Without Prejudice Barclays Are Cyberbullying Criminals Target Elderly Women Visit My YouTube Tower Bridge Bermondsey Is Hot Seat Of The Scammers Led By Females, Back By Sam Black Man Acting Like A Sissy Peeping Out At Mervelee Myers Recording Did WSB Call The Police I Sat Waited For Them 1/10/2021 26/11/2021

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MM Updates: Barclays is in breach of the Character Of Rights 12 Codes after the second time I am scammed by the worthless no-good scumbags to be exposed from 2004 when my cheque was taken.  Let me give an insight into my evaluation of what Barclays is doing to the vulnerable women I come across in their branches. I will relate the stories in reverse order of today. I arrived at the Walworth Road branch today after I was advised to do so over the telephone. In the branch, I was pushed from pillar to posts ending upstairs and had to come back down. Seems as if no one knew what they were doing. Back at the queue, I was joined by an elderly white lady, who had lots to say. The elderly black lady was trying to understand what was been said to her as she said her hearing aid was not working. The gist of the conversation is the elderly lady wanted to take money out of two accounts, and in her frustration, she might have requested the account be closed. The teller who I recognized left the counter and came back with yet another, who I recognised because of her role in the debacle am currently involved in. I was shocked but not surprised to hear the instructions she was giving to the elderly lady. Basically what she was saying is Barclays is restricting the lady from taking out her money. I would love to have a conversation with the lady but was at the counter. The lady told my friend that she has lots of money in the account and the way Barclays was treating her, she will have to go to another bank to get more money. It is a crying shame the way how the elderly are treated in societies.

 Replies to this email are not monitored. MM Updates: Let Mervelee Myers put the culprits in the frame starting with http://www.uel.ac.uk that sent me threatening emails after I recorded Richard Harty who called my mobile to threaten me on 29/9/2021. The date that I went into the Tower Bridge Road Barclays to send money to help my daughter-in-law’s university fee. Here is the trick the scammers in Barclays were unable to put through the transaction that was done before. I expect because I told them I was stressed starting university the next day and I was stressed. My stories about Barclays scamming located at the Tower Bridge Road Branch is in cyberspace and there is more coming. Let me issue a warning that http://www.gov.uk/dbs will be exposed for putting children at risk of safeguarding. Issuing bar on my DBS once I was offered £46-55,000.00 per year by http://www.smartteachers.co.uk they think I was ideal for. Since DBS forgot my email was used for online application in 2015 they will know about June O’Sullivan and Richard Harty mastermind of Men In Childcare from 2010 when I carried out “A Voice of a Child” research at Luton Street Community Nursery. Contact us These are the kind of surprises that I love to see when I look at my phone. Celebrating the #LEGISTER_NEMBHARD Family in life and death. Message to LEYF Nurseries and the #EmploymentTribunals, who is dealing with the fact? 12You, Valdin Legister, Hilary Nembhard and 9 others 
     Account Ending: 8978 MM Updates: Let Barclays be aware that this is the second time they mess with Mervelee Myers and they will get what they deserve.   
