Without Prejudice June O’Sullivan The Psychopath Wants To Be Remembered As A Disruptive Influence Mervelee Myers Make Sure She And Richard Harty Get Done For Abuse Rings 13/12/21


LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan Plagiarise My Intellectual Property & Image Rights & Sanctions Discrimination After Mum Died With Dementia


Mervelee Myers is a Cultural Ambassador who can be found on the Internet and World Wide Web involved with celebrating British Values and making valuable contributions to fostering the old-fashioned values and ethos I was raised with.  

On this day 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Here putting my HOUSE in order 2 Welcome the N.Y. 2012. This will be an Important YEAR in JA History & I hope it will be a new beginning 4 I & I 2!!!! 11


On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Suzanne is from Iraq & I am from Jamaica! WE started living in the UK at around the same time. WE were fortunate to be linked via OUR work at London Early Years Foundation & as Parents shared similar KVB! Ta Suzanne for Ur Beliefs in what I bring to the Team at LS!

MM Updates 2021: LEYF refused to give Suzanne a job and I had to write a reference for her. Please compare to the six-line reference of Senior HR Dilys Epton flagging safeguarding. I have not worked since resigning with the second nervous breakdown after the death of my mother. On the matter of reference, Judge Freer gave Barrister Samantha Jones a reference to be on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel. She gets the ET to adjourn claiming her GP quarantine her not to leave home for 48 hours with a contagious disease. She told the ET she did not prepare a case. The ET takes -5 months to give the judgement making me a victim and the target of scammers and LEYF perverts and abusers. This was the second miscarriage of justice after I experienced bereavement and losses. The ET refused to take the Medical Reports I handed in that were Judge Elliot’s Court Order and left out of the bundle into consideration  

No photo description available.

Out of Many We r 1…!

MM Updates 2021: More proof of how HMCTS & CPS & CJS & HMPPS Career Criminals will get named for protecting the PAEDOPHILES at LEYF and the UEL. 


On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating success with Valdin Legister and Mertie Bernard.

Daily Express Page 29: My date with Rihanna and the (former) party prince… Camilla Tominey mixes with pop royalty and British royalty when she joins Harry on his tour of the Caribbean as they mark milestone anniversaries of independence.

Message to those #Naysayers who have been trawling through my Facebook with their #UlteriorMotives. They must remember that I already told them, I don’t have #Secrets & if there are any, I KEEP THEM TO MYSELF! Anything more than one person knows is not a #SECRET? My #SocialMedia is my #GiftofHistory for the #FutureGenerations. Can LEYF Nurseries not acknowledge how I used my #Qualifications, #CPPDP to promote their organisation? Now I have gone into #LEYFWebsite & done my #Research, just in case they are unaware. How many of the #Managers were my #FormerColleagues at #LutonStreet? Did my #2Son Mr Valdin Legister not endorse #LutonStreetTeam in 2011. That was the years they said I was not good enough to fill the post of #LeadEarlyYearsPractitioner despite been the only shortlisted staff from the organisation. Maybe it’s time to review & update the #Contract into the #RulesofLaw governing the EYFS, Ofsted, the Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 1998, Human Rights Act 1998, et al…?

Page 30: A word from the Editor Martin Townsend – ‘You CAN be the hottest actor on TV, whose name always comes first on the credits, but if you have to settle for being a couple of rungs lower on the cast list, if the most you can hope for is a few lines rather than a grandstanding speech and you still become a much-loved household name, that, to me, is a real achievement. “If you can make it there,” to steal a phase from Frank Sinatra, “you can make it anywhere…”

I will leave this powerful insights from the opening statements from the #Editor speak volumes… LEYF Nurseries can do whatever they please now. When #MERVELEEMYERS has done her best since 19.05.1956, I doubt there is not much more I can do to change the #Opinions of those who can’t wish good for others in #Life or in #Death!!!

My Fight4justice will not be in vain, even when I am struggling without #WORK to provide for my #BasicNeeds?

On this day 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

All I am saying this is my son Kevin Murray! Therefore LEYF Nurseries- will have to know that my Fight4justice will roll on and on… Facebook for Windows missed the perfect opportunity. Anyway, I know they harvested my data and is trying to benefit from my #misery. How old is #JudgeEJFreer and #JudgeShanks? Tell them to go back to read my witness statements and the bundles.

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What if I say my son has deleted me out of his life

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Toraino Beckford  Df4ece4Smhber6 3n, 21s0091e7  · 


If anything happens to me, think bigger than the Jamaican government.

I hate to publish things like this that give the impression of me being a paranoid conspiracy theorist- void of facts.

I have always prided myself as a logical, realistic, evidence-based person who does not, to the best of my knowledge, lend myself to wild speculations and baseless conspiracy theories.

However, my recent experiences with a phenomenon I come to know as “The Targeted Individual Program” has forced me to become bolder in my exposure and discuss issues that persons are probably reluctant to believe.

For a while, I have been experiencing stalking, hacking of my electronic devices, unexplained harassment from Law enforcement (Negril Police) and other people within my community. Recently there have been two incidents of guns firing at my home (two nights in a row) which I believe is an attempt to send a message to me.

Knowing that I publicly accused the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness of using my plagiarised work (on an anti-crime plan I was developing titled “Crime Control Initiative: Operation New Horizon and was denied exposure from a list of mainstream media houses including ( The Gleaner, The Observer, The Star, Loop News and TVJ News) and was later given two radio talk shows to voice my allegations against the Holness administration (Talk up Youths by Emprezz Golding and Ripe Mango by Kamla Forbes).

At this point, I am fearful for my life and I don’t know if the police will be much help. I am simply informing the people of my current circumstances if things get worse because I am currently changing my address and I don’t have any familiar connections in the place that I am going. I simply cannot stay where I am currently living and I simply cannot stay silent because of pride and the fear that I will be disbelieved and ridiculed.

I will not be replying immediately to your post because I will not have consistent internet connection where I am about to go so please support me.

