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Winsome Duncan Stole My Manuscript Sent Police To Section Me Malicious Report

Dear Mervelee,

Julia Elizabeth Gould reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
25 March 2016 ·
I worked for this company for 2 1/2 years. I was grateful for them taking me on as a first job. But not for all the stress and health problems that came with it. I feel sorry for all the lady’s at my nursery who I left behind.
For a company who tells us to be brave, nurturing, inspiring and fun. How do you expect your staff to accomplish such things with all the over worked hours and piles of paper work that you so happily force upon them? We are there to nurture the children of the future but instead worry so much on how tidy the rooms are and how outstanding the learning journeys are. There is no time left in the day to nurture let alone have fun.
Maybe now the company has stop concentrating so much at making more money by opening more and more nurseries you would take a step back and see the amount of stress and over worked your older nurseries have become. Maybe think about staffing them too, to lift the weight of over ratio’s and 25 key children per person would just be a start.
I watched a handful of good and honest members of staff leave the nursery I worked at and finally came to the breaking point of where I ( at the age of 21) had to leave for my own health.

Ingrid Curuvija Townsend reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
29 August at 18:38 ·
The staff turnover at marks gate has been awful causing so many other issues. Does nobody look at the effects of one person leaving before making the decision to move another 3? Now the deputy manager will also be leaving and she is the only person that reassured us during all of these changes that remained consistent and was always someone we could talk to. The children are unsettled and as a parent I feel awful leaving my child in the care of strangers I get my husband to pick up and drop off most days as I get too upset with all the chaos in the nursery.

Jyoti Sharma reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
12 March ·
I said Goodbye to LEYF couple of weeks ago but I feel that I left my mission unaccomplished and I am still struggling to overcome the LEYF addiction I have, however I do feel that by moving on I have done one of the best things for my overall well being. Leyf is an organisation which has high aspirations and to achieve these aspirations LEYF likes to push its staff as much as it can without sorting the issues or giving them enough support etc. Staff at Leyf get dead busy and no extra help or time is offered to them to manage the enhanced work load. As a deputy manager I had so much to do with out having any admin day or some time off the room. I was working as a deputy, a Senco, was in the ratio 5 days a week, had key children, doing extra hours, deputy’s extra work and 3 hours a day commuting and on top of all this putting up a bully chef. I was also put in the ratio when manager was absent which also put extended pressure on the staff when I had to leave room. No doubt Staff will find themselves unable to cope with added pressure. They are already under huge pressure as due to large number of agency staff and few apprentices they end up having 15 to 20 key children each. Eventually passionate staff who want to do a good job get stressed, frustrated and drained and finally bound to leave. Unpassionate staff also leave due to.separate reasons. In addition to fix the staff problems which I mentioned above another important thing LEYF must do is to upskill and empower their management team as they are directly responsible for staff well-being for example I had to put up a bully chef which affected my mental state to the extent that it nearly put me off coming to work every morning and myself (deputy manager) and the manager could not address this effectively and fairly I believe due to lack of confidence and skill or may be sometimes management’s habit or a will to ignore issues like this but who paid the price undoubtedly me. There are job competencies there for the staff which everyone needs to meet but they are just a piece of paper. This ‘Chef’ does not meet any of these competencies, intimidates the staff however still comfortably working at LEYF under the nose of even Area manager who is (I hope so) well aware of his day-to-day actions.

My Take on the Review By Jyoti Bhardwaj Deputy Manager of BIB

All I am going to add is this is only one of the reasons for my Fight4justice campaign. But instead of getting the justice that I was looking for from the Employment tribunal, I ended up with this online… go to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. I am sure the public will not be surprised to hear that this is my second time facing direct and indirect DISCRIMINATION. I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute. Recommendations made to Acas. In this day and age when there is a Modern SLAVERY Act 2015, the ET reverted even further back than the SLAVERY ACT 1807. Is it any wonder I am suffering STRESS INCONTINENCE, so I am using the opportunity to tell the world the role that UNIONS play in keeping employees enslaved to the Modern-Day SLAVERY Masters and Mistresses who have been given sanctions to destroy lives?



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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Sam Coote and Roxanne Unruly Jones.

Just updated SKYPE & found out the Baby arrived? So now Ur mum Kadene have to mek sure she gives U Ur food in the PP (Pudding Pan) 4 U & the Baby – Breast Feeding is on the Menu I hope?

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Trying to fit my EX in or else we may end up pass each other like a Thief in the Night! Nuh rest for the Weary?