  New benefits and offers on the way MM Updates: We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.  Your Stories From a Year AgoLook back on these moments from your Story Archive. Nov 25 Nov 25 Nov 25 +8 moreOnly you can see this unless you share it Select Stories  Share 
ON THIS DAY 1 year ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was live — with Mertie Bernard at Home.  NhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a2021e0d ·  Shared with Public  Public  Another Person Died Under Tragic Circumstances!    0:10 / 39:27   1Ian Thomas. 62 Comments. 80 Shares. Share ON THIS DAY 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard NhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a2011e9d  · Shared with Public Public Any1 see #1dungcah summady tek #time a go dung di Grung Road. Mi #hear say a so dem tan long time!  1Naheel Julene Brown Legister 1 Comment 1 Share Share ON THIS DAY 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardNhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a2011e8d  ·  Shared with Public Public  Family is not Ur #blood. But the #bond of Ms Connie & Mama & Joy & Ratty! 3Valdin Legister, Andrea Nembhard and 1 other 3 Comments 1 Share Share ON THIS DAY 3 years ago  
 Hello Mervelee, We’d like to tell you about some changes we’re making to Barclays Blue Rewards over the next few months. MM Updates: Barclay is a cyberbullying criminal like https://www.facebook.com and https://www.linkedin.com and https://www.twitter.com on behalf of http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk the HMCTS and CPS and CJS.ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardNhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a2011e7d  · London  ·  Shared with Public Public Don’t know wat Facebook a deal wid bout remove mi post? The only 1 have 2 b with z 15 yrs old brutalised in #Bermondsey? Yet dem..  3You, Carl Nembhard and Jean Tomlinson 7 Comments 2 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardNhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a What’s happening We’re introducing some new benefits such as exciting offers from specially selected partners, as well as regular prize draws that you’ll be able to enter. MM Updates: The criminals are responsible for https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for more of why the Barclays scammers will be exposed. ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard NhtoSvpia88emon6ber1s 82r5, a2011e3d  · London  ·  Shared with Public Public So I was sat on the train with my bag taking up a seat because I got on at the 1st stop! But then the train started getting packed, so I removed said bag to the floor! YM came to sit & I being very alert & observant to what’s happening around me couldn’t help but notice supn about said YM! His ears were stuffed up, but there was fluid seeping thru the stuffing. Even around the ears were smeared with the fluid. Since the man seemed really young (I usually looked for tell-tale grey hairs), I couldn’t help but wonder if he had an operation. That was the only reason I could come up with for the amt of fluid seeping from his stuffed-up ears? We see all sorts on our travels indeed & I was only CONCERNED instead of being overly Intrusive! 1Judith Gordon 2 Comments 3 Shares Share We’re also making some changes to the monthly membership fee and cash rewards – we’ll be back in touch in December with more information about that, so keep an eye on your inbox. MM Updates: If Barclays send me any emails about this I will compare them to the paedophiles at the UEL and http://www.leyf.org.uk abusing children and the reviews were online. Yet the ET Panel refuse my Additional Witness Statement that http://www.peachespublications.co.uk sent to me. Like Barclays, I have been a victim of http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk used by criminals to target me.
ON THIS DAY 4 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard  Ntuoovembu20er2o 525f,re t201171i2  · Shared with PublicLEYF Nurseries take away my dignity after I get back from burying my MOTHER. Despite me telling #DilysEpton work keep me going, because of my childhood traumas. I am left with nothing except to be the carer for my husband and finding ways to have focus in life. I am sure Mrs Joyce #Legister might have thought she would be here for her husband who have #Dementia? On the 30th October, #WinsomeDuncan send the Police and Ambulance services to take me away from my vulnerable husband. This was a malicious premeditated terrorist act. Because she sent me an email with the threats on the 29th. Now some idiot PC is telling me it’s my word against hers. So I got back to the 2 miscarriages of justice by the #EmploymentTribunals. The #3Judges from the ET-CASE claim I’m not a credible witness despite the Medical Reports. I could have been MURDERED in my home.Don’t miss outTo make sure you’re in the know about the new benefits, including offers from our partners, check that you’re set up to get marketing communications. MM Updates: I was on the phone yesterday with Barclays and was advised to go into a branch to speak to someone. How cruel of Barclays to send me this email after what they put me through stealing my money at the counter in their branch.
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardNtuoovembu20er2o 525f,re t201131i2  · London  · Shared with PublicSo I was sat on the train with my bag taking up a seat because I got on at the 1st stop! But then the train started getting packed, so I removed said bag to floor! YM came to sit & I being very alert & observant to what’s happening around me couldn’t help but notice supn about said YM! His ears was stuffed up, but there was fluid seeping thru the stuffing. Even around the ears were smeared with the fluid. Since the man seemed really young (I usually looked for tell tale grey hairs), I couldn’t help but wonder if he had an operation. That was the only reason I could come up with for the amt of fluid seeping from his stuffed up ears? We see all sorts on our travels indeed & I was only CONCERNED instead of being overly Intrusive! Just open the Barclays app*, tap ‘More’, ‘Settings’, ‘Marketing choices’, and select how you’d prefer to be contacted. MM Updates: Barclays is just a thief that scammed me the first time when I begged http://www.icsouthlondon.co.uk to publish my story in May 2004.