2You and Carl Nembhard. 6 Comments

MM UEL Richard Harty and Mary Mitchison Abusers 15 October 2021

Police Terrorism

Let Mervelee Myers begin by giving an introduction of myself via https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and what is happening to me 7 years later when am entrapped with Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover up www.leyf.org.uk abuse rings that were online during the Employment Tribunal claim.  I must, therefore, address this matter so those involved are in no doubt about why I invested in my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g in the face of the Judiciary of England and Wales & the Criminal Justice System & the Crown Prosecution Service discrimination. 

Hi Mervelee,

Lovely seeing you yesterday. Please what was discussed on the phone with Police yesterday.

Police officers at Peckham Police Station made me aware that Mervelee Myers (MM) disclosed she felt suicidal to the staff removing her from MM University premises.                                                                                            

  •  MM Updates: This is a lie and why was the staff removing me from the University premises? When did they remove me from UEL and if I disclose any such information why did they wait until 21/10/2021 to send the Police to my home trying to force entry? How many times has the Metropolitan Police attended my home since I phoned them in October 2017 to report verbal threats from http://www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com after trying to contact other organisations that Winsome Duncan might have caused me to compromise my DBS? It was Ms. Duncan who sent me the reviews online that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement. But allowed https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones to get away with making up a contagious disease. Because she told the ET she did not prepare a case as it would be a strikeout.  Barrister Jones had http://www.personnelconsultancy.com representing LEYF as a solicitor/lawyer. After I was contacted by http://www.bwbllp.com on 24/9/2015. After my Open Letter and other correspondence, I did not hear anything from Martin Bunch until 2017. At first, I thought Mr Fenton was a member of BWB until the case was adjourned and I writes to BWB for not representing LEYF. The letter was sent to Mr Fenton who mentioned it when I tried to submit AWS. The ET took -5 months to give the judgment and BWB came out of the woodwork to get https://www.facebook.com and  https://www.twitter.com Legal Team to contact me.  We must look at why the Police think they can get away with playing into the hands of the UEL with such an excuse. They need to provide a comprehensive report of why they went to my home and what were the intentions of PC Conway and the female. By now I should be known to the Metropolitan Police for them to do a check. And to call my phone from a Private Number and be spoken to the way PC Conway did is disrespectful and verging on the occult of why this is another attempt on my life since Ms. Duncan sent them to section me.  Let me direct the public to http://www.hctgroup.org across from the photograph of Mervelee Myers with 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. Let me say this is just an example of how my disabilities are used against me. Disclosures: It is obvious the UEL has panicked and made a blunder in trying to cover their track and should be ashamed of themselves. Let me say I went through the procedures for Registration and was assigned a Mental Health Practitioner name Susan Davies, so what does that say about UEL and the handling of Richard Harty’s blatant discrimination to cover his plots in LEYF discrimination.  Because of his involvement in Men in Childcare that I would not have been alerted if he did not call my mobile on 27/9/2021 to threaten me. When I sense the threat because the date is triggered, it was the date I resigned with the second nervous breakdown after experiencing bereavement and losses. I recorded the rest of the conversation and I am on record asking Richard Harty I was emotional, and he should not judge me. If anyone with an iota of sense listens to the recording they will hear me telling Richard Harty about where I was in my life. So to call the Police telling them such a lie after the threats to remove the recording https://youtu.be/6-Znc717izc  is my conversation with Mr Harty. Since that time Mary Mitchison keeps issuing threats. Because I know I adhered to GDPR 2018 and UEL guidelines to get http://www.gov.uk/studentfinance to get my entitlements it is obvious UEL breach the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. As to say they have to remove me from the UEL, it was the Indian Security, who I sent back to get someone to explain the situation to me. And Tanya Cotier and the female who is at fault. Are they the ones who say I said I was feeling suicidal or not? They were the last persons I spoke to and the conversation was about the way I was treated beside the plaque dedicated to Black Lives Matter in honour of George Floyd in Black History Month.  Why did the Black Security have to come out to rescue me when he saw what was happening?     
  • Police officers were calling to check in on MM wellbeing due to the nature of what was disclosed.                                                                                                                 MM Updates: Because of the behaviour of the Police towards me from the time they came to section me from a malicious report on 30/10/2017 I have to say the Police who gave this report is either an idiot or unable to master the EYFS Prime & Specific areas. In February 2021 I was assaulted by a black man in Brixton, and I called to report the matter because I had given the young man spare change and had a conversation with him in the East Street Market. It was obvious his mental health had deteriorated, and I wanted him to get the help he needed. The Police offered to send someone to talk to me. I was gobsmacked when the 2 Officers started questioning me like I am the Criminal that I later became. And how Holly Sweeney described me on 29/11/2020 when she called me to come to Walworth Police Station for an interview on 1/12/2020. How can I trust these officers after what PC Conway said when he called? This was after they went to my home and tried to force entry. When they visited with the NHS Ambulance on 30/10/2017 they tried to force me to leave my husband, until I showed them my Medical Report, I had taken to the MP Neil Coyle’s Surgery. I was present when the black man smashed up the place claiming he wanted to go back to Africa. I arranged Meeting with the Police and here is Bully Boy Owen Pyle https://youtu.be/Vua-mm4ABjI and he was in the www.express.co.uk because of his bragging about an event at the Nottinghill Carnival. I contributed to the Express Mental Health CRUSADE so to have Justice Simler agree I made up disabilities after sending my claim to the EAT with caveats for Disability and in the Express advocating on behalf of criminals not to be deported to Jamaica. Makes it hard for me to understand how I graduated from https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk to http://www.open.ac.uk from 2004-2010 graduate before my 50th birthday to a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment makes me determined to show the role that the UEL is the final cog in the machinery of discrimination after the death of my mother with http://www.dementia.org.uk  in 2014. The UEL must be charged for breaching the GDPR and Charter of Rights 12 Codes.      
  • I explained that I was MM’s support worker, and they are free to contact me concerning matters related to her case. I passed on my contact details.                MM Updates:  Since Richard Harty has a video on YouTube about his holistic approach let me introduce Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach Abstract http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 so Richard Harty knows about my contributions to Early Childhood Education as a Basic School Teacher http://www.jbsf.org.uk  to arriving in the UK from June 1992.
  • I explained I was not aware of what MM disclosed and reassured the officers that MM was with me and safe                                                                                             MM Updates: It is time for Mervelee Myers to share with the world how the https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk must be accountable for the discrimination against me from the time they visited my home on the 30/10/2017. Then came back on 30/11/2020 to murder me to say I committed suicide under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture. How can the Police who came to my home to restrict my rights and beat me because I was tensing up to protect three officers? Now say they are concerned about my welfare by turning up at my house and then calling and talking to me the way PC Conway did?  Listen to how I was treated at Southwark Police Station when I arranged a Meeting https://youtu.be/8g-7jUGZook for more.    
  • The police officers quoted a reference number for MMs case: 2358/21OCT21      MM Updates: This is just another tokenism and delaying tactic to add to the triggers for my PTSD. So have a listen https://youtu.be/_E7E8bVxqM for more as I have enough to write BOOKS about “My Experience of Multiple Discrimination” that I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers in 2010 when I carried out “A Voice of a Child” research for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan. Now here is why Richard Harty panicked and kicked me off the course the link is “Men in Childcare”. There is the possibility that this is the reason for the reviews online that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement.  Reason https://www.linkedin.com refuses me access to my account.   

