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14 December 2021 FB Memories

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Celebrating The Life Of The Legend Ms. Turb 2 December 2019

From the Legister-Murray-Nembhard Family & All Of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland Westmoreland Parish & MyJAMAICA Jamaica.

With the Dixon-Johnson Family Celebrating the life of an Exceptional Woman Who Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever. Leith Johnson & Sainty Johnson, et al…

Creating Legacies With Memories

As I am thinking about what to include in my tribute, I am struck by how much Social Media has changed since the time I joined Facebook in 2009. I remember signing up with my AOL account before changing to #BritishTelecom. That’s why I am vigilant that the #cyberbullies do not deny me my rights to be heard. I have been creating legacies for everyone who played and is playing important roles in my life. Whether to help me develop the #resilience to survive the storms or like Ms. Turb, not to accept injustices without challenging the perpetrators.

I guess my first memory of Ms. Turb, must go back to moving from near the Townhead Cross Road where I was born to GaGa Street in late 1963. And #proving my clumsiness didn’t happen overnight, my #memory is of how I got the #scar in my forehead that will last me to my grave come about. In my excitement discovering the new environment, I ran from where we lived, only to fall flat on my face and hit my head on a rock stone #protruding out of the ground at the entrance to the Street. Hopefully, this will give the younger generation an indication of the lifestyle we had growing up. I did not stay down, I got back up and despite not remembering much else. I have the scar on my forehead as a reminder.

The Influencers

As a girl growing up in Jamaica, I guess there are/were people who are/were destined to play important roles in my life. Ms. Turb was one of those persons who help to #influence me to be the #woman I am today. My reflections will be tinged with fond memories of a woman I #admire, for the reason we share much in common. We are women, who are #misunderstood for the fact we are #outspoken. And not prepared to conform to whatever norms others expect us to.

As far as my memories go back, Ms. Turb’s home was open to me and anyone who needs a place to rest for a while and have a chat. I remember going there when it’s dinner time and everyone, scrambling for the utensils. The joke is/was if you are not quick enough, you must eat with your hands. Because the utensils put away for special occasions would not be used.

There were star apple and guinep trees in the yard at the front. Of course, during the season, Ms. Turb sold the items. But truth be told, more was given away than sold. Ms. Turb’s #jokes should have been #copyright and #patent back then, so she can get #royalties even in death. Back in the days when Mass Diamond traveled to Farm Working, Ms. Turb told some risqué jokes about how she maintained #fidelity in her #marriage. Anyone wanting to know more will have to sign up for GDPR training and the Royalties will go towards a Project in Honour of Ms. Turb’s Legacies about Teaching Young People to Protect themselves from Discrimination.

Not Just An Ordinary Woman

Ms. Turb was no ordinary woman, she was on the side of the underdog. I carried water from their yard as they were #privilege to have some of the comforts that I aspire to at the time. On becoming a woman my son Kevin Murray and Ms. Turb’s granddaughter were born on the same date. These of some of what we remember, especially if you are a writer like me. Before I forget, everyone is/was Ms. Turb’s #cousin. You don’t necessarily have to know how it came about, but she could explain.

I recalled, she told me her mother came from the same District as Ms. Connie. Amly D Nembhard and I used to joke Ms. Turb cousin stopped at Mama Lou and don’t reach us. But you can’t get away from Ms. Turb Wicked Sense of Humour and Dry Wit.

Another thing is no one keeps vexed with Ms. Turb for long, she would not allow it. She was that jovial kind of person, who speaks her mind, curse if she must, and forget about it.

Wherever you live, it takes the village to raise the child. I recalled hearing that my sons Valdin Legister were hopping the cane carts to go swim at River. I warned them and when they did not take heed, I take matters into my own hands. I waited out by the Johnson’s for them and if you know Ms. Turb any at all, you know this was just up to her street. When they arrive, I called them over, take my shoes and clobber VAL, and he runs off. That boy was always running away from everything from the time I used to take him to Dr. Campbell, and he mentioned #Injection. But Kevin stands up, takes his licks, and walks away.