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling excited. Ntuoovembu20er2o 525f,re t201131i2  ·  Shared with PublicSo I was on my merry way to work this morning & boarded the #1 & saw this lady sitting reading her book. Knowing me I love to mind my business as well as every other fellow Passengers! So am standing near the Disability Bay, cause I don’t really sit on such short journeys? Part way to EC 4 sum strange reason this lady take her face from out of her book & looked up. I was quick as a flash to see the lady’s face & had to call to her>> LaM nuh 1 a mi Parishioners from TRURO – Ms Cuddy Winsome & her Son! We dun labrish all dah way 2 EC where we got off the bus. So now Winsome is living in my area! She mentioned sumady name Marlene but me nuh tink me know dem deh peeps deh yah sah? Tek me out a JA but U cawn tek JA outa me! 9Sharon Nembhard-Francis, Jasmine Hylton, and 7 others 16 Comments 3 SharesIf you’d rather not get any marketing communications, you can choose to opt-out of these at any time. MM Updates Am I to assume that Barclays is not aware of the anguish they have caused me, scamming me two times. 
You’re All Caught Up Check back tomorrow to see more of your memories! Your Stories From a Year Ago Look back on these moments from your Story Archive. Nov 24 Nov 24 If you feel Barclays Blue Rewards is no longer right for you, we’ll be really sorry to lose you, however, you can cancel your membership at any time in the app* or in Online Banking. MM Updates: Imagine Barclays treating me like a criminal, wiping out my identity, closing my account, and having the audacity to send me this email.
ON THIS DAY 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardNove8m1ungboelhri 243, 20i219  ·  Shared with PublicBelieve am in #control. I have been thru #transitions from #dad was stricken with Parkinson’s. Do we know the #impacts of PC & PI? Share
ON THIS DAY 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardthNovfepmg0bsuer 3o24, 210199  ·  Shared with PublicText via WhatsApp “Clearing CLUTTERS. U will know if you are?” If you are 1 of the lucky, U can #interpret as U wish. Share
ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 27 new photos to the album: Joyce Legister x 1 — feeling blessed with Valdin Legister and Mertie Bernard in London, United KingdomNSov5emblier 24,9g80 1e210d17  ·   We’ll be in touch again soon We’re planning to be in touch more regularly from now on to let you know about the latest offers available. MM Updates: Here is proof Barclays is a thief to be reported for crimes against vulnerable women. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Novl64emb5erm 23409c,3i 24d0177  ·  Shared with PublicCelebrating the life of Joyce Cynthia #Legister. Sleep on and take your RIP.   3Mertie Bernard, Shersher Nembhard, and 1 other 1 Comment Share
ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling loved in London, United Kingdom.Notvlem9hobner 32o4hr46e,5i 20h1d73  ·  Shared with PublicTaurus: You’re hearing a lot of praise, but don’t let it go to your head. Resting on your laurels will result in a lost opportunity. Studying for a test, practicing your interview skills, and compiling a portfolio is more important than attending parties.I am blessed, I am having my difficult moments, but my GOD will never leave me alone.In the meantime, you can explore your membership rewards by searching Barclays Blue Rewards online or tapping on ‘Rewards’ in your app. MM Updates: Barclays is a joke and I will make sure the world knows what they are. Criminals operating out of prestigious organisations.
ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was celebrating Thanksgiving Day with Ervin Nembhard and  14 others . Nctpovesmb5ero 208ed48, 2ai016  ·  Shared with PublicHappy #ThanksgivingDay to all my #Family, #Friends, #Acquaintances & fellow #Americans across the globe who might not be home celebrating with their families for whatever reasons. Continue to give thanks for the many blessings. By now everyone should be aware of themselves, feel included & surrounded by love even when we are distances apart. 11Andrea Nembhard, Nembhard Samuels and 9 others
Your Barclays team*You need to be aged 18 or over to access this product or service using the app. T&Cs apply. MM Updates: My grandson is 17 years old, he was born after I was published in the South London Press in 2004.    