Warm regards,  

Tonyé Babudoh (she/her). Women’s Services Deputy Manager. Women’s Advocate 

South London Women’s Hubs – Southwark & Lewisham. Pecan

t: 020 7732 0007. m: 075 0870 6450. e: tonye.babudoh@pecan.org.uk

Secure e: tonye.babudoh@pecan.cjsm.net


Thanks to Tonye I have been given a voice and am going to use it. Every day I read my http://www.express.co.uk  horoscope as a reminder of my brother who died age 56 with CANCER. I made promises to him on his death bed. Taurus April – May 2021 Career developments will affect your family life. Although changes you feel nervous, this will bring improvements your way. Family plans are about to take a large step forward as you will have more for home affairs. I have lost 7+ years of my life to London Syndrome.    


Parents References

As today is celebrated as MOTHER’s Day (except in UK) and Dementia Awareness Week (in UK) I must confessed that I am glad to say I still have a Mother who is 89 years and counting. (MM Updates 2021: Mum died aged 90 years old and since that time I have experienced the kind of discrimination which affected my disabilities to the point where I don’t understand how am still alive). However, I am here harking and wishing I could turn the clock back to the time before I discovered that MUM was developing Dementia and tried to break the news to my family.  Even now it is hard to get some of my siblings to understand where I am coming from about the slow deteiorations in mum’s mental health.  Of late her condition has exacerbated to the point where she hardly recognises her children at times.  I share moments with my big breda Balis where I am overcome with laughter or shed tears about some of the antics she gets up to.  I am a very sentimental person who knows more about Mum than she even knows about herself and she has covered her vulnerability with a cloak to hide the pains and grief’s she suffered throughout her life.  Like Mum I too have been covering myself with that cloak to get away from the hurts, but I guess not as successful as her as I am always overcome by emotions? 

Colleagues References

So today I am writing this little ditty as a reminder of the wonderful person MUM is and was, and I thank my lucky stars that dad chose her to be OUR Mother.  Mama has had her ups and down throughout life coping with all kinds of adversities that would cause a lesser person to hand in the towel, but she never complained about her lot in life and picking the short straw.  She was a stern Mother who never puts up with any foolishness from anyone; she did her duties by her family, friends, and community; lived an exemplary life serving her God and most of all was there to provide care and support for those who needed her services.  She was a tower of strength when dad and later her mum took sick, and she eventually had to go out and worked like a man to make sure her family had bread on the table. 

                      CHAPTER 4

Childhood Traumas & Hidden Disabilities Stop Me Achieving Potentials

Thinking of brand Mervelee Myers & the Case Studies!

I find this article interesting for a variety of reasons. Someday it will be made clear when I eventually clear my name. That’s why I have my Fight4justice campaign to get the UK Parliament to hold an inquiry into the Early Years sector, Ofsted and the EYFSLocal Safeguarding Children Board and Local Educational Authority. That way I don’t have to face another miscarriages of justice after being part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to Acas www.acas.org.uk/research/papers.

That way the Employment Tribunal will think twice about posting online at https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…. Because the ET Judges who take 5 months to cut and paste the Respondent’s summary can complain about lack of resources, etc… and disregard the Equality Act 2010Data Protection Act 1998, etc… Claim that Legal entity don’t discriminate, people do. But it is more than obvious who are the people that discriminate, the way how the ET Case was handled from start to finish. Now I am waiting on the Employment Appeal Tribunal, before taking my Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Fight4justice www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk at WordPress to the world stage with my writing.

I have my CPPDP, and Intellectual Properties from my Case Studies from I worked with LEYF 1st September 2009 to 27th September 2015. And what have been going on in my life since I was forced to resign with a Nervous Breakdown. The role of Voice: the union for education professionalsBates Wells & Braithwaite LondonDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWP, and others that will be named in due course…
Copied from Facebook and the Nursery World Magazine. 5th January 2018.

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

When di bomboclaat #Scammers dat keep call me phone gwine get di F.U.C.King message. Mi nah tek part in nuh #Survey. Last week u say u a #HMRC.

On this day 5 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about doing something different with Dulcie Henry and  19 others.

Good morning Facebook! After #CONSULTATIONS with the Councillor of the Friendship Division, Mr Kevin Murray… The #Page Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P will remain #INDIFINITELY! Looking forward to sharing your informed communication via #SocialMedia as how best to continue the work with the #Mandate the #Electorate have given to the Jamaica Labour Party to make #History in Westmoreland. This is the start of the #Journey now that the electioneering is settled and we work together for the #Prosperity of the #CUP been getting filled to the brim with the support of each and every one!