8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Time is getting nearer to MTD (My Travel Departure)! OMW panic is beginning to set in cause I doan even know wey fi begin? Final shopping 2 be done, house 2 put in order, cases 2 pack, Hair 2 wash & me a tell U dat’s nuh easy tasks! Then who knows God may just answer a SinnAS like Me prayer & mek Tom send di message dat me win dat LOTTERY? LhHM me woulda just come back cum tie up Bizz & head bak pon di Rock! U know wat me woulda jus guh be me Son Campaign Manager fi real?

On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Yesterday Tom told me about his experience with 1 Institution, & 2day it’s my turn 2 get di wind up! Wat di freaking hell dem tek me fah doan eh Pupa JESUS? Imagine being told that the thing that U delivered by Hand got lost in the Post! Well at the ripe old age of 90 Tom have all his Faculties intact & could argue his point! So even thou I have a HD (Hidden Disability) which cause me Tongue fi tie up at times… I am still capable of Critical Thinking? Sammy U cawn Fool me again!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Well said indeed! Community Playthings UK

Nelson Mandela: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

On this day 10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

7 Brothers 7 different MINDS!!! 1 was a Parish Councillor & the other a Brigadista… Now who left their marks on Jamaican History?

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                  CHAPTER 2

Children Are The Future… Launching ICT Networking At Townhead Basic School – On JBSF & VMBS Website 

‘SAD to hear of the death of Andrew Sachs. Can you imagine now if there was a sitcom with a Spanish waiter? There would be cries of racism and Fawlty Towers would never see the light of day’. All I need to do is point this in the right directions and hope they take #Responsibilities and be #Accountable for how they have directly & indirectly #Discriminated against me at the instigations of LEYF Nurseries. If I wasn’t a determined person who dedicates myself to my Fight4justice I would not have regained my #VOICE. But I am sure lessons are learned and they will not allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes again by those that are #Unprofessional? MM Updates: Death affected me in many ways and the impact of the discrimination has been part of the Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment imposed by HMCTS & CPS & CJS to cover for LEYF and cohorts. Each time I experience PTSD they use my vulnerability against me.   

I have turned the tables on LEYF Nurseries because during the time 1.9.2009 – 27.9.2016, I built up my #CPPDP. Whilst they were short paying me, refusing to allow me up the career ladder and expecting me to apply my #IntellectualProperties to make the organisation a #Beacon. I was busy ensuring I have the Copyright to my work without breaching their #Contract. Now I have the #Handle & they have the #Blade!

Blacklisting and Networking – Friends In High Places

On the back of the Prime Minister New Year’s 2017 Message to the nation, let me take this opportunity to challenge those of us, who experienced discrimination to let our voices be heard. It is time we stop accepting that we have to be part of the Silent Minority who suffer in Silence. If you are in any doubt and need the inspirations, motivations, initiatives, etc., to act, look no further than my Fight4justice campaign. My life story is out in Cyber Space because I choose to make my life an Open BOOK so others can benefit. I don’t want anyone else to live the life of torment I did from the time I was approaching Puberty to now. That was a very crucial Developmental Transitional Milestones especially for a Young Girl in a Family of Men/Boys, struggling with her Identity.

Despite the luck of the draw for the hands of Cards I was given, opting out was never an Option. I carried on regardless, even when my uneducated Brain didn’t understand what was happening to me. My family life disintegrated when I was to start another Developmental Transitional Journey to Secondary School and I experienced Trauma. This Trauma came about when Papa was struck down with Parkinson Disease. I changed from Papa’s Little Girl to a REBEL who would Curse, Fight, be Disobedient, etc., because I didn’t know what was happening to me. Worse of all I feared Rejection and see this was a sign of been abandoned by my Father and Mother.

But that was not the case as my Mother had to be strong to take on the roles and responsibilities thrust on her without any prior warnings or time to try make preparations. Sadly, I only found out these things via Counselling. Strangely enough I have to get Counselling because of discrimination in workplaces, where I thought I would be safe if I give of my best to try and make a difference with my Intellectual Properties, gained via my own experiences of life, studies and my thirst for knowledge. During those Developmental Transitions, in my head I was becoming the opposite of the person Papa wanted me to be. On reflections, I was blaming Papa for not been there for me when I needed him most.

I started questioning whether I belonged to my parents and Mama’s love for me. But I had the most questions for Papa’s GOD. How could my Papa’s God after the way he dedicated his entire life to living his life from the Bible’s Teaching, allow him to suffer? I went from Puberty into Motherhood a very mixed-up Teenager. I was destined to face rejections after rejections and even the loves I thought I have been false promises. For some reasons or other, like what is happening why I am out of work, everyone chooses to discriminate against me for their own preconceived prejudice views and opinions about who they think that I am.

