Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Must Publish List For Emotional Regulation Treatment Richard Harty MIC A Voice Of A Child Mastermind Star Hobson 4 Burnt To Death Mothers Involved LEYF Abuse Reviews ET Panel Refuse AWS Govt Rejected Petition 17/12

This is the honest response of Mervelee Myers about my experience getting Home Content Insurance that I have had since 2004 when I enrolled with the Open University and was given a laptop as part of my studies.

Emotional Regulation Treatment Entrapment!

Mervelee Myers Defensive Practice Proves

I was a Participant:

  1. Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” by Dr. Maria Hudson www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers
  2. Mental Heal Research – Dr. Faith Matcham RADAR-CNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg102uQLUAY
  3. Diabetes Research – www.heal-d.co.uk

MAPS Mervelee’ Advocacy Pearls in the Sand

Mervelee Myers is an Expert Authority on Subjects from the Cradle to the Grave. Seven Years of Discrimination that Cause Me to Examine the Purpose of Life After the Death of my Mother, I have Decided to Take up Advocacy in my Parents Name.


Dedicated to Valdin Allan Legister a Son who was influenced by his grandmothers http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio I supplied the information in 2011 when I was browsing. My son was an unknown referee at the time. He endorsed my work Colleagues in 2011 when I was on holidays in Jamaica. 2011 was a pivotal year for me when I was published in the Nursery World Magazine in July for transforming Luton Street Community Nursery working in partnership with colleagues into a beacon of best practice for the world to emulate. By September https://skynews.co.uk visited “The Cost of Childcare” and Mervelee Myers was one of the major contributors with the child of a colleague. The parent writes me and my colleague a letter for our contributions to her child’s development. I have several recommendations from parents I worked with at Mapother House Day Nursery. Am I not allowed to use them to clear my name of being a criminal needing ERT that is entrapment after the Legal Systems colluded against me?

During that time I changed from Barclays to NatWest and back to Barclays. Imagine my shock when Barclays discriminated against me the second time after I was first defrauded in 2004 when I begged the South London Press to publish my story in May 2004.

Nelson Mandela is one of my Motivators

I created the Legacies from I joined Social Media before I was aware of Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”.  I started a Community HUB on Facebook providing extensive coverage of news from my local communities after coming back from my “Family Reunion” in 2009. Despite what happened to me after the death of my brother with colon cancer in 2008 in a toxic workplace, I had made certain decisions about continuing to build on the foundations left by my family and friends who were no longer with us. My Facebook was where people go to be informed. I have 18 Facebook pages that were created for therapy to write especially since the death of my mother and the discrimination that denied me my entitlements and strip me of my dignity.

I was sent memo by the CEO to join SM to contribute to her blog. This is how I joined https://www.linkedin.com in 2012 and can recall one of my first publication was about tolerance. I later developed as an influencer because of my role at work as the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator who was in great demand for my Homemade Books. It is a fact I have it on record/photos that the CEO took one of my Homemade Books to develop into a Teaching & Learning Tool on the day Sky News visited Luton Street Community Nursery. My colleagues were disappointed that I was not acknowledged or compensated, but I guess my trust in others left me exposed to exploitation as will be proven at the end of my book and others I am planning to publish. Matters took a turn that is/was indirect and direct discrimination when I was excluded from the Nursery World FORUM and sent email by the editor Liz Roberts. I must make it clear how emails played a crucial role in providing the evidence that I will be using to clear my name from the time I sent an email to the Senior HR on 14/3/2015 the eve of Mothering Sunday in the UK. I was endorsed by Dr. Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram on LinkedIn the date 22/9/2015 I was sent to CO by the manager at New Cross Community Nursery for a chat with Neil King. When I arrived, I was harassed, bullied, and intimidated by NK to write a resignation. But if the Former Employer was not so hellbent on getting rid of me before the date they gave me after I appealed the Disciplinary Hearing. They would have known I cannot write my name under such pressures, much more a resignation. But this is how the FE go about discriminating against former employees. This was done to Karen Walker in 2013 when the changes started happening at the FE, after the CEO was bestowed with an MBE. It was no coincidence that the Senior HR who was present sent me a LinkedIn request on the date I was called to CO when I was endorsed on LinkedIn by the persons, I introduced myself to at Middlesex University at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation. The CEO came to the group I was with, turned her back on me, when I acknowledge her, claimed she did not recognise me.  See my entries on Social Media to verify my story from when I was targeted and learning that the discrimination was sanctioned. Facebook gave the FE access to my account on 18/9/2015 in breach of the Rules of Laws before I attended Middlesex University on the 19/9/2015. On the 22/9/2015 I was suspended verbally at CO because I could not write a RESIGNATION because of my disability in the Chronic Anxiety diagnosis of 18 July 2006 to do my Health & Social exam for the Open University sponsored by http://unison.org.uk that was to overturn the government ET Law in 2017 for employees to pay fee to take employers to the ET. The question I would like to be answered is who is benefiting from my Intellectual Property and Image Rights via my publications on LinkedIn since I was refused access to my account?