My brother Amly Decosie Alframy Nembhard with Michael Jackson skin condition. He always jokes that he would prefer to have Michael Jackson’s money instead. We have Wicked Sense of Humour.


My nephew Leroy George Montgomery aka John Nembhard I help to raise him when my grandmother took him home.

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On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling motivated in London, United Kingdom.

My #1Son Kevin Murray. Now do LEYF Nurseries understand why I am booked for Childcare Expo 2018 already?

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On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling proud.

#1ofmySons Mr Valdin Legister!

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Copyright Act 1976 Section 107 Fair Use

Call for ‘shared sites’ to bring young and old together
05 January 2018 by Meredith Jones Russell

A new report has called for the introduction of 500 intergenerational shared sites to unite young and old people and counter ‘age apartheid’.

Lexden Lodge Kindergarten in Colchester visits Oaks Care Home

According to think tank United for All Ages in its ‘Mixing Matters’ report published today (5 January 2018), urgent action is needed to create 500 shared sites across the country by 2022 to tackle growing social divides in ‘Brexit Britain’.

In the report’s analysis of recent research, it found that Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world, particularly for the oldest and youngest generations, and said this gap has widened over the last 50 years.

United for All Ages made three key recommendations for bringing older and younger people together:

Building multigenerational communities: supporting community businesses, making public spaces more accessible, opening community facilities to all ages, co-locating childcare and eldercare schemes
Mutual support through two-way relationships: online mentoring of younger people, advocacy for older people needing health and social care, ‘homeshare’ schemes where younger people live with older people, increased interaction between grandfathers and grandchildren
Better communication between generations: establishing a national council for all ages supported by an intergenerational convention, building bridges between generations using arts activities and street parties.
According to the think tank, shared sites such as housing schemes for the elderly co-located with nurseries should be prioritised in the fight to beat age segregation.

The ‘Mixing Matters’ report highlights the growth of shared sites in 2017, including the first ‘care-home nursery’ at Apples and Honey Nightingale in south west London, and mentions the significance of the Channel 4 programme ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’ in raising awareness of intergenerational projects.

Director of United for All Ages Stephen Burke said, ‘Brexit Britain is dogged by divisions – we are divided by class, income, race, geography and age. The mistrust that arises from such divisions is fuelled by the lack of connection between different generations. This can breed myths and stereotypes, misunderstanding, ageism, and exclusion. That’s why we believe mixing matters.

‘The joy of mixing can unite Brexit Britain in these divided times. As surveys repeatedly show, older and younger generations have much more in common than some would have us believe. Now’s the time to make shared sites happen because mixing matters for everybody.’

Read an extended version of this story in Nursery World, out on 8 January.

MERVELEE MYERS COMMENTS – Copyright Act 1976 Section 107 “Fair Use”.

I was the EYFS Coordinator, and SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at Luton Street LEYF Nursery from I transferred there April 2010. The fact that LEYF set about to ruin my career and destroy my emotional health and well-being after the death of my mother with support from the https://www.gov.uk AGENCIES is reasons to expose the CEO June O’Sullivan for who she has turned out to be. 


See more at ACAS.ORG.UK

Top of Form

Top of Form

Comment as My Professional Development Portfolio    Bottom of Form


My Professional Development Portfolio A ha I am writing… I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”. The interview was conducted at my home in 2010 whilst I was employed with LEYF. I signed the Contract 7th October 2009 with Westminster Children Society; this was not updated later in line with the Equality Act 2010. After the second miscarriages of justice by https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and I exhausted the Employment Appeal Tribunal. I have turned to the Small Claims Court www.smallclaim.gov.uk only for the discrimination to continue by HMCTS, BSB, CCMCC, SRA, CLCC, JCIO, MOPAC, IOPC, Metropolitan Police.  

Bottom of Form

Mervelee Myers New Year Resolution 2012 –   7 years ago  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and 2 others.

December 31, 2012 at 10:50 PM · 

New Year Resolutions 2013

Dearest Father once more I E. Mervelee I. Nembhard-Myers come before thee with my prayers and wishes for a New Year. If you could consider even 1 of my supplications, I would be eternally grateful.

This New Year means a new me is prepared to negotiate and meet halfway…

Every day pleas make my life continues to evolve as I try to embrace my callings towards new thinking and evaluate the ethos by which I was brought up…

When will I see my loved ones again? If not on earth, we will meet at Jesus’ throne…

Yester year was like an evening gone, but I intend to make 2013 even more productive as I stop yearning for the impossible…

I know Eternal and everlasting life is promised to believers and I intend to let my let shine so others may see my better qualities…

My intention is to Arise take up the cross and follow Jesus…

I will always Remember my past, as this will enable me to deal with the future revelations…

I will always Resolved to revel in my family and friend’s achievements and reward those who are precious, ensuring I revere those who have stood by me through thick and thin over the years…

Please Empower me to enlist support and encouragement in times of enlightenment when I am in doubt…

I will always Seek solace in God our soon coming King to see me through the sorrows and tribulations which are bound to come my way…

I will always expect you to Observe and help me take stack and remove obstacles that are coming my way, and enable me to obtain my dreams if it is your wish dear Lord…

I will always expect you to Listen to my fervent prayers and turn my dreams into reality…

Please let my Utterances be tempered with tolerance and thoughts of others, so I do not intentionally offend. I promised not to take umbrage when others are unintentionally unpleasant and unprincipled…

Please remove Temptations I pray, and will you ensure they are banished forever…

Please Inspire me to reach my goals…

Omnipotent and majestic I would like to be, if only to fulfil thy will oh Lord. So, I can be of service to God and those who need me most…

Never leave me to my own negative thoughts for longer than necessary…

Saviours hear my call and empower me to be of service to those who are depending on me…

Just a few wishes as I struggle with the tasks which confront me again this year. I am pleading your intersession and ask that you continue guiding and protecting my mum and 2 children for yet another year.

Lord oh my Lord make me an instrument of your peace… A bright and prosperous New Year 2 ALL!!! 