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 *Call Monitoring and charges information MM Updates: I have recordings of Barclays disgruntled customers at the Tower Bridge Bermondsey branch.
ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating success. guN7ov9temlb0eSpr 21gso4h, r2e8a0d16  ·  Shared with PublicGod has truly blessed me & for that, I am #Thankful. LEYF Nurseries & their collaborators can not take my pride & joys & passion for my #Work away. My Fight4justice will see me warning the public about #INCOMPETENTEmployers  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added a new photo — in London, United Kingdom.November 24, 2015  ·   ·  3Everol Blake, Carmen Lawrence and 1 other 3 Comments Share
ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard N5toveon49mber5 m20s4, a2301o0r16e1  · London  · Shared with PublicJust got back #Data on this phone after a month. Felt like part of me was missing. Any download on the computer. No more touching the wrong button? Eyes are aging with me!   4Joan Gayle, Karene Salmon and 2 others 3 Comments 3 SharesCall charges may apply. Please check with your service provider. To maintain a quality service we may monitor or record phone calls. MM Updates: Barclays will be exposed and there are videos online and am making more.
ON THIS DAY 6 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhardc2N7otveium4tbpo1er 241,s o209t10m95e  ·  Shared with PublicNeed to go collect my Jing Bang dem yah sah. A fi mi dem suh mi a guh fi dem. Mi hab Food, Clothes, Shoes & Flowers. But mi nah nyam di Food/Drinks cause mi nuh trust nuh Sheddah after Dark. If di Lockers dem Open, mi dump to Clothes & Shoes cause me nuh Cain & Able nuh- Baddy tek mi sinting dem & wuck Gunzuh pon I. Mi soon 60 & nebba hab Big Jack Fruit Elephantitis Foot… Suh mi nah tek up dem crosses. Mi nuh know which part a di Caribbean dem sen guh get oils fi put pon dem fi tun mi dung.As a matter a Fact mi nah badda guh fi dem yah sah. Might be a Trick & I don’t cumback out deh A Live. Dis is wat became of mi Good-Good Money Plant. Dem treated it di same way dem treated mi fi 12+ months till mi behind start a guh 2 wey 2 wey.Mi nuh want haffi mek nubaddy haffi guh mek mi haffi find out a wey Water Walk guh a Pumpkin Belly?Gosh December round the corner & I need fi mek a new start & get rid a all di Crosses dem!Blinking heck, look pon di Time? Mi a guh a mi bed yah sah!Barclays Bank UK PLC. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register No. 759676). Registered in England. Registered No. 9740322. MM Updates: I have taken Barclays to the FOS and waiting on them to respond.
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling motivated.Nov0em11berpch 29i4nu, s2o0h1red3g  · Shared with PublicWhere does TIME go when 1 is having Fun? Soon 10 pm & I have early shift 2moro! I’ll be doing my Nativity Scene b4 I left 4 the Fair Shores of JA! Me jus hope nubaddy nuh cum badda claim sey me a Clutter dem PS & try fi cum gi me nuh Love Letter? Cause if it happen again me sure fi tell dem me Mind & when me get Dutty, it not a Pretty sight fi witness nor Hear!  1Stephane Lewis 6 Comments 3 SharesShare 
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard NocvemSbl659emr 2mo4, 32ra301c0di038978: these are the last four digits of your account number. We include these digits for security and to help you identify genuine emails from Barclays. MM Updates: Barclays is a FUCKING SCAMMER. So Barclays can wipe out my identity closing my account and leaving me distressed. Claiming they are unable to verify my identity, but now sending me an email like this. Shared with Public So I went to carry out my OBLIGATIONS & was confronted with this conundrum! Immediately I could see myself in another couple of years if I am lucky, so I decided to put out a Warning? When I was younger & helped Mum as an informal carer for my Dad & Granny, I can now recall some of the antics my Granny got up to. Only those days WE thought she was Old, Miserable & intent on making Our lives a Misery! My Papa was the proverbial Angel, God rest his soul, but GanGan was more than a handful, even before she took sick.Now I am dealing with Mass Tom & if it’s not 1 thing it’s another… But because I had prior experiences of dealing with the old in the form of my Granny, I am empowered to cope without taking any of what he throws at me personally. So when he turns 1 day & claims I burnt the food, or