 Twitter has suspended my account because of trolls and persons involved in corruption in governments in the UK and Jamaica. I was contacted by Twitter Legal Team on behalf of Bates Wells & Braithwaite when the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 was posted online. The judgement made me a victim and whilst I had faith expecting to get justice, I ended up made a CRIMINAL needing ERT that is entrapment. However, as I said to the Dean of the UEL in the recording the seven (7) years I spent trying to get justice will be counted towards my empowerment. When I meet the professors at Middlesex University, I told them about my plans to gain my SEND Teacher Qualification before returning to Jamaica to contribute to promoting inclusion. Instead, I have spent the past 7 years a victim of institutional discrimination becoming the self-fulfilling prophecy in my letter to the Senior HR that I am slowly striped of my dignity and dying slowly. Yet the law in making me a victim is protecting abusers of children.             

Mrs Connie Jordine-Legister – Refer to Social Media  

Mrs Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard – Refer to SM.

Father Alverie Michael Legister – Refer to SM

Wife Naheel Julene Brown-Legister – Refer to SM

My Grandchildren – Refer to SM

Extended Legister-Nembhard Clan – Refer to SM

I became the victim of Barclays after I was called by a Richard Harty on the 27/9/2021 and threatened. I visited Barclays which led to the chain of events that caused my account to be closed on the 1/10/2021 when I was locked inside the branch and Police called.

How my Voice has been Taken away after Mum Died


On this day 2 years ago Elephant & Castle HUB Choir

Facebook Memories 11 June 2019

My “Personal Experiences” growing up in Rural Jamaica where it takes the Village to Raise a Child help me develop the Resilience needed from an early age to challenge the Social Injustices based on ignorance that were responsible for some of the rejections feeding into my “Childhood Traumas”. The way I was raised by my parents resulted in my old fashioned, values and beliefs, leading to my passion of writing, which is also part of the therapy of Early Intervention Strategies.

Facebook gave me the perfect platform to develop my skills as a keen photographer and writer after returning from my “Family Reunion” in the Summer of 2009. The year 2009 is a significant one in my life and this is the reason I am challenging London Early Years Foundation and their cohorts with the Charter Of Rights. Your Overarching Code For Justice because of the two nervous breakdowns after bereavement and losses in toxic workplaces. For there to be no doubt about my Fight4justice campaign let the Judiciary Of England And Wales And the Criminal Justice System note that CASE DISMISSED by Gloria Cameron MBE is my reference of why Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” relevant in the next phase of my journey with support from the experts.

I have been creating the legacies since joining Social Media, even investing in my own website My Vision and publishing with Google AdWords on G+ from 2012. I created my first YouTube in January 2012 but was so busy giving 100% of my best to my former employer despite the discrimination that caused another meltdown and me deciding I could not deal with any more triggers to my PTSD. But my experiences teach me to be careful of those using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights making me a victim of my VULNERABILITY. Please subscribe to my Various Media to join the “Support Network” am creating for “Breaking Down Barriers” of discrimination where in the UK some BLACK People with DISABILITIES are treated less favourably than an animal. I know because of the two miscarriages of justice and HMCTS hounding me…

Facebook joined targeting me from 18/9/2015 when access was given to my account. Presently I am blocked out despite having eighteen (18) pages on Facebook. Facebook has become a platform where haters, scammers, trolls, are given access to trigger my PTSD so I am locked out and to wrestle control of my account away from me to cover for ABUSERS. LinkedIn has stolen my account to cover for the Early Years Sector and editors. Twitter suspended my account on behalf of Politicians and trolls and haters. But in due course when the truth is revealed about the roles of HMCTS and the CPS and the CJS, I might be dead. But the Daily Express columnist stated, “Tech Don’t Lie”.