Top of Form

My CPPDP and Intellectual Property Updates 26 May 2019

Knowledge, Values, Beliefs. Studies, Qualifications, Trainings. Vision, Advocate, Openminded.

Copyright of Mervelee Myers (05/06/2018) in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 25th May 2018.

As of now any uploads to MyJAMAICA must adhere to the GDPR Consensual and Legal Framework. I would be grateful if anyone with any legal knowledge could volunteer in helping me to manage my social media pages?

I am working on the setting up of my own business for the future. However, I will have to write my horoscope here to remind me that I must take advice from the experts. Taurus April 21 – May 21: Working is a source of stress. You are tired of dealing with an employer who takes all the credit for your wonderful ideas. It is possible you want to start your own business. Now is not the time for such a bold venture. Keep building your savings.

Update’s 26 May 2019: I have gone a long way since I write this in setting up my business. I have set up numerous Pages on Facebook, in addition to Social Media Platforms and Google. My card refers to me as “Mental Health & SEND Advocate”. With “Breaking Down Barriers” as my mission to promoting inclusion by sharing stories of my experiences. I was advised to add “Mental Wellbeing Advisor for Experts by Experience” as well.

My Page will showcase my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan (CPPDP) and Intellectual Properties. That I am hoping to copyright to take back control of my work over the years, working in the UK. My creative talents and initiatives that were used over the years in contributing to building brands for former employers and mentoring of others. I will be focussing on my own personal experiences from childhood. When I was brought up in a home by my extended families, with parents who were Christians. I was raised from the old-fashioned values and beliefs of my parents that it takes a village to raise a child. And not to spare the rod and spoil the child, as I am a testament to good parenting skills. The parenting skills from the teachings of the Bible, with a few old wife’s tales thrown in for good measures.

Coming to the UK afforded me with the opportunities to enhance knowledge, gain additional experiences, studying, training, and working in several sectors. I was empowered to develop the capitals needed to help me become qualified to the highest levels as an Early Years Practitioner. I have qualifications in Health & Social Care, done trainings to be a SENCO, EYFS Coordinator, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator, and a Volunteer. I have done additional trainings as a Volunteer and a Learning Support Assistant and have done volunteering with different age ranges. I have been enhancing knowledge, doing trainings with providers. Also, with other Charitable Organisations and with the LEAs, online and at Annual Shows and Conferences. The most recent is for “The Expert Patients Programme” as I am now a Carer.

Hopefully, I will be able to go back into using my passion for writing, photography and doing research to making my dreams becoming the visions of realities as an Advocate of Inclusion. By writing and sharing my stories about how I can still be overcoming some of the adversities, challenges, deficits, and limitations that prevented me from achieving my potentials when I was attending school. I will be an inspirational and motivating influencer, for whom giving up was not an option.

One of my mantras is ambition can take you through the world. I grew up in poverty because of several things that were/are beyond the human control. That is only one of the reasons which spurred me on, ensuring I helped each one who has ever asked for my support in any ways needed. My passion for working with young children is second to none as I get a sense of pride, knowing I help to lay foundations.

That is why I can sit back with pride even though I have been forced out of the job I love and congratulate myself on my achievements. Now I am a Carer, I know I am an Expert Authority on subjects from the cradle to the grave and it would be a waste if I did not share my knowledge and expertise with others. That is why I am putting my stories and experiences out in the public domain so others can benefit. My talents and creativities are many and I will be using them to help others. Feels free to help yourselves. All I ask is that you acknowledge the source.

I am now a Pensioner on reaching 60 years old. I no longer must be worrying about the future. I am working at put the past 5 years behind me. I have so much to live for and contributions to make to society.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open), Cert WTC (Open)

Sister, Mother Grandmother, Auntie, Friend, Wife

Basic School Teacher

Early Years Practitioner: SENCO, EYFS Coordinator

Volunteer, Informal Carer, Multigenerational Approach Work Facilitator, Research

Learning Support Assistant

Charities: Fundraiser

Advocate: Writer, Photographer, Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

My 2 Husbands Are Alive in 2020 on 1 January 2020

 — https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v3/yB/r/ISdICFSgG8g.png?_nc_eui2=AeFbrryyDHKjXz_BERgl-VhjkBuQKVtPWacKgTmu3OaWvjhvt4l4ufIbruQkwebBD3VG4HlD4_2MhGENd1JS6t1Sm4pTrLpE09_DkmkmTzk_Wwfeeling blessed at Bermondsey. January 1, 2018 · London · 

My 2 Husbands are still alive and kicking. Accumulative ages of 180 years. I usually go after the #FatherFigures.

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future with Valdin Legister and  5 others .

Good morning Facebook? The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of… The world and they that dwell therein…

I am mindful of my blessings for many reasons, and this came into play last night. My Tom was watching the Snooker Live Pro on the TV & I was busy on the computer. I could hear him willing #RannyOSullivan on… Went to the kitchen to tidy up & came back & my Tom was #Jubilant… He had his disappointment early when despite me telling him not to just back a horse to #Win, he did & lost all his money. The horse placed #2nd. To be honest that is minor to TOM because he #Gambles!!!

In bed he said he had a #Dream in the week that he won “Three Hundred & Fifty Thousand Pounds”. I asked him where that is going to come from & he said must be the #Lottery. I said to him ok, we will watch this #Dream.

But strangely enough I woke this morning & the 1st thing that came to my mind was what happened at my #AuntieMelliehome when I visited JA for my #2Son Mr Valdin Legister wedding in 2014. On the day my #Cuz Mr Hayden Salmon took me out by the #SpanishTownHighway, I don’t know if he remembers his parting conversation to me…? This is exactly what came back to me this morning. Us #NEMBHARD are #CHRISTIANS regardless of the #Denomination we choose to #Worship. That’s why this morning I am up & deciding to let the Lord do Thy will & leads me wherever He wants me to follow?

My Fight4justice must ensure LEYF Nurseries, the #Establishment & #Systems do not get away with Social Injustices & Inequalities summed up in the Equality Act 2010 as #DISCRIMINATION!