The long and short of my story, is that my sons are the products of my unions with two of the most Eligible Young Men from my era. I have no regrets although I did not follow the trend and norms of what was expect of me. So as Mama would say I ended up with “di Patckwork Pickney dem.” If anyone reading my story is expecting to hear at a later date that anything untoward happened in my life, they won’t because I stood up for myself and was too angry for anyone to try anything with me, without my consent. I would probably have ended up beating the hell out of them and not be afraid to go public. If nothing else, my Parents brought me up with Old Fashioned Values and Beliefs, even if I broke some Rules. 

I was tested again after the birth of my first son, as my troubled Developmental Transition caught up with me again. My child was Misdiagnosed with Multiple Disabilities as being Deaf and Dumb. I guess this must have been the trigger I needed telling me life was not just about me anymore. I had was to Protect my child from some very Insensitive Ignorant People who treated me like the way I was discriminated against in Society from the age of ten (-10) years old. Take it from me, I know what it feels like to be different from the images of what is considered of BEAUTY. When you are not the Picture-Perfect Image with a Straight Nose, etc., be prepared for the discrimination that follows. To then be struck with Childhood Trauma is another story altogether.

Despite Papa’s illnesses, he was in his elements helping his Only Daughter with the care of my son, caring is part of our DNA. If you know me there is no doubt you know my Papa, barring the Angry Person I became when he took sick. I can recall Papa despite the SHAKINGS, singing his hear out for my son and trying to give back some of what I had lost out on. After that I picked myself up on the advice of my former Class Teacher at Secondary School, Mr Felix Rose and went back to Evening Classes at Mannings High School. But I was in for more disappointment, getting Pregnant again. I choose my child over the chance of a Future Career, but I never gave up my dreams.

The Rest Is History as I love to say, as now I can honestly say I made the most defining decisions about choosing to have my SONS even when they were not planned.  I have to make decisions that were to change my life because of my DNA. I choose not to have more children, even before I know anything about EUGENICS or was educated. Sometimes I look back with some amount of regrets, I did not have that Daughter, the Sister that especially my younger Son wanted from Mum. But I didn’t want a child who might possibly have to live my experiences, right or wrong, I made that choice.

My Fight4justice is to highlight my experiences and to stop my family going through my life from the time Papa was struck down with Parkinson Disease. Mama had to be the Mother, Father and Carer for the rest of her life, whether she wanted to or not. She never shirked her responsibilities and Duty of Care for anyone who needed her. My children did not escape and have their stories to tell, but I will allow them to do so when they are ready. I would like it to be known that social injustices and inequalities exist in all echelons of societies. Some will only take notice of the plights of others only if they are beneficiaries.

I am here to say SOD them. I come this far without their support, so I will finish yet another Transitional Journey on my own, no that I am EMPOWERED. I am however sending out messages to the Establishments, Systems, etc., that with my Defensive Practice, I am POWERFUL. Therefore, it’s time to stop paying lip services with the Tokenism of Rhetoric and Bureaucratic Red Tape and do something about the likes of me, who have to be using Social Media and Facebook in particular to get JUSTICE.

After the 8th March 2017, I will be putting NAMES in the Public Domain. You have your chances to make amends before then?       

 9th January 2017.

Taurus-Lori Reid: Taureans are some of the steadiest people in the universe. They are also some of the most loyal. But that loyalty could be strained today if you suspect that others are taking advantage. Call to hear why it’s time to take a broader view.

I have been pushed from pillar to post since I got back from #Burying_MAMA. The final #Rejections is the #Abandonment by those I am #Relying on?

My comments have been #Deleted from LinkedIn by those with friends in high places. The got Facebook to #Block me when I was celebrating my #1Son Mr Kevin Murray win as Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P #Councillor4FriendshipDivision. If I did not take charge with my Fight4justice campaign, I would not have access to my #MemoriesonSocialMedia.

Now the final insults are what have been happening to me since before the #28thNovember2016. I was tagged and labelled with the #Negative_Discourses that exacerbated and triggered my #ChildhoodTraumas.

But history will #Exonerate me. But before that, I am doing my bit to help myself. No one, not even #Jesus_God_HolyGhost can convince me I am someone that I am/is/was not!

Everyone is welcome to their opinions and views on my #LifeExperiences. At the end of the day I aim to #Teach_Lessons to those intent on #ModernDaySlavery in whatever formats.

Cover Letter #1 Job Search

I am an experienced Early Years Practitioner who was formerly a Basic School Teacher from my country of origin. I did 1-year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School setting. I studied at Lambeth College and The Open University gaining qualifications up to Foundation Degree in Early Years standards.