Getting Endorsed Is Not A Mean Feat

After they went, Ms. Turb said “Ratty I think Kevin was going to hit you back?” But you are a good mother and your boys #respect you. I am proud of you and them mi daughter. For some reasons, she calls you a different name to suit the occasion. To have Ms. Turb #endorsing my parenting skills is no mean feat. Sometimes I would go run jokes with her and Mass Diamond that I was going to marry Pam-Pam. I will leave you guessing about the jokes to spare your blushes.

Getting the opportunity via my sister Joy Mertie Bernard to come to travel to the UK, I didn’t have money to spare for a new suitcase. But Mass Diamond came to my rescue, when I told him my situation and sawder the clip back to the case. I was like a Brand-New Second-Hand Gal, and he didn’t #charge me a penny. If we are lucky, we will live to a ripe old age like Ms. Turb. I admire the fact she was this #cheerful woman whom I knew from I was a little girl until I became a mother and grandma.

Whenever I visit, she was playing dominoes with Mass Windsor and others and getting up to all kinds of #mischiefs. As the years went by and some of her friends departed, she never lost that kindred spirit of loving to be in the company of others. I would spend time with her, #comb her hair, and let her be the person I always knew she is/was. I was joining in with her jokes and sharing life in the community that’s home as I know it.

I recalled her daughter Toogoods asking me how her mum let me comb her hair and won’t let her? But the #trick is to pander to the wishes of any older person who you are dealing with. Remember it’s not about our needs, but theirs. So, whenever I am with her, I #comply with her commands. There are no two ways about it.

One’s Upbringing Is Key To Our Values & Beliefs

The last time we spent any time together was after mum’s funeral. She came to visit when I was with VAL, who offered her some drinks from what was leftover. Ms. Turb showed us her #knife in her bag which she said was for her own protection. She told us her life story but hearing her version of the “Cornmeal & Rum Saga” was a revelation of who Ms. Turb is/was as a person. That’s when it dawned on me not to underestimate a clever, determined woman. Because I have some of her traits in me and on reflections there’s no doubt that we are related.

On a more serious note, after sharing stories about her life, she went into other aspects of her upbringing. This time I had to ask her #permission to repeat the scripture so I could record it, I was that impressed by her. I have no memory whatsoever. The recording is on Social Media if anyone is interested in her LEGACY. As we celebrate, I want her Legacies to help us not to pigeonhole and judge others. Because in the time spent with Ms. Turb in the presence of my son. I learned so much about this woman who is/was a legend and a treasure.

I am positive we take the people we know for granted until there is a reason to view them in a different light and other circumstances that might cause us to examine our conscious and unconscious biases. Realizing that Ms. Turb was much deeper in her #spirituality than I thought. I could identify her weaknesses, but her strengths were more revealing of who she is/was. Our strengths and even our weaknesses help to make us unique. Listening to her talking about periods in her life, what struck me the most, was her need to go to church to fellowship with others. For me, her scripture passage is my testimony that she had a Christian Upbringing that she reverted to during a time when she needs comforting and solace from a Supreme Deity. I want the last time we spent together to be my lasting memory of her.

Learning Lessons From The Stalwarts Who Are Legends

Ms. Turb was a woman of #courage who stand firm for her beliefs. She was a loving person who tried giving of herself to make others happy. She didn’t think twice about sharing jokes at her own expense to make us laugh. Not much bothered her, either. She did not pretend to be someone she was not. Ms. Turb went on before us, but her LEGACIES remain.

We salute Ms. Turb, the LEGEND who lived life to the full.

RIP Cousin!

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Realising how much I am like the strong women from the generation who are now dying out, I am conscious of the fact that we are not aware of our history. Therefore, we are not able to create legacies for the future generation. I was lucky my father was a Storyteller. But part of my history was lacking because my mother wasn’t much of a talker. I am thankful to my brother Balis and Ms. Connie for filling the void and sharing mum’s stories, months before she died. Please start capturing the history of your family, otherwise, there will be questions left unanswered.

RIP Cousin!

Compiled by: Mervelee Myers aka Ratty Nembhard.

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