celebrations: October 2014

Many thanks for your email.

I’m on leave until Wednesday, 13th October but will be responding to urgent messages.  All other emails will be responded to on my return.

Best regards,


This is the response I am expecting so I don’t bother

Time is the Master and Time is longer than Rope

MM 2021 Updates:

Refer to my Fight4justice and the recent Hate Crimes of Richard Harty of the UEL.

But accepting my family and friends are party to the discrimination makes me sad

I will continue my Fight4justice campaign

You #can accept me as I am or be like?

It’s a Chambers-Saunders #trait mind you.

We chat & done. Pig ask hog, why it mouth…?

Today we #celebrate the addition of Jada Sinanan & Traviston Palmer baby #girl Emma to G-A-Ratty Baby Serena!

Spoken to Tathlyn Myrie the #tall1 of the Nembhard-Salmon Royalty!

Guess who was #matchmaker?

Spoken to Myrna Nembhard the #historian of the #family#10yrs Family Reunion.

 Educate the Prince please #cuz!

Happy #belated27thOctDOB greetings my #cuz Hayden Salmon.

We are the Royal #Nembhard_Salmonfamily from St Bess.

This Parent Started Trolling Me I Don’t Trust Them  

She sent me the photograph because she lost the children’s father,

His death was affecting them.

I supported her and was in shock

When she joined in to target me

 Lambeth College

I qualified at Lambeth College after trying my hands

At different work and studies to see where I fit in

When I completed the Care Assistant Training

I went back to cleaning I could not stomach what happened

To me when I went to the Care Home to do the practical

 I put that down to my experiences at home

Helping Mama as an informal carer

MM 2021 Updates:  I will make sure that Richard Harty of the UEL publish his investigation about why I was kicked off the course.

I am convinced after hearing mum’s story from her best friend

And getting counselling that mum experienced Mental Health Conditions

At Turney Special School the teacher was impressed with me and advised me to apply

I know I could not cope emotionally because of my Childhood Traumas

Taking the job full time was out of the question and I did not apply

Your Stories From a Year Ago Look back on these moments from your Story Archive.

  Nov 2

  Nov 2

  Nov 2

+14 more

Headhunted Out of Lambeth College

Got my first job out of Lambeth College as a “Room Leader” I liaise with professionals

At times I see some of those I mentored who came on placement

Or whilst I studied at Lambeth College, and they made progress in their career

But where am I in mine?

I was always on the look out for the ideal job and thought I found it at Kings 

I worked as a Pre-School Leader at Support Network

I believe that was more to prepare me for the future

MM 2021 Updates:

Richard Harty must publish his investigation and why the UEL removed me

After I adhered to the procedures

Why am I sent emails from the UEL?

I had an interview with an Ofsted Inspector when gaps were identified

I done the training as part of my Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Have been researching, updating my knowledge and expertise since

I came face to face with putting the theories I learned at Lambeth College

In practice where I got a Student of the Year Award

Along with Top Marks for my Community Assignment

My Assignment was based on my Own Personal Experiences

From I moved to Ga-Ga Street to having a child misdiagnosed

With multiple disabilities.

MM 2021 Updates:  

My Publications shared my stories and Richard Harty and the UEL will be accountable

 You #can accept me as I am or be like?

It’s a Chambers_Saunders #trait mind you.

We chat & done.

Pig ask hog, why it mouth…?

My Husband Arnold Tomlinson 

I am at this stage in my life where my #HusbandTom is my priority.

But I realise I must make some #MeTime

Or else there will be no me to make Mass Tom my Priority.

I am pilling on the #Weight & realise this is slowing me down.

So, I am on the ball again to taking back control of my health

That I lost when LEYF Nurseries tampered with my #MentalHealth.

Most of the efforts I put in don’t please Mass Tom,

But I know most of this is due to his #HealthConditions.

The severity of the deteiorations in my mental and physical health

The past 7 years left me struggling

And still, I get targeted by the Police

Who are sent to my home to section or murder me?