I have transferable skills from early in my life helping to take care of my younger siblings, nieces and nephews. I spent years learning at the hands of my mother about caring for the elderly, sick and infirmed as both dad and grandma were bedridden for a period of time. As a teenage mother I learned to care for the vulnerable from the cradle to the grave before I was 20 years old.

I have a wealth of experiences working in the early years sectors straight out of Lambeth College since 1999. I worked as Room Leader for toddlers. I was a Preschool Leader, Group Supervisor and Key Person. I took on roles and responsibilities of Mentor for colleagues doing Foundation Degrees and students on placements. I help posts as SENCO and EYFS Coordinator, represented my employers on Trainings, at Conferences and written articles for Websites and Publications.

I am proactive and uses my innovative initiative to develop my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan. I broadened my horizons doing research, trained as a Volunteer because I am an advocate of inclusion. I have a dream to continue my trainings to qualify as a Special Educational Needs Teacher so I can make my vision become a reality.

BIB Nursery:

Theresa Salmon Multigenerational Working Approaches Black History Month October 2014

BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

1. Long Service Award

    2. Active Matters certificate.  3. Long Service Award. 4. Consent Form – Theresa Salmon.

5. BIB Magazine. 6. BIB Magazine article – Theresa Salmon. 7. LEYF CEO Contributions Letter -25.11.2011 

    8. Long Service Award 15th October 2014. 9. BIB CEO News Letter November 2014. 10. BIB CEO News Letter 30.01.2015 

   11. Email to HR Dilys Epton 14.03.2015.

To Voice

 Further to the recent telephone contact when I spoke to Mark Essex about my situation and intention to appeal the outcome of the Disciplinary Hearing. Mark Essex told me that I would be allocated a Union Rep to advise me about the case. I have since received a letter that I requested about the telephone conversation between Arkwen Makin being put in writing. I will not be wasting my time arguing about what was said to me over the phone and what is in the letter. Because all Arwen Makin has done is STRESSED me out even more and caused me to become even more DEPRESSED. Therefore, I’d like someone else to handle my case as I don’t think I am getting the best advice and support from her. I got exactly this same kind of treatment from another UNION, so I know exactly what I am dealing with. I made the mistake of challenging that Union, so will therefore not be challenging VOICE, as I am not that LEARNED to do so.  

Since VOICE has not being in contact, I’d like to be informed who is the Union Rep who will be representing me at the Appeal before the time comes. What role is that person going to be taking. When Darren Mahon was representing me, I got advice about drafting letters, etc… What is VOICE role in supporting me after all these years of collecting my dues only now to leave me high and dry when I am once again at my most VULNERABLE.

When my friend phoned and I spoke to Mark Essex, he said he had no knowledge of my case. Has he availed himself of the information I sent to the office and make himself familiar with my case yet? As Mark Essex said on the phone Darren Mahon took up another job after coming back from representing me at the Hearing, but why did no one see fit to contact me to talk about my situation. This was after I sent documentations to him & copied VOICE in about some of the matters that came out at the Hearing. I am baffled and need some answers to my queries, as well as why I am not hearing from VOICE about my situation.

If this is of any help I sent in my Appeal and is waiting to hear from them, but as is their ways, they will be dragging their feet to further frustrate me. And I am hoping that this is not exactly what VOICE is doing as well? Sorry for being so cynical, but when I am having the exact same sort of treatment from 2 different Unions, I can’t help but being negative and feeling hopeless. I have also gone to do the Medical Referral for the Occupational Health and awaiting the outcomes. In the meantime, I’d like to know what help, support and advice VOICE is going to give me, since I have not heard from you since the last email of the 16.04.2015.

I would call, but I prefer as I said to have things in writing when I can take my time to take it in. Talking is one of the underlying conditions that is affected when I am STRESSED and ANXIOUS, and I don’t want to give anyone else more fuel to DISCRIMINATE against me for my DISABILITY and medical health conditions.

Awaiting your timely reply. Thanks in advance.  Mervelee Nembhard-Myers

Nabeela Kerun: Hello, my name is Nabeela Kerun, you are through to the Equality Advisory Support Service.   We are able to offer non-legal advice on the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.  Have you used this service before? If so, can you give me your reference number please?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Hello, have you contacted our service before?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: No
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: No problem. What I will need to do is set up a record for you and provide you with a reference number, Do you mind providing you address and a contact number? This information is just for your record and will be kept confidential.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: 16 Alma Grove London SE1 5PY 02072310813
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Thank you. Your reference number is 150427-000040.
The EASS can provide non-legal advice on the Equality Act 2010 this covers discrimination because of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, age and marriage or civil partnership. The EASS can also provide advice on the Human Rights Act 1998.