My grandmother told me the story about how she got her flat NOSE. I believed her until my brother Balis told me the ASIAN in our DNA is Chinese and not Indians.


The Judiciary Of England & Wales Presided Over Two Miscarriages Of Justice & CPS & CJS Protecting LEYF Abusers

Hi Mervelee,

Lovely seeing you earlier.

Please my notes from our meeting:

TB will email Julie about confirming MM’s action plan before the meeting on the 16th

Refer to: How my Intellectual Property, Image Rights, Copyright used to make me a Victim needing Emotional Regulation Treatment 

Disable Lives Matter Within The Equality Act Protected Characteristics 3 December 2020

How Mervelee Myers Fight4justice Campaign Will Prove Culture Of Discrimination As Norm

The Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010

Currently, the law recognises five (5) protected characteristics: Race, Religions, Sexual Orientation, Disability and Transgender Status. But this does not mean these characteristics are treated equally. There is evidence from consultation recognising that there is complexity and a lack of clarity in current laws. Copyright Act Section 107 this is taken from an email by www.cardboardboardcitizens.org.uk to do with consultation for CRISIS. Please refer to my YouTube Channels My Website: http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw and https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email for how I am covering subjects from Cradle to Grave as a Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

Section 107 Copyright Act “Fair Use” only

Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach – Behavioural Sciences of Tore Bjorgo http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 on 01/03/2016.


Within democratic societies, counter-terrorism is almost exclusively about crime prevention.   A broad and holistic approach to preventing terrorism can be based on nine prevention mechanisms: building normative barriers against terrorism, reducing radicalisation and recruitment, deterrence, disruption, incapacitation, protecting vulnerable targets, reducing benefits to terrorists, reducing harm, and facilitating disengagement from terrorism. Counter-terrorist policies which are only based on a narrow range of repressive mechanisms and military measures tend to become overly heavy-handed, producing serious negative side effects which serve to enhance the problem rather than reducing it. A more holistic approach, making use of the entire range of preventative mechanisms, may lighten the impact of the “hard” measures by relying more on the impact of the “softer” and more positive measures to build moral barriers, reduce recruitment, and facilitate exit from terrorist movements. 

My Fight4justice Campaign

My https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign is my investment sharing stories about the two miscarriages of justice in the past twenty-eight years leaving me a victim of the above ABSTRACT. I will be using the following to argue my claims about the discrimination which ruin my career and destroying my life. Since my recent experiences when www.met.police.uk decided to act like the terrorist in denying me my entitlement not to be discriminated against. Here is United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 14 states that it is basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. Let me refer to www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers of Dr Maria Hudson “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds”. Because I was a participant who was interviewed at my home in 2010. Therefore LEYF www.leyf.org.uk must accept responsibility for the terrorism of Mervelee Myers using my vulnerability of having DISABILITIES to trigger my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the death of my mother. 

Disability Discrimination by LEYF       

Let me say I was a graduate of www.open.ac.uk before I take up my employment with Westminster Children Society on 1 September 2009. I signed the Contract 7 October 2009 and during the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 realised that LEYF did not update the Contract in line with the Equality Act 2010. I hold several posts from the time I started working at Fitzrovia Community Nursery to when I was forced to resign from New Cross Community Nursery 27 September 2015. With the second nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment after experiencing bereavement and loss.  

A Broad and Holistic Approach to Managing my Disabilities

I have been applying Early Intervention Strategies to managing my Childhood Traumas from the time my Primary School Teacher Ms Una Perry teach me to develop resilience. Although I was not aware at the time, I was using writing as therapy because my father was a storyteller. The fact that disabilities played major roles in my life meant I was an Informal Carer from an early age. As a matter of fact, I was a carer from the time my youngest brother was born. About three years later my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated 17/8/2017 https://plus.google.com/100939131463790195264/posts/YoJDpGvhGMG was from a Facebook post. I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… was posted on 3/4/2015 when I was sent on Medical Suspension by LEYF in breach of all Rules of Law. It was www.voicetheunion.org.uk solicitor Arwen Makin who advised me and I was represented by Union Rep Darren Mahon, who disappeared after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing. Now VOICE is still taking my money 5 years on from me not having a job. Therefore, VOICE is acting like a terror cell on behalf of LEYF.

My Complaint to Judicial Conduct Investigation Office      

This is my second time complaining to JCIO and it is to do with Disability Discrimination. A Caseworker from JCIO has been assigned to my Case CRM: 0055203. The Caseworker’s name is Vincent Umeukeje and they will be in contact in due course. My Case Reference is – 33448/20 and am wondering how long due course is. Maybe the JCIO is waiting to hear that I was terrorised by the Police www.met.police.uk who visited my home on 30/11/2020 and I decided to become the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment in www.hctgroup.org  Impact Report 2016. This was used by www.peachespublications.co.uk to send the Police to my home to section me on 30/10/2017. After I was scammed by https://www.ryanclement.com who groomed Winsome Duncan. Since then, the  www.policeconduct.gov.uk proven they are party to terrorism by seeing counter-terrorism as almost exclusively about prevention. Instead of applying a more holistic approach. That is why I can go as far back as August 2000 when I was forced to seek refuge at the Brixton Police Station. I was the victim of Domestic Abuse, who became Homeless as a result. Although I was treated with VALIUM continuing from Jamaica, when I arrived in the UK for my Hidden Disabilities, I had a Chronic Anxiety Diagnosis in July 2006. The GP said he was unable to give me a Medical Report for Parkinson’s disease because I did not have a Medical Diagnosis. I was sponsored by http://unison.org.uk for my Health & Social Care Level 2 Studies with www.aoug.org.uk the only course that I done an examination. I always chosen courses where I can prepare Assignments, so I do not have the pressures of examinations to trigger my Hidden Disabilities.