Am still going but wishing I don’t have to suffer so much

That’s why am avoiding the triggers of Julie and Jillian McTaggart

I got in today & recalled my #Breda telling me how his doctor

Helped him to manage his Health…

So Texchus Nembhard, I ate dinner this evening from a #SidePlate!

I need to get back into shape not only for myself, but for all concerned.

I am hearing talks about another #Wedding

Of course, I will haffi Bruck dah Bank dis time fi #Real?

Oh wow, I took the #Cactus just today that are in #Bloom.

Mass Tom was saying how #Beautiful they are!

In Bloom

Who Needs Emotional Regulation Treatment?

Here is the #Proof if anyone was in doubt –

I am a #BeautifulNaturalWoman!

I was never bothered about the Airs & Graces.

Wat enuh see, is wat dem get…  No more, no less!

I won’t be #AirBrushing nutn?

I have embraced my #MultipleIdentities.

The #FlaredNose, #ThickLips,

#RaisedEyeBrows, #Shape2Die4,

#WatchfulEyes, #WartsnAll

Are all me in #1Package named Ratty NEMBHARD!

I won’t tarry, just come to share my #Success!

Finished #65Pages of #25452Words WS.

I will claim my #Accolade with the appropriate #Narratives

That I have been using from I became my #BredaASHTER

Writer from when he entered #Politics

Before my #2Son Valdin Legister was born in 1979.

Please go out & #Vote for my #1Son Kevin Murray!

Today I feel like peeling back the years.

Finding a Focus in Life

Pity the fucking LEYF Nurseries – June O’Sullivan,

Employment Tribunal Service – Judges Martin & Freer & Clarke,

Voice: the union for education professionals – Arwen Makin & Mark Essex,

Bates Wells Braithwaite – Martin Bunch,

Advising London – Employment Solicitor – GodLIE supn or other,

Acas reps who left messages on my phones,

Personnel Consultancy Ltd, The – John Fenton,

Nursery World Magazine – Liz Roberts,

Community Playthings UK Darvell School,

HCT Learning Centre – Tutu,

Department for Work and Pensions – DWP – idiots,

Metropolitan Police Service – Godwin Perrot, Lulu, Duncan Marriot,

HMRC – idiots,

London Borough of Southwark SEND Section – dummies,

Local Education Authorities – mug huggers,

Local Safeguarding Children Board -arse lickers,

Et al that will be named in due course

Did not drive STRONG WOMEN to reach rock bottom.

WOMEN who are girlfriends, wives,

MOTHERS, side chicks, aunties, sisters, grandmas,

Man thieves, son snatchers,

And willing to lay down their lives for their families and friends

To reach the end of our tethers

And are thinking is this all life has to offer after

We made sacrifices in the name of LOVE

Or whatever because like me,

I am passionate about anything I chose to undertake.

That’s why I chose a healthy lifestyle and on my 2nd HUSBAND.

Despite the fact I choose the Sugar Daddies and

Not some thieving Madass-Fuckass dat

Ready to rob one blind and tell dem bout fucking how much dem love we?

Now go buck up pon di history about the CON-SPY-RACIES

At https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016

To find out why I am fucking MAD CRIMINAL?

Remembering My Final Moments with Mama

Been Busy like Ms Bizzy Bee>>>>

Watching & Waiting 4 whatever news is in store 4 me?

My Lady Bird came visiting from yesterday –

in my kitchen busying Herself as I write!

Well 4 me She has replaced the Bats that came

To my Home in JA all these years!

She is my Mama Lou – Belief kills & cures they say?

The Last MEMORY I have of my MAMA –

After spending the time with her & her not REMEMBERING her 1 Girl!

 She stood at the window & told my #2 son Valdin Legister that

“She (I) Did Not Come to Say GOODBYE!”

Can you see that Smile on my Mama’s Face?

She already Knew that was Our Final Meeting b4 the End Came!