How can I help you today?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Having some problems at work. Went to a Disciplinary Hearing & appealed. Off on Medical Suspension. Am stressed out & depressed with everything happening to me
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: What was the reason for your disciplinary?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: 3 colleagues complained about me on the same day re my conduct. The allegations were made up to suit their agenda to get me sacked
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Ok, so due to the complaints, you were taken to disciplinary, were you given the opportunity to put forward your side in the appeal?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Yes I appealed, but I had a Union rep accompanied me to the hearing. He just disappeared & the Union called me beseeching me not to Appeal. I have had no support & advice from the union since.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_alert.pngCommunication with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Chat service has been lost.  Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_alert.pngDisconnection in 240 seconds.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_alert.pngConnection resumed.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Our service can only advise where discrimination has occured, if your case is not linked to a protected characteristic such as age, race, gender, disability etc, it is likely to be something that falls within the Employment legislation. As we cannot advise on the employment law, you would need to speak to Acas 0300 123 1100. Currently, it is unclear whether you believe that you have been discriminated against, and if so, how you feel the discrimination has occurred?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: I told them verbally & in writing when I started that I have Parkinson disease. I since developed Arthritis & Diabetes. I feel the fact that I don’t take medications for my disability & health conditions are factors in why my colleagues say they have problems working with me. I just done medical on Friday awaiting the report
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Ok, what we will need to go over is the definition of a disability for the purpose of the Equality Act 2010
In order to be covered by the Equality Act 2010, your condition must meet the definition of a disability as set out under the act.
1. The condition must be a physical or mental impairment
2. The impairment must have a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
When the act refers to substantial, this means that the effects of the condition must not be trivial or minor. Additionally, long term means that the condition must have lasted or is likely to last for more than 12 months. If you are taking any medication to counteract the effects of your condition, the courts will consider how you are affected in your daily life without that medication.  