The Benefits of Studies

This is regards to my Hidden Disabilities that prevented me from achieving my potentials from the time I developed the signs and symptoms of my Father’s disability. During studies I decided to adapt the “Holistic Approach” to managing my disabilities from 2006. I found an outlet for my passion of writing throughout studies at https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk 1997-1999. My peers used to rely on me to interpret and feed back to them and told me I could be the tutor. I was encouraged to use my assignments as a BOOK by my tutors, who advised me to attend university. Because of the challenges of living with domestic abuse I could not take up the offer. I went to work, and my CV is evident of how important training was for updating my knowledge. On the 19/9/2015 when I meet Dr Chris Pascal OBE www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram EECERA https://www.eecera.org I told them about my intention of gaining my SEND Teacher Qualification for returning to Jamaica. I was endorsed on https://www.linkedin.com on 22/9/2020 the date when Senior HR Dilys Epton sent me LinkedIn Request. I was invited to LEYF CO for chat with Neil King. All I will say on this matter is LEYF was not operating any of the nine preventative mechanisms that are inclusive of the broad and holistic approach to preventing terrorism.

I will state categorically that LEYF set out to radicalise me after the death of my mother and I transferred to BIB. That is why I take exception to Sargant Patel asking me if I have a British Passport at Walworth Police Station on 30/11/2020. Because the POLICE acted as terrorists and were in breach of every Rules of Law from the time, I opened my door and invited them in. As well as discrimination of the Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act that I fall into. They are Disability, Race, and Religion of which the Employment Tribunal Services presided over two miscarriages of justice against me.

Becoming Victim of my Intellectual Property

I graduated from Lambeth College with a Student of Year Certificate. Despite LEYF claims of having no data for me I have the Copyright to my Intellectual Property that I will be taking back ownership from those who have used them to build BRAND. The latest trend is pretending they are doing me favours and I refuse to accept.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

Action Plan MM and Tonye Peckham Hub 6 October 2021

Hi Mervelee,

Lovely seeing you earlier. Please see the action plan discussed in our session today:

MM Updates 2021: I consider this to be mere tokenism that gets on my nerves, but I will play their games with my writing.   

TB to contact Jill & Julie     

Julie – An action plan of what you’re doing and work to go ahead together before meeting  

HMCTS Career Criminals 22 October 2021

This is the message from HMPPS at 11:59, 22 Nov that I will apply my Critical Thinking to, about the way Mervelee Myers is being treated to protect the Paedophiles at the www.uel.co.uk  and www.leyf.org.uk  so the Judiciary Of England And Wales get away with the second miscarriages of justice against me visit to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more. 

Warning – You missed your CRS Provider Appointment on 18/11/2021 which is deemed unacceptable.

MM Updates: I am waiting on the email from Tonye of Southwark Women’s Space to confirm what I said to her. I don’t even know what CRS stands for, but I can guess because LEYF used UURICA-LE after the death of my mother to trigger my PTSD. And 7+ years later am on a conveyor belt created by the Career Criminals at HMCTS and CPS and CJS hellbent on making a criminal of me to cover up the abuse reviews that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement. Please refer to my https://www.facebook.com Memories below as the www.express.co.uk  columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”. Let me tell HMPPS that this text message is unacceptable as https://www.gov.uk is responsible for Elder Abuse of Mervelee Myers and Arnold Tomlinson.   

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating freedom in London, United Kingdom.

Inspired Thinking “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. Mark Twain (1835-1910).

Just an insight into my Fight4justice campaign. On the 27th March 23015 at HOC, I told #DilysEpton that if I was a dog at BIB, the RSPCA London South East Branch would have rescued me. Of course, she turned up her snobbish nose and said in her posh accent “Mervelee, that’s not what they say about you”?

My story is in the public domain, because I write to DE on the 14th March about my Mental Health Conditions that were triggered at BIB. But Hilda Miller sent me to HOC to be colonised. Well the Employment tribunal have lots of questions to answer: Why did Judge Martin strike out my Racism repeatedly when it was sent back for review by Judge Baron? Why did the ET tried stitching me up about the Telephone Conciliation? Why did the ET refuse to act about my concerns re John Fenton’s failures to act professionally and comply with the Judges Court Orders? Why did the Judges adjourn the ET case on the lies told by Samantha Jones, yet refuse to take the Medical Reports into considerations?

I am going to do my exercises, as I intend to live to a ripe old age like my MOTHER. I intend to be a logwood macca in the thorns of White Colour Criminals to be found in every echelons of societies.

They may comer in the guises of scammers like: Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker, Julie Powell and their ilk who use the vulnerability of the people they Pally up to, to take away what is rightfully ours. Peaches Publications is only a front to take away the Copyright of people like myself who have dreams, to turn into realities.

As for those Men, who think they can join in, my MOTHER did warn me about them. I am going to let my age protect me and now that I realise my Father didn’t abandon me by becoming sick with Parkinson’s, I am reconciled back to the days of my youth. So, piss of back from where you came, I can read you, now the wool is removed from my eyes.

 When Winsome Duncan made mistake with the cover of my BOOK

Hi Julie, 

I hope you are well. 

Just to let you know that MM and I have spoken, and she has explained why she was unable to attend our scheduled appointment on the 18th and why she was unable to contact me.  

See you tomorrow!

Warm regards,

Tonyé Babudoh (she/her)

Women’s Services Deputy Manager

Women’s Advocate 

You must provide evidence by 29/11/2021.

MM Updates: Yes This will be part of the evidence I provide by 29/11/2021 about why https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 must be my case of how http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk Career Criminals led by Paul Kernaghan a former Police is protecting the cults at LEYF and the UEL. The www.met.police.uk  are involved in this sordid affair that triggered my PTSD. Here is Reference 1. 501 CAD/13/11/2021 AS23N.  2. 501/13/11/2021. 3. Reference 1181907 Clare from Housing for Women. I had to spend the time sorting out safeguarding myself from the aftermath of calling for help. The Police walk past a drunken woman, who smashed the glass in the door to knock my door to explain that what occurred why the Emergency Service sent them in a hurry was not malicious. The Police Officer accused me of shouting when I tried to tell my side of the story. The person could have smashed the glass in my window. She claimed I locked her out when I extended the gesture saying I did not know it was her outside. But am glad I did not get up because my husband and I were threatened before. She cut down the garden 3 times and after the 3rd attempt, I ignored her.  That’s why I maintain I was arrested unlawfully as I was not at BIB on 15/11/2021. Now read https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite/#.XpQfd4vU6Ic.mailto to see the Modern Slavery at LEYF that deny me my rights.    