I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade. I self-referred to the NHS Occupation Health Service after the death of my brother and was passed fit to resume work. I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” recommended to ACAS. I was advised to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations by Dr. Laura Crawford after the death of my mother. I did 12 Sessions at the Maudsley. I participated in Mental Health research and is on the website using the gadgets. I participated in Heal-d Diabetes research and in time the world will be informed about those in need of Emotional Regulation Treatment for leaving children at risks of developing traumas from the abuse that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement and Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry into the Early Years Sector.  

I was advised to use my Assignments for my First BOOK by Tutors at Lambeth College  

I have been publishing stories on various platforms from I created my website “My Vision and YouTube” in 2012. I joined Social Media in 2009 the year I graduated from the Open University. My publications are integral to my range of reviews. The fact I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in 2010. Is the same year I did “A Voice of a Child” research for the CEO of London Early Years Foundation? I have since participated in Mental Health Research and Diabetes Research. I can be found on the internet participating in fundraising and interviews. My background is Early Childhood Education from Jamaica and can be found on the VMBS and JBSF websites. My husband is 98 years old, and I have been writing about stories of interests like meeting Mr Walters who travelled on the Empire Windrush in Brixton. I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. I discovered my Primary School Head Teacher Husband fought in the WAR. Listening to BBC Ground Force. We were not taught this as part of the Jamaica School Curriculum. My sons were Cub Scouts. One who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities is a Councillor for the Division my brother holds before him. Another son is the Vice Principal of his School. He was a FIFA Referee. My history goes back to great grandparents who were Land Barons in Jamaica.   

Since my stories are in the public domain, let me share my heartfelt thanks that once more I am covered for my Home Contents Insurance. I will continue my Fight4justice so the world knows about what Mervelee Myers has endured since the death of my mother.

4th October 2021

                                                    To Whom It May Concern

Monday 27/9/2021: In light of recent happenings when I was called by a male sounding voice claiming to be from the University on the 27th September 2021, I have no alternative but to put on record that I think I am been targeted by people I have no knowledge about linked to the University. Please listen to the person on https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc to find out why Mervelee Myers must make it my business to decolonise the Early Years Sector and universities. Because I have on record that I was sent to the HOC Nursery when I raised concerns about the exacerbation and triggering of my Mental Health conditions after the death of my mother.

Tuesday 28/9/2021: Although ET17001 was online I made the decision to go into university to climatise myself with the processes of going out and about again. I had book to go out with the Elephant & Castle HUB Choir and was in such a panic I could not get off the bus. I am not sure if been with people bring on the fear after I have been in Stockholm Syndrome lock down during COVID-19? 

I was told by the tutor I am too advanced for the ET17001 she advised me to change to another Module on a Tuesday. She would talk to the Head and get back to me. I am still waiting. Then I see snide comments I know are directed at me. They were not figments of my imagination as will be revealed later.

Wednesday 29/9/2021: I had such a good time at ET7727 and noticed the board with “Decolonising the Curriculum” and take my photos to share my journey as a writer and. Nelson Mandela states, “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” and I have been doing this since I joined Facebook in 2009. I created my first website “My Vision” and YouTube in 2012. Before the CEO of LEYF sent memo for staff to join Social Media to contribute to her blog. I became a target of Facebook on 18/9/2015 when they gave, LEYF access to my account. I created a Community Hub on Facebook. I was a LinkedIn influencer until my account was stolen by the cyberbullying criminals on behalf of the abusers. Fact Check the Reviews online that the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-216 refused my Additional Witness Statement. Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. I can go on forever, but I will let those concerned like Dean do his research about https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site themselves.