http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Ultimately, we are unable to confirm if your condition is or isn’t covered, this is something only the Employment Tribunal can guarantee, however, if the effects of your condition without medication are substantial, it is likely to be covered
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: I have had my condition the GP names this as ANXIETY (letter dated 2006) What they are doing to me is causing me worries causing me not to be able to function & do my work. I get tremors & my speech can either be non-existent or I am said to be shouting. I have no control when I get anxious.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Do you mind explaining further about your issues with your colleagues? did any specific incident occur, if so, how is that incident linked to your disability?  E.g. you mentioned your anxiety can cause you to come across as if you are shouting, is this part of the complaints that have been raised against you?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Yes they are saying things about Body language, unprofessional, confrontational & rude. But I am mindful of my anxiety & the triggers. So tried to avoid any such acts of behaviour at all cost.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: What you will need to distinguish is whether your colleagues are targeting you because of your disability from general workplace bullying and harassment as the first is covered by the Equality act and the latter is covered by Employment law.
In terms of the accusations about body language, confrontational, rude etc, if this is a consequence of your condition (i.e if your anxiety can cause you to talk loudly and this is interpreted as shouting, or if you anxiety affects your body language) and you are being taken to disciplinary because of that, it may amount to discrimination arising from a disability
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Discrimination arising from a disability occurs where an individual is being treated unfavourable, not because of their disability itself, but due to a consequence of their condition. In your case, the unfavourable treatment is the disciplinary and the argument is that you were taken to disciplinary due to the body language, shouting etc – this is a consequence of your anxiety (disability)
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Ok thanks very much. I just don’t have the heart to go through another harrowing experience with Employment Tribunals because the same thing that the 1st Union I had done to me is happening agin with this 1. I feel let down. Work is what is keeping me going & now I don’t know what is happening to me. I am stressed & depressed
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: With regards to your union, if you feel unsupported by them, you may wish to make a formal complaint to your regional union as it is a service you are paying for, therefore, they should be helping you resolve this issue
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: As for your concerns with discrimination in the workplace, i understand you do not wish to go through an employment tribunal, and that is usually the last resort, however, at this stage you can address it by raising this as a formal grievance.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Did you raise any concerns of discrimination during your appeal?
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: I challenged the 1st 1 about the practice & I guess that made matters worse. I don’t have the energy & experience to deal with this anymore. The union rep who accompanied me left & now they are telling me not to appeal & no support since.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Yes, I put those in writing & is waiting to hear about the appeal. There are lots going on & I have just been transferred to this new site after working with the Co 5+ years. But they want me out at this new site. I told my manger verbally & in writing what was happening, but she done nothing because she is heading it. I have written evidence of accolades & contributions to the CO over the years, but the CO now turn against me & sided with them.  
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: The union said if I raise Grievance this might make matter worse
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: I don’t know if my age has anything to do with it because I am oldest 1. & they said things like I am moody & unfriendly & I don’t know about my race because the manager claimed that another staff who was transferred are Bad Apples.  
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Your employers owe you a duty of care, as this is causing further stress and triggering your anxiety, you can question if they can support you and possible discuss ways to mediate between yourself and your colleagues or train them on equality and diversity issues so they better understand your condition. Otherwise, you can raise discrimination arising from a disability to the employer as a grievance. With Discrimination arising from, the employer has to show that their actions in pursing disciplinary actions are proportionate in meeting their legitimate aim. This aim could be to ensure there is a safe working environment, or to address complaints made against employees in accordance with their policy. As your colleagues have made a complaint against you, the employer decided to pursue disciplinary actions on that basis, if they are aware of how your anxiety affects you and that it is impacting on your response and behaviour etc, they need to consider if disciplinary is really the best way to approach this situation.
The burden of proof rests with the employer to show that their actions are reasonably necessary, so if they could make adjustments to support you (maybe by offering training to yourself or colleagues so they understand anxiety better and how to work with you) and they havent considered such adjustments, it makes it difficult for the employer to justify their actions
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: With regards to your age and race, there needs to be more information to infer this otherwise it will be a case of raising a number of points that how no merit behind them. If you have other incidents that make you believe your age and/or race is a factor, you can raise that, however, a suspicion of discrimination alone is not enough
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Ok I will stick to the disability (ANXIETY) issues because I told them b4 I started & as late as January 2015 at supervision when I discussed with the manager. I also addressed in writing to the manager how the treatment was affecting my Anxiety & other health conditions.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: You may wish to use the template letter on our website to raise discrimination arising from a disability- templates are located under the tab headed ‘resources’ and titled ‘template letter work discrimination arising from a disability’. What you can also consider is whether the employer can support you in reducing the anxiety in anyway to prevent similar incidents in future from arising
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Ok ta, I am also awaiting the report from the Medical Referral & the doctor suggested I get Cognitive Therapy. I asked for counselling & none was forth coming & the Union rep raised that at the Hearing. The chair was not aware about certain correspondence that passed between HR. Then they were not even sure whether I was disciplined under Gross Misconduct or Misconduct. 1 department don’t know what the other is doing. They only set out to get an outcome, so they have reasons to Sack me.
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: As therapy was suggested, you may wish to question why this wasnt implemented as the employer needs to show on business grounds why the adjustment was unreasonable, otherwise it could be argued as a failure to make reasonable adjustments
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_agent.pngNabeela Kerun: Once you have raised these points, you can return to the service and keep us updated by quoting your reference number, however please be aware that under the EqA you have only 3 months less 1 day from the incident date (date of discrimination) to pursue a claim with the Employment tribunal
http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/euf/rightnow/optimized/1424858755/themes/standard/images/chat_enduser_message.pngMervelee Myers: Ta much, but I can’t face up to Tribunal as I won’t be able to cope.


Request Email Response

Theodora’s Work Volunteering  

 More of me

I have all my #Bredas with me!

Coping along the way   

My mum has always known, cared for and be around family friends and acquaintances who needed special support because of illnesses all her life from she was very young.  She lost children in infancy; helped to care for her dad, husband, mother; buried her brother, sons and numerous families but she was always able to bounce back.  Now that the Lord has seen fit to strike her down with Dementia, this has become a trying time for her and the rest of the family.  We know there is no way back and we must do our utmost best to support her the best we can until she is called home to rest from her toils.  Now that I am older and wiser, I will no longer question the works of God as I did when my dad was stricken for over a decade with his illnesses.  I have also come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to get rid of the DNA hence the genes I was born with and is trying to make my life as beneficial as is decently possible until the good Lord decided my time has come to be struck down with any one of my many ailments which I inherited from my parents.  In the meantime, I am saving my energies to make mum’s life as comfortable as possible until the rest of her remaining days here on this earth.  Sometimes I get burden down along the way and as I am only human lose my cool, but like my mum I refused to keep down and will fight for a better outcome.  I have decided to find an outlet for my pent-up emotions and use my knowledge creatively by writing about life’s experiences.  So, I hope this medium will put me on the road to redeeming myself and enable me to become more focused about the things that are most important to me.  As of today, I hope I can become a better person towards everyone who crosses my paths, and my children will be proud of me as a MOTHER the same way I am proud of the Mother who made me into the person I am today?   