My Mama is my Inspirations in everything I do these days!

So, when things get on top of me, I am just reverting to Type!

Mama will always Live in my Memory!

Now I need to Finish that Tribute to My Best Friend

I think I may serve her Memory even Better for the Effort?

Today 6 November 2021 I decided to bring an end

To the Cycle of Grief holding me captive

Making me unable to function and that

Is a dishonour to my Mama Lou

I must take back control of my life like when I realise age 4+ I must pick myself up…

Our Final Goodbyes on 22 January 2014 days Away From Mama’s 90th Birthday

May be an image of 1 person

My Father with The Townhead Baptist Church Group

Adhering To British Ethical Guidelines

More Proof Why LEYF And Richard Harty of The UEL Will Be Named As Abuse Ring Leader Of Men In Childcare. I Always Adhere to Social Media Policies & Procedures And Did Put People On My Facebook Without Their Consent

Sorry mI caan show Unuh mI oddA AFRICAN Sista… But she doan gi mI dah Permit fi post her pic on FB? Such a pity doe!!! Suh Unuh haffi sekkle fi dah PretendAS?

May be an image of 2 people

Yep & I did tun up latA fe di Conference!!! Mi did TIRED fi real…

Who Wiped The Smile Off My Face After Hounding Me For 7 Years?

May be an image of 2 people

Was unavoidable absent… DUTY called!!!

The INSTITUTE OF COMMONWEALTH STUDIES & SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON can get The Windrush Generation: Oral History Resources from Mervelee Myers. I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF. LinkedIn has stolen my account but will be accountable with LEYF and cohorts for cyberbullying and terrorism.

May be an image of 1 person

10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard  November 2, 2011  · London  · 

I gwine get dem 2gether & BASH dem HEAD & hope ME caan Knock some SENSE ina both a dem HEADS…!!!!

No photo description available.

Yea November another month for nuff B’days in de FAMILY. 11.11-Ervin Nembhard, Dahlia Coote. 18- Jace Nembhard, Mary Bryan. 19- Andrea Nembhard (Ms Piggy Meylor). 21-Sarah-Kay Nembhard. Will catch others lata.

A Case Study Of Mervelee Myers    

Mervelee Myers invested in Fight4justice

To break the “Cycle of Discrimination” which made me a criminal

With Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment

Imposed by Jillian McTaggart who is just an ignorant coward

She thinks she was dealing with an idiot expecting me to

Send her my Copyright via email as she was reading my blog

Then she failed to turn up for the appointment at Peckham HUB

Refused to answer her phone or email.

Julie replaced Sarah Lawson a brainwashed dimwit

But what difference does Julie make as she has not provided an “Action Plan”

The Parole System is just another branch of HMCTS career criminals

Protecting LEYF the abusers of children, young people, and vulnerable adults

I will use Jillian McTaggart “Dealing with Feelings Summary”

To show the world why Richard Harty Men In Childcare

Is an “Abuse Ring” for paedophiles jumping ship in

The Early Years Sector that ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement

Refer to Dr Maria Hudson’s Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”

Compare it to “A Voice of a Child Research”

I carried out for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010

View Richard Harty’s LinkedIn Profile to see who is responsible

For Men in Childcare and A Voice of a Child

Then you understand why he panicked

Called my mobile on 29 September 2021 to threaten me

To cover up the cult operating at LEYF and the UEL

View the pattern of discrimination after I enrolled at the UEL

And understand why Mervelee Myers is on a mission

To decolonise the education systems from the Early Years Sector

To the hollowed halls of universities

When I am targeted by an Indian Security Officer whose knowledge of

Black History Month is he is/was born in Africa

Tanya Cotier knows nothing but proclaiming she did not listen to my recording

Despite sending me email about being advised to switch

To the Module she teaches

I was too advance for the Module I had chosen

After Richard Harty’s phone call

They hastily removed my data from the UEL

The same way LEYF claim not to have any data for me

But I was too clever for the UEL dimwits

I captured my data as part of my rights under the GDPR 2018

I was issued with Disability Teaching & Learning Support Requirements

And Susan Davies a Mental Health Practitioner

Now Richard Harty has proven who he is and is in breach

Of the Charter Of Rights 12 Codes for his involvement

Of Men In Childcare and abusers at LEYF

Time for him to produce his investigation and

Explain why he returned the fee to Student Finance England

He did not apply for my loan, so he is basically a thief

Read the abuse reviews online and publications in Southwark News

About the treatment of employees at Bird in Bush (BIB)

