Without Prejudice HMCTS, CJS, CPS, UEL, LEYF Abuse Rings Will Be Named Cycle Of Grief Helped Me To Understand Mums Sacrifice Must Not Be In Vain My First Book Will Be Published In Honour Of All Strong Men Who Doesn’t Accept Giving Up As An Option 17/11/21

William Tyrrell’s foster mother is being treated as a person of interest in his disappearance as the search for the boy’s remains continues around the NSW property, he was last seen in 2014. MM Updates 17/11/21: Follow the patterns to identify how http://www.leyf.org.uk targeted me after the death of my mother with http://www.dementia.org.uk in 2014.  It comes as a car belonging to William’s now-deceased foster grandmother at the time he went missing was also seized from a home at Gymea, in Sydney’s south, under a coronial order last Tuesday. MM Updates: What is the relationship between LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan and http://www.uel.ac.uk Men In Childcare?  The vehicle, a grey Mazda hatchback, is undergoing forensic analysis, which is expected to take several weeks. The car has changed ownership since the woman died in March. “This activity relates to inquiries and search operations currently being conducted in the Kendall area,” NSW Police said in a statement. MM Updates: The http://www.metpolice.uk must be charged along with http://www.peachespublications.co.uk for hate crimes against me when failing to act about verbal threats but turned up at my home on 30/10/2017 to section me from a malicious report.  William, at the time aged three, disappeared from the foster grandmother’s property on Benaroon Drive in Kendall at about 10.30am on September 12, 2014. MM Updates: Refer to the reviews that the ET Panel refused the Additional Witness Statement when https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones made up a contagious disease. She told the ET she did not prepare a case.  You can find the full case of William here on M.A. MM Updates: Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 the ET take -5 months to give the judgment. The facts as stated before this update: On 11 September 2014, three-year-old William Tyrrell, his foster parents, and his five-year-old sister travelled four hours from Sydney to visit his foster mother’s mother in Kendall. MM Updates: Refer to https://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk for those from the HMCTS that have presided over two miscarriages of justice after I experienced bereavement and losses.  His foster grandmother’s house is directly across the bushland road from the Kendall State Forest, about 35 kilometres (22 mi) south of Port Macquarie. MM Updates: Refer to the location of LEYF and the UEL and the “A Voice Of A Child” research I did for LEYF at Luton Street Community Nursery in August 2011. Richard Harty is the mastermind of both.  Between 10:00 and 10:25 am on 12 September, Tyrrell and his sister were playing hide-and-seek in the front and back yard, while his foster mother and foster grandmother were sitting outside watching them. MM Updates: Refer to my various projects and LEYF CEO taking my Homemade Book to develop as a Teaching and Learning Tool on the day http://skeynews.co.uk in 2011. His foster mother went inside to make a cup of tea; she became worried after she had not heard him for five minutes and began searching the yard and house. MM Updates: Refer to the reviews online https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards because my petition was rejected.  Shortly after, Tyrrell’s foster father returned after going to Lakewood on business and began searching the street and door-knocking neighbours. MM Updates: Where is Neil King and Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller and others who were sacked, resigned or jump ship hiding in EYFS whilst http://www.ofsted.gov.uk turns a blind eye. At 10:56, his foster mother phoned 000 emergency services to report him missing and the police arrived at 11:06. MM Updates: The MOPAC and https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk are parties to putting children, young people and vulnerable adults at risk of safeguarding.  His foster mother’s last memory was that Tyrrell was imitating a tiger’s roar (“raaaarrrr”) while running towards the side of the home, and then there was silence and he had disappeared. MM Updates: I felt like Daniel in the lion’s den. His mum looked for him but to no success.  SHOW LESS 


SORT BY Mervelee Myers  CANCEL COMMENT     Claire Morse   2 hours ago Loving the channel! ❤️So much information, thank you both for all your hard work x💓 1REPLY     Will Venus    2 hours ago I remember watching various documentaries on this case. I was really hoping against hope William would be found alive one day. This is now looking less and less likely. If the allegations do turn out to be true, how can these people live with the fact that their (possible) lies have literally decimated completely innocent peoples’ lives? Why create such an elaborate web of lies? I literally struggle with their logic. Thank you for posting this update. Really enjoying your content (as ever). Best wishes to all at team M.A ✨ Show less  1  REPLY   Rachel M  2 hours ago There are some beautiful foster parents in nsw, but there’s also a whole lot of awful awful ones. The foster system here really needs more auditing and funding. I’ve just heard too many traumatic stories for this not to be an obvious problem. 2 REPLY    Jill S  1 hour ago I only watched this on YouTube, the Foster parents were being interviewed by a man interviewer and he was in tears. Unbelievable, just shows you how manipulated people can be. So sad.  REPLY   N   2 hours ago (edited) I wonder if the Grandmother had a death bed confession or had it in her will documents. If the foster Mother was involved, huge apologies need to be made to the men accused over the years. One man had his reputation destroyed People believed them because they are foster parents so it is assumed they are police vetted and good kind people  1 REPLY     Tea & Crime  2 hours ago OK just having a drink and one of my favourite channels uploads, awesome 👌  2REPLY  View 3 replies     Sharron Lewis  1 hour ago 🇬🇧❤️, Oh tell me, us, he’s been found 💖  REPLY     Jason Day  18 minutes ago I personally think they never wanted to get caught out they covered it up and blamed everyone else  REPLY     Kay D   1 hour ago Its a shame they didn’t use a sniffer dog right in the beginning. And who goes away for the weekend and then heads off to a work meeting in the middle of know where for hours?REPLY     Kay D  1 hour ago Whats the bet the grandmother who is conveniently dead “did it” REPLY      Derek Oshaughnessy   1 hour ago God bless William ❤💚🇮🇪    2REPLY   Kay D     1 hour ago I wonder where they got all their money from?  REPLY    Emma Louise Fagan  39 minutes ago Confused by you calling the foster parents step parents. Big difference. 1REPLY  View reply  jeanette Hinds  45 minutes ago This is unbelievable. I have to digest this before I make a comment.REPLY    Steviebhoy Billings  2 hours ago Tyrrell is an Irish name Christina… REPLY

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