Henry aka Granty Papa Salabie & Doreen Forrester-Nembhard

Texchus Veralton Nembhard – The Police Officer  

I helped my brother when the Jamaica Constabulary Force was doing all Island Recruitment for Police Officers. He graduated and worked at Carifesta 1976 the year my first son Kevin Murray was born 

Dostan Melric Nembhard

One of the best tailors of his time. His brother Balis teach him the trade. Our father Ivan Sandyman Nembhard was a tailor. My mother could sew, grandma Irene came from a line of dressmakers. She was blinded in one eye when the scissors her mother was using fell on her. I can sew as well and used make my own rag dolls because my parents could not afford to buy me one at Christmas. 


How I Started Volunteering with Resources For Autism

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is remembering those who are no longer with us.

Daily Express Page 7: Cleese tribute to ‘wonderful’ Sachs – Mr Sachs is said to have died in a London Care Home of Vascular dementia after four years. Now this for me is to go do more Research about the different types of Dementia. It is stated that John Sachs said his father used Manuel’s moustache to hide behind because he did not want to be recognised.

Then I noticed another thing about me, and it is that my spellings are not as good as I once thought it was? For the first time, I noticed how to spell moustache. It is not spelt the way I pronounce it as “mouthstash”. It took me all this time to realise.

I done Dyslexia training for the first time a couple months ago. But I have been aware of the different types of Dyslexia Centers from I was working at King’s College Hospital. So now I am of the opinion after the training that I have more than #1formsofDyslexia namely Dyscalculia, Disorientations & a little Dyspraxia UK thrown in for good measures. As proof of my Dyslexia, I am still to remember where I use the wrong hand to put the Training Certificate.

I guess it will show itself once I am through with the main purpose for my Fight4justice campaign?

I have an interest in this story because of my #Mother and an area of concerns I have re Multigenerational Working Partnerships. Meeting this Elderly Lady in East Street Market have given me much food for thoughts. I must have experience Dementia Friends without knowing from a young age. However, with knowledge comes power and I have to give thanks for the opportunities I have had since living in the UK. I studied with  The Open University, and is a force to be reckon with. That’s why I refuse to give LEYF Nurseries & the Establishment the satisfactions of destroying my life. The life that my Mother worked like a Man to see her children make something of our lives.

Mama had Dementia which I diagnosed. I lived her dementia with her even when I was not home, because my Family made sure I had a telephone conversation every weekend without fails with her. But the most poignant memories I have is the time I spent with her during the time I was in Jamaica for my 1 Son Mr Valdin Legister & Naheel Julene Brown Legister wedding.

I helped Mama rediscovered the life she once knew, even if she didn’t remember and recognise her 1 Daughter. Then I went back to bury Mama, came back, got transferred to BIB, LEYF Nurseries, where my life was turned into a living hell.

Therefore LEYF Nurseries & the Establishments must be heal accountable with my Fight4justice campaign. Some are pretending that they were not informed, or that I did not seek their support to stop the Discriminations. But time is the master in all we do?

The HMCTS & CPS & CJS & HMPPS Career Criminals must get their Emotional Regulation Treatment 

To On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Let the world be aware of my situation. I don’t need to embellished my Fight4justice campaign against LEYF Nurseries. Since I join Facebook in the Summer of 2009, I have adhere to the Rules of Law and British Ethical Guidelines in every Contract and using my Moral Judgement to make decisions. I have my Defensive Practice to back up my stories. Yet the #EmploymentTribunals affirm the Discrimination and presided over another miscarriage of justice. Do they really believe I’m going to keep quiet or commit suicide to give them ammunition to fuel the RACIST Terrorism by the COWARDLY BIGOTS who are THUGS of the #ModernDaySlaveMasters_Mistresses. No way I will be writing…

 On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

For those of U whose BD I’ve missed- Happy belated! & 4 those whom I will surely be missing take a bow on my b1/2 on the day? I am 1 Tired Wreck, but I am still Soldiering on. Have 2 work right up until my travels, but if my Ghana Sis Madonna can do it, so will I, even if I am about 2 Drop? Yesterday was 1 Interesting & Productive day & I got the opportunity 2 be Challenged from I left my home until I got back indoors… So BTU 2 all my colleagues at LEYF-LS – Suzanne, Michelle Hoofong, et al who supported me all the way! With Ur help I was empowered to brighten 1 Little Elderly Lady on the day she celebrated her 83rd BD.

I am sure my CEO who is an advocate of Multi-Intergenerational would be more than pleased about the work WE continue to do at LS to make this a Reality? Let’s hope Eileen Parker whom I sometimes escorted home when I see her at the BS at Alscot Rd really appreciated the card the children made 4 her? Next time I see her am sure she will tell me even if when I talk, she says “I CAN’T HEAR U, I AM DEAF…” So, it was from 1 end of the MIG process of the ELDERLY to the very YOUNG! Changes of any kinds do have an IMPACT on the Very Old as well as the Very Young, so these groups just don’t do things differently because they want to make OUR life a Living Nightmare? The morale of the story WE are never too OLD to LEARN?