it’s not cooked, don’t have any taste, etc… I can take everything in my stride with a pinch of salt! When I talk to my family back home & they tell me about the antics Mama Lou gets up to, then I know history is repeating itself, & will forever be repeating.Cooked Tom’s soup yesterday, so asked if he is going to finish the rest when I walked into the kitchen to do the cooking? My man replied that’s too SALT!!! So in the most soothing of voice, I asked “who put more salt in it?” Ole Massa considered carefully b4 replying “nuh ME!” Believe my word when I said I never gloated & asked what I should do with it? He said I should add a little water & heat it for him…The moral of this story is although I won this round, that does not mean I am not going to hear more grumbles about how totally USELESS I am at doing things in the future! So all my Family please be aware that when it’s my turn to walk down this road that my Gran, Dad, Mum, Tom, & others have traveled down. All I am asking for is a little Sympathy as none of the US would wish these Conditions on Our worse ENEMY! — feel blessed. 2Jasmine Hylton and Stephane Lewis 1 Comment 2 Shares 
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardguN7ov9temlb0eSpr 21gso4h, r2e8a0d13  ·  Shared with PublicTaking on the Cares of my FAMILY & the World!
We will never send you an email asking you to send us personal data, passcodes, PINs, or PINsentry Codes. If you receive an email like this claiming to be from Barclays, you should not reply to it or follow any links it contains just forward it to internetsecurity@barclays.co.uk and then delete it. Links in our emails will only take you to pages containing information about Barclays products, services, or partners. If such a page is part of another company’s website, that company’s terms, conditions, and privacy policies will apply. MM Updates: Let Barclays get ready for my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. 
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardguN7ov9temlb0eSpr 21gso4h, r2e8a0d13  ·  Shared with Public So now am off to my kitchen to fulfill my other Obligations! Oh, this just reminded me I got a call from my ex – Mr. MYERS last night! He came back in the UK on Thursday, so we’ll definitely have to link up? The man who granted me the best opportunity holds an SP in my Heart indeed! Confidentiality
This email is confidential, so if you have received it by mistake, or it isn’t addressed to you, please delete it. It may also be privileged, which means you do not have to disclose it as part of legal proceedings. MM Updates: Well Barclays is a CRIMINAL and this will be used to alert the world exactly what Barclays stand for.
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardguN7ov9temlb0eSpr 21gso4h, r2e8a0d13  ·  Shared with PublicWhy is every1 acting so surprised about the instances of SLAVES in Brixton Lambeth? Does any1 bother to listen to the likes of the Common Person who have legitimate concerns about the Welfare of the VULNERABLE in Society! If U ever think U bad & say U raising concerns, the Powers that be can make Ur Life Hell on Earth & turn U into a Victim! As for Whistleblowing? Take it from 1 who went thru Hell Fire don’t even let it Cross Ur mind? Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added a new photo — with LEYF Nurseries and Employment tribunal.Oct7obftS6erp s523, 20r01e017  · 3 Comments 1 Share
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago  Email & Cookies
This email does not use any cookies or similar technologies. To understand how Barclays uses personal data, please refer to our privacy policy. MM Updates: Barclays will get what is coming to them.
ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling inspired.N4toavembi9er 24o8c,h 820a1l3  ·  Shared with PublicYears ago I bought Resources from the Book People & was able to ship a whole barrel packed with stuff 4, my family! The resources were shared with my local schools – Townhead Basic & my son’s Valdin Legister Sch – Strawberry All age. My daughter-in-law Donnett Lee-Murray who is a teacher was full of praises for the books especially those of other Languages for my Grandson Kevin Murray JNR. So now I have rediscovered the mag in my local Newspaper – Sunday Express. Time once more to start doing things to fulfill my VISION for the future, trying to put a little back into my beloved JA!
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