I got home from the university and the sight I witness makes me realise how much my husband endured the past seven (7+) years.  He was crouched at the window looking through the opening for me. As soon as it gets dark, I have to pull the curtains and I think that is his way of shutting out the threats we faced with the invasion of my home from Winsome Duncan sent the Police to section me from a malicious report on the 30/10/2017 after linking me up with her Employment Barrister Ryan Clement. She was groomed by him to find vulnerable black people for them to scam. Ms Duncan stole my manuscript, published my book without my consent and therefore I have no knowledge of the content. In the night my husband lost his dignity and wanted to cover his shame before allowing me to take over.  

Thursday 30/9/2021: I stayed at home and do the cleaning up like I used to do to help my mother during the years when disability impacted on my family. I was the one, as an only girl who was mostly affected. I never had a childhood and developed TRAUMAS.

Friday 1/10/2021: Went into Barclays to realise the SCAMMERS, 3 women stitched me up like Big Boy and the Girl and the Duck. They called the Police on the criminal that the Judiciary Of England And Wales & the Crown Prosecution Service & the Criminal Justice System entrap with Emotional Regulation Treatment. Please check my Facebook Memories 3 October 2017 “For all I know I’m a target when even Criminologists are viewing my profile on https://www.linkedin.com. That’s why I am seeking help to find out what is PAVO.

In a nutshell the Police was called after I was locked in the Tower Bridge branch of Barclays. When the two (2) Ignorant Officers came and realise, they were not dealing with an idiot like LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan they instructed me what to do. I was so stressed out; I did not get back home until late. I was back at the Walworth Police Station that by now had become a place where I did not feel safe, but I prefer to do the right thing or accused again.  

I got home and that’s when the university is going to make out am responsible for not enrolling. I was sent a PASS which I am using to access UEL. Once again, I must wonder if the UEL have people in Leadership-Management like at EYFS Sectors? Refer to Faridah Adeyemo re the UEL https://youtu.be/ZiqtTevadBE to find out why I will unearth the fact about why the Dean panicked and kick me out of the university.

I will end by saying the ball is in the university’s court and as of now I will be on my guard I will pay them the curtsey to respond to this before going public. Because I have been accepted on the Microsoft Business Project and whatever the outcome, I will benefit. Please tell the Dean it is obvious he needs to get involved in British Values. I can give him lessons for free. Or better still do the research about MERVELEE MYERS who was ITV News Page one for Windrush 70. I will also do the same for Barclays for calling the Police on me. What were they expecting for them to come MURDER me? I have enough evidence for Police Officers to be charged with attempts on my life at my home and at Southwark Police Station. The university can either work with me or against me, it doesn’t matter as I am a PENSIONER from my time at KINGS College NHS Foundation Trust where I have the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother.

The choice is the UEL.


Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate    

Coming up to the 42 birthday of my son Valdin Legister I am a prisoner in the home I got because of domestic violence because of the HMCTS and CPS and CJS covering for abusers of children, young people and vulnerable adults.


WordPress 12 June 2021

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed in London, United Kingdom.

As a STRONG Black Woman from Jamaica who made the most of my opportunities in the UK, without prejudice, this is the kind of headlines my FE was expecting.

Andrew Holness

‪My condolences to the friends, family and employees of Jamaica-born Lowell Hawthorne, CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill.

‪He headed the largest Caribbean franchise chain in the US, with more than 120 stores.

Mervelee Myers Must Share My Stories About Childhood Traumas

That Affected Me Because of Lack Of Knowledge When I Was Growing Up In Jamaica 1956-1992 when I came to the UK making using of the Opportunities I was afforded.  The fact that I empowered myself should have made it easier to break the barriers of discrimination instead I am a victim of the PTSD resulting from traumas over which my parents had no chance to change the outcome of my life and the circumstances that affected my family.  Having to experience the discrimination that caused my Childhood Traumas in my adulthood after the death of my mother is hardest to come to terms with. However, those involved will be informed about their roles whether they like it or not.

Councilor for the Friendship Division Kevin Murray the Politician. My son was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities.  

The GDPR 2018 & Copyright Act 1976 Section 107 “Fair Use” make it important to Safeguard Mervelee Myers from Legal Proceedings in Breach of my Human Rights, the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics in having my voice heard.                                                        


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