Without Prejudice Valdin Allan Legister Son Of Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Alverie Michael Was Born At The Hospital Saturday 22/12/1979 I Will Make List Need Emotional Regulation Treatment For Publication Expose Richard Harty MIC Mastermind Cults At LEYF Operated HOC Nursery…

Mervelee Advocacy

Merveleee Myers is an expert authority on subjects from cradle to grave who experienced “Childhood Traumas” as a result of circumstances of disabilities and poverty changing the outcome of my life from the age my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. The birth of my youngest sibling place the responsibility on me from the age of 7 years old to take care of my younger siblings and extended family. Being an only girl placed additional responsibilities on me meaning I did not have much of a childhood. I was raised to care for others, including my brothers and my father and grandmother. This was my way of helping my mother sharing the burdens she had taken up as carer for her father and the family and others she cared for her life.

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