Links to Websites & YouTube

On this day 5 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed with Marcia Murray Royal and 4 others.

I am taking a different approach to how I interact on Facebook as of now. I will not therefore be sticking to anyone format, but whatever happens to take my fancy daily. Today I will start with reviewing the Daily Express to see if I have anything in common with #FeaturedStories?

Page 1&3: Please Don’t Go LEN – Meeting up with a former colleague when I was coming from the East Street market led me to realise the significance of this story. I worked with briefly this African Lady at #PeckhamSettlement from January – July 2009. We greeted each other and stopped to chat as is the norms with people of our generations with similar cultural backgrounds. She could not believe anything that I was telling her about what happened to me at #BIB, #HOC and #NewCross LEYF Nurseries with the #Establishment and the #System conspiring and colluding to making my life a living hell.

The lady stopping to chat, sharing of her experiences that are similar to mine and reassuring me… help with restoring my faith in the human beings that continue to let me down when I needed their support the most.

Telling me it was a good thing I left when I did, she related how she had to stand her grounds and demands her rights not to be discriminated against. She eventually left with her #RundantPay that they did not want to give her.

The #Moral of the story is “some will support you, but some wont”. Take it from someone who has been in a few scrapes where I believed that no matter the outcome, I am going to stick to my principles. I have had to face some consequences over the years. I would advise you all never to depend on anyone, no matter who to come to your defence when you reach rock bottom. You can make your marker and knows who will be at your side when the time comes?

When one is a celebrity and living in the public eye, then that is a totally different experience all together. Some of my experiences in the UK since 2004 have not left me with much faith in the Establishments, Systems or even the #HumanSpecies. So good on all those who are rallying around and saying, ‘Please Don’t Go LEN’!

My son Valdin Allan Legister’s Wedding – Allegations made at Rumi’s Wedding 4/1/2015 changed my life and that of my son and his family since.

Mertie Joy Legister-Bernard & Cassandra Bernard  

What role did these 2 played in triggering my PTSD?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson was Born for a Purpose

I was in my early teens when dad took sick and over the years I watched as the burdens of life took their tolls on MUM, but she never once shirked her responsibilities to her family.  It breaks my heart each time I called to speak to her and sometimes she has retreated to a world of her own where even I her only daughter cannot intrude.  And then when she has some clarity and says things like you are so far away and don’t have money to come and look for me…?  It makes matters even worse.  But I must deal with the realities of life and know that I must continue working hard in the UK despite whatever may befall me to afford to give MUM a better quality of life.  So, it is with a heavy heart I sit here and write this tribute to my MOTHER for the years of dedicated services she has provided.  I know I have inherited all Mama’s traits and there is no escaping, but I hope I’ll be able to conduct myself with as much Dignity dealing with what life throws at me.   

My Sister-In-Law Denese Clarke-Nembhard had an operation for a tumour and ended up with a stroke last year. When I heard the anguish when speaking to my brother, I sat at the computer and learned to pray aloud for the first time.

 In honour of MUM

 When I was born over ½ of a century ago my mum and gran were the 2 most dominant females in my life as I was blessed with only brothers, so I was always surrounded by males.  This continued to be the norm as I was blessed with 2 younger siblings who turned out to be boys, and not the longed-for sister I had wanted all my life. However, I was later compensated for my lack of female siblings by the kind of long-lasting relationships I forged along life’s journeys.  These relationships have led to my having so many role models, some older, my age and even younger in a support network that span the different communities in which I am privileged to have lived.  Because of growing up in a household of mostly males it is no surprise that I grew up to be a typical Tom Boy until I hit puberty when mum tried to put a stop to my Tom foolery ways without an explanation.  However, after many reflections I can understand mum’s rationale for trying to rope in the stubborn child whom I had become.   I must confess that over the years I have morphed so much into my mum and granny that it is very much uncanny.  I keep reminding myself at times…, but that’s exactly what mum and gran would do in the same circumstances.  Reminds me of some of the sayings like chip doan fly fur from block, kettle a cuss pot black, pig did ask sow wat mek your mouth long suh and sow sey bambye you will see…

Spartan aka Babs Campbell – Mama Lou Family from Ms Agnes & Manny Brown Clan


33Nembhard Samuels, Gavin Meylor and 31 others 3 Comments 3 Shares

                CHAPTER 3

LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan Plagiarise My Intellectual Property & Image Rights & Sanctions Discrimination After Mum Died With Dementia


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