Please note that if you fail to comply with any of the requirements of your Order again within a 12-month period, you may be returned to the Court for breach action.

MM Updates: The world will be informed via https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site how HMPPS is a terror cell for perverts hiding in the Early Years Sector. Just be aware that www.personnelconsultancy.com  John Fenton did not comply with Judge Elliott’s Court Management Order of 8/6/2016. As for Claim Number: F03CL973 how about HMCTS comply with Judge Lethem Court Order of 20 May 2021? When I called the CLCC I was told there was no record on file refer to https://youtu.be/FzEO9zqsk for more. But the criminal solicitor Matthew Bradley of www.womblebonddickinson.com/legal  sent me a copy of the letter dated 4 August 2021 sent to the CLCC. Why is HMCTS failing to comply with this? How about HMCTS conduct a search to find out how www.moneyclaim.gov.uk  is a platform for scammers.  Why has www.courtenforcementserviceltd.co.uk  failed to collect the judgement from https://www.ryanclement.com and the claim sent back to CLCC to issue Restraint Order?  

Your next Probation appointment is at Mitre House, 2 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4XW on TOMORROW Tuesday 23/11/2021 at 3:30pm with Julie Olayinka. 

MM Updates: Here again I must show the world how the HMCTS, CPS, CJS, BSB, CCMCC, SRA, JCIO, IOPC, MOPAC, DBS set out to entrap me via Emotional Regulation Treatment. Refer to https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk and www.open.ac.uk  and www.jbsf.org.uk  from 1992-date. HMPPS Is party to the discrimination of children and young people and vulnerable adults by LEYF that deny me my rights and get Police to arrest me unlawfully. The https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk  will be called to judgement too. So too will ComplaintReviews@mopac.london.gov.uk will be in the frame. I was page one of www.itv.com/london  for Windrush 70. 

1 Jillian McTaggart changed her appointment with me at the last moment on the 28/10/2021 after I informed her how I managed my PTSD. She made an appointment without even considering the fact I have Mental & Physical Conditions as disabilities. I am also a carer for my elderly husband. The fact I had given Jillian McTaggart contact information as a person with disabilities who knows the triggers for my PTSD, is this the way HMPPS train their staff to treat Mervelee Myers? Well, this is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics considering I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers  “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination in 2010. Now view my Facebook Memories to see what I wrote about work.

2. Just so the HMPPS know that the above must have been done deliberately to trigger my PTSD. Like the www.uel.ac.uk  did HMPPS just committed discrimination against me stating my appointment is at a different location than the one I was given by Julie. I have spoken to Julie to confirm this and is letting HMPPS know that this is a breach of my Human Rights as I have had counselling at www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/  after www.healthmanltd.com  advised me to seek counselling when I was sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the contract I signed on 7/10/2009. I was a participant in http://www.radar-cns.org and can be found at https://www.google.com to prove that HMPPS is guilty of discrimination on all grounds. 

3. I was a participant in www.heal-d.co.uk  and completed www.desmond-project.org.uk  and the continuing discrimination by HMCTS and CPS and CJS exacerbated and trigger my conditions leading to stress incontinence. Therefore for Julie to say Admin is not aware of my DISABILITIES so they can send messages to trigger my PTSD is in breach of my Human Rights.

Without prejudice HMCTS and CPS and CJS are protecting the paedophiles the mastermind of Richard Harty Men In Childcare who panicked because I did “A Voice of a Child” research for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in 2010. Have a listen to https://youtu.be/3nEhX6M-Eh0 for why those involved in the DISCRIMINATION of Mervelee Myers after the death of my mother will be named and shamed.   Here is another https://youtu.be/fq8hE8gQQTM  for why HMPPS will not get away with making me a victim to cover the paedophiles. 

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago. View my 18 Pages on Facebook to find out how HMCTS and CPS and CJS Paedophile LOVERS need ERT.

Your Stories from a Year Ago. Look back on these moments from your Story Archive.

Jill – Having a phone conversation about MM about her availability (MM does not want to have anything trigger her past trauma)

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating friendship.

Achieved my #Goals. My story is written about #MultigenerationalWorkingPartnershipApproaches & ready to be published. I am #Concerned about some of the #ElderlyPeople I see struggling on their own. I keep wondering, why are they out there alone, don’t they have #Families or #Friends? I don’t want to be here on my own when I am getting on in #Age. What I have seen so far is not to my likings.

I can recall what happened to my #NeighbourTESS & all that I tried to do to get the #Establishment & #Systems involved. I still have one of the messages on my telephone. I will decide what to do with it after the #22ndDecember2016.

More reasons for my Fight4justice, so LEYF Nurseries are held accountable.

MM Arguments 2nd December 2021

None of the Action Plans were complied with hence rehashing another one. However, see how quick HMPPS can trigger my PTSD with threats. Julie told me on the phone that no one knows about my disabilities, so we go back to the two miscarriages of justice by HMCTS and the actions of CPS and CJS coercive control in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.                                                                                                  

On this day 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   Need to go #find the #trending news……

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 15 new photos to the album: Fitbit is my Aim

The #Physio advise me to strengthen my back and leg muscles. I am on another keep fit roll. My 06th Birthday is around the corner.   

Dean School of Education and Communities

Richard Harty is Dean of the School of Education and Communities.

MM Updates: Mervelee Ionie Myers was made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment that is entrapment after the second miscarriages of justice resulting from https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for more. My history is wrapped up at the Townhead Baptist Church where my mother’s eulogy/remembrance that I wrote got an ovation after I heard mum’s story in January 2014. I said my final goodbyes on 22/1/2014 and my stories are documented in cyberspace to be verified

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Action Plan  

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