Check Richard Harty online to hear him procrastinate about

His “Holistic Approach” and I will show him a copy

Of Sections of the Contract, I signed with Westminster Children Society (WCS)

 Now LEYF on 7th October 2009 before June O’Sullivan turn psychopath

How can Richard Harty not watch a BBC Programme

But jumped in the conversation at the deep end?

I will not go pass where the water reaches above my knees

I cannot swim and will not muddy the water

By the time am finished with LEYF and the UEL Richard Harty

Must know that he cannot get pass Mervelee Myers

With his hate crimes of discrimination

The Judiciary of England and Wales presided over

2 miscarriages of justice after I experienced bereavement and losses

The Crown Prosecution Service will get a list of the Career Criminals

Judge Lethem Court Order directs HMCTS to go back 4 years with my claims

The Criminal Justice System is a hotbed for murderers and rapists

The Metropolitan Police Service hate crimes captured on camera

The DBS will get a taste of their own medicine when

I get out my letters from 2004 reporting safeguarding

At Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Southwark SEND Section played a major role

Ofsted, LEA were some of those that colluded with KINGS

LEYF best prepare for the Brimstone and Fire

What a discrimination that will prove LEYF and UEL

Are partners of abuse operating cult across the road from each other in East London.

Mervelee Myers With the 3 Grandchildren I First Meet In 2004  

 Windrush Scandal in a Transnational and Commonwealth Context – The Windrush Generation: Oral History Legacies   

The Cycle Of Grief Must Come To A Closure

Mervelee Myers must break this “Cycle of Grief”

And let Mum Rest In Peace after 7 years

And am now a criminal entrapped by Emotional Regulation Treatment

By a dimwit name Jillian McTaggart

Who started reading my blogs before contacting me?

She was waiting to get a phone whilst I have been waiting to get justice

3rd November 2021 Gum Disease Specialist don’t show

After waiting an hour, she has a Family Crisis

But if I cancel, I will be charged a fee

Although they have my money for months

Jillian McTaggart pulled a sickie, sent a message last minute

But I told her about my “Chronic Anxiety” and gave her other contact details

Sarah Lawson was on duty and could not answer the phone

Samantha Jones the pervert claimed

Her GP quarantine her not to leave home

She contracted a “Contagious Disease” overnight

After she tried pulling a sickie told the court she did not prepare a case

LEYF say they have no data for me, I worked 6 years

My mental and physical left me shattered

But I have been pushed over the edge in 7 years

Needing Emotional Regulation Treatment

For defending myself from discrimination

After the death of my mother, but it happened after my brother died

My Passive Aggression of cursing in my head came to the forefront

To stop me becoming a victim

Like my brother whose jumper

I wear sometimes to remind me of his caring

That his death must not be in vain

Because he laid foundations

From his dreams of creating a fair world

Where all are treated with respect no matter their status

For their contributions of loving and giving

That is/was the norms of my family

Before they were torn apart

My Fight4justice is to honour

Those who are passionate about

Creating the legacies that Nelson Mandela

Says will make us free

Free at last

Freedom is a must

And God has set me free

Like he did for my father

All who suffered

Like Jesus died on CROSS.   

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See https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/08/02/without-prejudice-looking-to-start-studies-as-i-challenge-discrimination-in-societies-with-the-slavery-mentality-of-backra-massahs-taking-over-by-corrupt-means-separating-families-like-in-biblical-tim/


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