Without Prejudice Thanks To The Engineer Of Pakistani Origin Who Helped Me To Set Up My Camera Advised Me To Get Lightening To Do My Blogging Appreciate 16/12

Mervelee Advocacy

14 December 2021 FB Memories

To https://youtu.be/s2jl2cVmghA

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago. https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/3865491723484883/

Celebrating The Life Of The Legend Ms. Turb 2 December 2019

From the Legister-Murray-Nembhard Family & All Of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland Westmoreland Parish & MyJAMAICA Jamaica.

With the Dixon-Johnson Family Celebrating the life of an Exceptional Woman Who Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever. Leith Johnson & Sainty Johnson, et al…

Creating Legacies With Memories

As I am thinking about what to include in my tribute, I am struck by how much Social Media has changed since the time I joined Facebook in 2009. I remember signing up with my AOL account before changing to #BritishTelecom. That’s why I am vigilant that the #cyberbullies do not deny me my rights to be heard. I have been creating legacies…

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